My 14th summer...........pt4


My 14th summer. . . . . . . . . pt 4 Everyday in a small California town is pretty much the same for a 18 year old boy, or so the average person would think. Well, this particular summer for this 18 year old was anything but. Let us recap; I got my first real hard on, had my first orgasm, sucked my first cock, fucked my first asshole and had my own cock sucked, and the summer was just beginning. I woke up real early the next day (wonder why), cock hard as a rock, again/still. I got up and took a shower, soaping up my cock didn't make it any less hard. I washed my ass and slipped a soapy finger up my ass. Felt pretty good, actually, so I worked another in slowly.

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   I was thinking about what Spencer said about fucking me in the ass today. My right hand found my monster hard-on, well , looked like a monster to me, felt like one too, as I worked a third finger into My asshole. It hurt a little but it felt real good at the same time. It didn't take long and I blew cum all over the shower wall. Whew! What a relief. I finished showering and got dressed in a hurry. Cut offs and a tank top and called Donnie. "Hey. " I said when Donnie's sister D. J answered their phone. "Donnie there?""Hang on. " she snapped. "Donnie, phone!" she yelled. "It's your asshole friend next door. ""Wassup" Donnie said as he picked up his phone.

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   "Hang the other phone up D. J. " he yelled back at his sister. "O. K. you can talk now. " he whispered into the phone, "D. J. 's a snoopy little cunt, have to be careful what you say around her""Cool. Spencer wants us to go down to the beach early and he will get Ricky down there. " I whispered back. "Why are you whispering" he chuckled"Cause you were I guess. " I said, in my whole voice. "Lets go. I will call the brothers, Ricky is at the store with mom.

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   Meet you out front. ""Cool. " See you on the street" I replied and hung up the phone. Donnie came out his front door at the same time I did. The brothers lived right down the street about two blocks. We got to the end of the first block and they walked out their front gate. This was going pretty good. Think they had done this a time or two? I would have to ask Spencer and Donnie how this all got started. It must have been the two of them first, after all they are the oldest. It was almost a mile down to the beach, but that was O. K. The brothers had bikes and they rode me and Donnie down on the handle bars. We got to the beach and found our hiding place in the bushes. This place was a real "blind". Any hunter would have been proud.

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   We weren't there long when we heard Spencer's voice up on the road and in a second, Ricky, followed closely by Spencer pushed through the bushes that hid the beach from the road. They started taking their clothes off as soon as they set their stuff down and Spencer looked right at us and winked. "Lets get wet. " he yelled at Ricky, and ran for the river and dove in. Rocky was right behind him. They swam for a while and then they got out and spread their towels down. "None of the others can come today. Some crap with their parents or some shit. So it is just us. " Spencer said as he tossed Ricky the sun tan oil. "Here, oil me up. Would ya?'Spencer lay ed down and Ricky knelled down beside him. Pouring oil in his hand he rubbed it all over Spencer's back. Working down he stopped and Spencer said " Ya. My ass too.

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  " and spread his legs . Ricky did as he was told and soon he was done and Spencer git up and said "Your turn. "Ricky lay ed down and Spencer gave him the same treatment that he had given me the day before. When he turned him over, Ricky had this enormous hard on. I had seen him hard before, once but I didn't remember it being that huge, Anyway, Spencer did his thing and took all of Ricky's cock in his mouth,. Ricky lasted just about as long as I did and Spencer swallowed every drop and raised up and stuck his cock in Ricky's mouth. Ricky didn't seem to mind and he proceed to give Spencer one hell of a blow job. Spencer blew in his mouth. He couldn't hold all of it and some ran down his chip. Spencer reached out and wiped it off with his fingers and licked it off. "Lets get wet" He said and ran fro the water. Ricky followed> I looked around and Donnie was on his knees sucking both of the brothers cocks. He saw me and reached for mine and deep throated me. He took turns deep throating each of us until we Erhard them get out of the wart and then we went back to our vantage point. Spencer had Ricky on his back already and was sucking his cock.

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   He got him hard again real fast and climbed up and straddled him and slid heard cock all the way up his ass. He had turned his back to us so we had a great view of him getting fucked. Spencer bounced up and down on Ricky's cock until Ricky groaned and slammed his hips up wards to meet Spencer's downward grind. He was obviously cumming in Spencer's ass. About this time we all step out of the blind and start clapping. Ricky looks startled at first. but then he smiled when he saw me and motioned me over to him. When I stepped up beside him he reached out and grabbed my cock and put all of it in his mouth. He deep throated me about three times and I blew down his throat. Well needless to say this after noon turned into a real orgy. All six of us were involved now. That is a lot of cock sucking and ass fucking. . Well, I am about out of space so I will continue this in chapter five. .

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  . . . . . see you there. . . mpre too cum. . . .  .