My Early Years parts 1-3


My early years parts 1-3This is a history of my earliest sexual experiences (all true); some of the stories have a lot of tickling involved in them. Since from the very beginning I associated tickling with sex and you will see why. I hope that you enjoy the installments, more will follow if you like this. At a very young age I became aware of tickling and the arousal that came along with it. I can remember was when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I have a cousin who is a year younger than me (male), and we used to spend a lot of time playing games together. One day while playing a game of chutes and ladders, I purposely threw a game piece under the couch in the living room. So while retrieving the lost piece, I pretended to get stuck under the couch. My cousin showing his concern for my predicament tried to pull me out by my ankles. Try as he might I was not budging, on one of his yanks he pulled the socks right off my feet. I really didn’t know what he would do or what direction I had hoped this was going to go. But I soon found out, as he began to stroke the soles of my feet with his fingers. This action brought me to immediate laughter. In response I found myself kicking my feet trying to get them away from the tickling fingers. He decided not to let this kicking deter him, he then sat on my ankles and really went to town. My shrieks of laughter only made him work harder.

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   After about 18 minutes of this torture, I squirmed my way back out from underneath the couch, to find that I had had an erection in my pants. At this age I still didn’t know how they came about or what to do with it. Just the fact that the tickling really gave me a feeling that I liked and liked a lot. My cousin said that thanks to his tickling, I laughed so much that I jiggled myself out. Well he was half-right. I could never get enough of this game, whenever my cousin would come over or another relative I would somehow get into a situation where I got stuck. It could be under the bed or the couch or a dresser that had just enough room. All of the times with my relatives went pretty much the same way. I would always pretend to get stuck, I’d would usually take off my socks before going under. And the only way that I could get out was by them working over my feet until I couldn’t take it any more. The best thing about the game was that even when the adults would check in to see what all the noise was about, they would smile and say “Oh, he’s stuck again” or “you kids keep playing nice”. They had no idea that the reason I was getting stuck was to get the orgasmic feeling of my little 6yr old prick getting hard. And the ecstasy that I felt throughout my body as my little boy dick Rubbed against the floor as I laughed. Just around the same time that the tickling with my cousins was going on (age 6). My best friend and neighbor Tom and I were beginning to experiment with each other.

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   This took place in the form of a game called “Doctor”. Tom was 2 years older than I was, and only 1 grade ahead of me in school. He lived right behind my house; our back yards were connected. Tom had what we called the “Hut” in his backyard, it was a 15’X15’ 2 floor wood shack, the downstairs had a pair of bunk beds for camp outs. There was also a wood ladder that led up to an attic space. Which was pretty cool for us kids. From the attic there was a door that opened and it led to a small 3’ X 10” deck which looked out onto Toms backyard. Well Tom was always the leader between the two us, I looked up to him and thought he was cool. Not a lot of older kids would pal around with a younger kid if he wanted to be cool. I would follow him around and do most anything he asked me to. I remember the time he said he was going to be my Doctor and that it was time for my appointment. So as always I went right along with him, he took me into the Hut and told me I needed to take my cloths off for my physical. Which of course I proceeded to do without hesitation. As I stood in front of my friend naked he told me to breathe in and hold it. While holding my breath he rubbed my belly in a circular motion.

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   It made me giggle a bit and spit out my breath. He then took a hold of my very tiny balls that did not hang hardly at all and held them gently and told me to cough, which I did. Of course the sensation of my friend holding my nuts in his hand and being naked got me excited, well as excited as a six year old boy gets. It was a circumcised little prick about 1 1/2 to 2” long when hard. It was not very wide, but had a large purple knob as a head. My buddy Tom then started to play gently with my dick, stroking it and blowing air on it. All the while telling me that it looks like I have a pretty healthy little dick, and that these were tests to make sure that it worked right. Who was I to argue, I started to get light headed from the sensation of my buddy holding and playing with my dick. Tom had me lay on the bottom bunk as he kept on playing with my organ. Tom took my dick in between his to hands and started to rub it, like trying to start a fire with two sticks. This action began to drive me to the edge; I could feel my muscles tensing up. My toes were curled up as I began pumping with my legs. I had my very first orgasm (no fluid) just that very intense and unforgettable feeling. Some time in the following weeks while playing together in the Hut, Tom said to me “the Doctor is now ready for his next patient”. At that he led me over to the bottom bunk and had me sit down and take off my shirt and shoes.

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   Then he said to get on the examination table, which was a small 2’wide by 5’long bench that ran against one of the walls inside the Hut. So I laid down and waited for my examination to begin. Tom then asked me “where does it hurt today. ” So thinking back to my experiences with my cousins, I told him “my feet hurt Doctor”. Tom looked at me a little confused and wondering what I meant. He then moved down to the foot of the bench. As he began to touch my feet to remove my socks I pulled back my foot and laughed. Then I could see the light bulb go off over his head. He realized what a ticklish foot I had, so he then got up and sat on my legs facing my feet. He began to tickle my feet with heavy strokes up and down the soles of my socked feet. With this my laughter began to ring out nonstop. He then slowed his pace down and searched the entire length of each foot for ticklish spots. As I was in the throws of hysteria, he then removed the sock off of my right foot. With my bare foot in hand Tom went to town scratching the soles of my foot with his finger nails and drawing little circles around my toes. I must have been turning as red as a tomato, I was laughing so hard I could barley breath.

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   Tom knew he was driving me nuts, I was trying to get my feet loose but his weight and position made it impossible. I remember giving him a few futile slaps on his back and a brief poke in his ribs to see if I could reverse the situation, but no way. This only seemed to make him tickle harder, pulling my left sock off and giving my left foot the same torturous working over. During my struggle to free myself, tom moved his hand to rearrange his position on my legs. While doing so his hand landed on my crotch, and even inside of my pants my little pecker was trying to burst through. Once Tom felt that he repositioned himself sitting on my stomach, facing my feet. He then said, “It looks like you may need a little help with this”. He undid my belt, unhooked the clasp and unzipped my fly. Opening me up for his full view, but out of mine. He lifted my ass up a bit and yanked my pants down to my knees. With his positioning on my chest, he began to tickle my stomach around my navel. He said “your pecker bounces around when you laugh” this seemed to amuse him, because he kept up with it for awhile. Tom finally relented and began to rub my dick between his hands. I swear that I must have had about four orgasms that session, I think two were when he was working over my feet and two more as he rubbed me off. The funny thing about Tom was that he didn’t want me to rub him or to do anything for him.

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   Not that I would have been able to recuperate enough that afternoon to do anything for him. Tom just got up and said that it looks like your feet will be all right, but you should schedule another appointment before you leave.  It took about a year to outgrow the Doctor game, but it was quickly replaced with a new game. Tom came up with the great idea of teaching me how to play strip poker. Well actually I didn’t understand poker at all so I’m sure Tom was cheating from to beginning. When the game began I lost the first hand and had to remove an article of clothing, so off came my sneaker. I then lost the next hand and removed my other sneaker. This went on until I’m siting in just my underwear and Tom still fully clothed except for his shoes (he had to throw a couple of hands). When I lost the next hand and had to remove my underwear, I began to balk and said that it wasn’t fair.
    Tom said okay you can keep your underwear on and play another hand, and if I lose than I’ll strip naked myself, but if you lose not only do you get naked but I also get to do anything I want with you. Well this sounded fair to me; at least it gave me one more chance to save myself. Well gee guess what happened, I lost that hand too. So grudgingly I stood up and removed my briefs; right off my little boner popped up. Tom then instructed me to sit back down, which I did. There was a post that ran up the middle of the room in the Hut and Tom said to put my arms behind it.

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       So I sat closer to the post and reached my arms behind me. Tom said “No over your head” so I moved my arms over my head reaching around the post and locked my hands. Not seeing what tom was up to behind me, I suddenly felt something being tied around my wrists. It was a Cub Scout bandana, and Tom securely tied it so I could not move my hands apart. I became very nervous and begged him to please let me go. But he said I lost fair and square and a bet is a bet. I still had no idea what was coming next, but I didn’t have to wait long. Tom began tickling under my arms, which were totally available. From my pits he moved to my chest digging his fingers in looking for the most ticklish spots. I was laughing so hard that tears were coming down my cheeks. He then worked over my super sensitive stomach and had me watch how my little prick bounced as he tickled me. He always enjoyed that part, watching my dick bounce. I began kicking my legs and squirming around so Tom sat down on my thighs facing me. This left me immobile and wide open for his torturing fingers. He went back to tickling my stomach and underarms.

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       He also began to flick my dick around with his forefingers, making it bounce back up to attention with each flick. He was driving me completely nuts, and I began to beg him to play with my dick and make me feel good. He said that I would have to wait, he was just starting. Tom then stood up and removed his shirt; Tom was a cute kid with reddish brown hair, freckled face and smooth skin. I was wondering what was next as Tom then removed his pants and underwear. His 9yr old dick was standing at attention, as I gazed at this sight happily. I had yet to see Tom naked and was very excited to finally see what he had been hiding. Being 2 years older than me, Tom’s dick was much larger than mine was. It was at least four inches long and larger in width than mine was. He was circumcised and the head of his dick was also larger and more of a pink color than mine. It was amazing to me that someone’s dick could be that large. He had a real shit-eating grin as he reached up to a shelf and picked up a feather. Tom then sat down at my feet and began to tease the soles of my feet with it. I started kicking and Tom then grabbed my ankles and put them in a leg lock. He started going to town all over my feet, driving me absolutely crazy.

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       After about ten minutes of this torture, he got up and stood over me with his large boy dick within inches of my face. He then sat back down on my thighs facing me, our dicks were touching and I was ready for anything. Tom then began tickling my stomach and chest with the feather; he slowly worked it down to my dick and tickled it for a while. Gently stroking up and down the shaft, he tickled my little hairless balls with the tip of the feather. I had a great view of this insane torture, I noticed that Tom's hardon seemed to keep growing bigger as he worked me over. Finally he grabbed my little boner and pressed it together with his. He began to rub our dicks together between his open palms. This was truly exciting and I shuddered as I felt myself orgasm almost instantly, He kept rubbing and rubbing our cocks together and when I could finally focus my eyes again, I saw the look on Toms' face. His mouth was open and his eyes were shut as he was getting ready to orgasm too. Remember we were only 9 and 7 so there was no ejaculating only dry orgasms that felt really intense. Tom began moaning and rubbing harder, I felt ready to go again too. Tom moaned and grunted and we both reached orgasm at the same time. I almost passed out, and Tom laid back over my legs and rested awhile. After a few moments of rest Tom got up and put his pants on and untied me. I still couldn't move, but I loved every minute of it.

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