My first time fantasy


So I was out on the town a while back.   Getting pretty drunk as usual and having a great time.   As the night got late I started to get pretty horny.   Only tonight I had a urge for something a little different.   Although I had always considered myself straight, I had been really fantasizing lately about being with another man.   Don't get me wrong, I loved the pussy, and I know that would never change.   But just the idea of having a nice big juicy cock, besides my own, to play with made me realy hot!  The more I thought about, the more my cock grew inside my pants, and I knew I had to make my fantasy come true.   So I ditched my friends and walked a few blocks down the street to the all mens dance club.  
I was sooo nervous walking in there, I had never done anything like this before.   But as soon as I saw all the hot guys in there I suddenly stopped worrying about it.   I didn't really know what to do at first, so I went to the bar and ordered a nice strong drink.   To my suprise another guy offered to buy it for me, "sure" I said, "why not. "  He was wearing some sexy designer jeans, and I could see the bulge in his pance, it looked nice and made my ass wanting.   We talked for a little, his name was Sam and he was a local college student.   He was really nice, and I think he could tell I was a little shy.   The club was pretty loud, so it made it hard to talk.

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    He wasted no time asking me if I wanted to dance.   I immediately agreed and he grabbed my hand and brought me out to the dance floor.   All around guys were grinding on each other and making out, and just having a damn good time.   I wasn't exactly sure what to do, so I just let the music take me and started to dance and shake my sexy little ass.   Now Sam was definelty bigger than me, he was probably about 6'2", really in shape, and had nice muscular ass.   He grabbed my hips and started to dance with me, facing me at first, while he looked into my eyes.   I felt like I was gonna melt, and my heart wass just racing.   The beat was kinda slow, and he moved his hands up and down my body with the rythym.   The next song that came on was much more entoxicating, and I started to really get into it.   I could feel his stare, checking me out up and down.   He quickly spun me around and pulled me close to his body.   I could feel his cock getting hard as it rode up and down my ass.   I felt like I was in a trance as I worked my ass like a little slut.   He thrusted into me hard as he moved his hands down to my cock.   My ass was just begging to get fucked, and I could tell sam was getting anxious.

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    After a few songs we went to bar again to get another round.   After a little more small talk he asked me I wanted to get out of there.   I hungrily agreed, and we left immediatley.   Luckily, his place was close, because I could barely contain myself.  
We made out the whole way into his apartment as we stroked each other's cocks.   As soon as we got in his apartment he led me to his bedroom.   He wasted no time in ripping my shirt off and licking my chest.   I went straight for that big juicy cock of his.   I started stroking it at first outside of his pants.   I could tell it was driving him crazy.   I paused for a moment as I slowly dropped ot my knees.   I removed his pants and pulled down his briefs.   There it was staring me right in the face, my first cock, and I couldn't wait to put it in my mouth.   I wrapped my lips around it as I grabbed on to the base.   It was huge, I thought I was big, but he was amazing.

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    I slid my tounge all aroung his head as he moaned in pleasure.   Then I took as much as I could in my mouth, while I jerked him at the same time.   I slid my mouth up and down his huge member as his pre cum shot into my mouth.   I could feel his dick throbbing, and figured I should probably stop cause my ass realy wanted to feel that amazing thing.   But, I was just loving it too much, and I kept sucking til he came all in my mouth.   I almost gagged on it, but managed to swallow most of it.  
"Oh WOW!" he shouted in amazement.  
He threw me on the bed and started to return the favor.   The way he slid his tougne and lips up and down my cock was just incredible.   It didn't take long for me to cum, probably about ten minutes.   We both layed on the bed in amazement.  
"Aww," I sighed, "I really wanted you to fuck my ass. " 
I couldn't believe what I had just said!  But, I stopped thinking about it as soon as I looked down at his huge erect dick.   Sucking me off must have really made him horny.   He forcefully grabbed my ass and flipped me over on my stomach.

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    I knew what was about to come, and I was just squirming with pleasure.   He slid his hands down my crack and rubbed his finger forcefully on my tight little butthole.   He reached over the side of the bed and grabbed a bottle of massage oil.   He poured it all over my butt and rubbed it into my ass.   As he mounted himself on top of me I could feel his rock hard cock sliding over my cheek and into my crack.   He played with it at first, sliding it up a down, then sliding it in just a tiny bit as I groaned with anticipation.  
He picked me up off the bed so I was on all fours with my back arched, and my ass ready for his huge dick.   First he slid his finger in,
"your offly tight", he said,
"have you ever been anal fucked before".  
"No," I exclaimed,
"now are you gonna keep teasing me or what!" 
With that he slid his cock into my tight little hole, I moaned in pain at first, but after he slid it all the way in and out I realized how much I was going to love this.   He started fucking me slow at first, and let me tell you, with the size of his dick I was glad he did.   I could hardly contain myself as I moaned and sqealed with pleasure.   After about 18 minuted of slow hard fucking, and the occasional spank, he started to pick up his pace.   He rammed my ass with each thrust and I could feel his body slapping against my cheeks.   By now I could barely resist the force of his strong frame fucking me, and I was laying flat on the bed as he fucked me harder and harder.   I was really screaming like a little bitch now, and I could tell he was enjoying it.

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    I didn't even care how bad it hurt, cause it felt so good at the same time.   He fucked for about another 20 minutes while I begged for more and more.   Then I could feel his pace slowing, and he pulled his cock out of my ass.   Instantly I could feel his hot cum shooting all over my ass cheeks and lower back.   He was shooting his load all over me and I was loving it!  He instantly crashed on the bed next to me and sighed with relief.   I picked myself up off the bed and went to clean up.   I thought about showering, but when I saw him asleep, I decided to wait till the morning.   I couldn't wait!!