Me And My Teacher


  I was 18 when Mr Morton arrived. My new P. E. teacher was, at the least, 21, his long brown hair curled lustfully around his deep brown eyes, stooping short of his strong, masculine jaw. His pink, plump lips just called out to be kissed whilst I had to stop myself staring at his bulge so I wouldn’t get an erection through my tight gym shorts. He was beautiful. In summer, when I fielded in cricket, I stood and stared at his thick, muscular torso through his thin, cotton shirt; on windy days I would have to tear my eyes away from erect nipples, I longed to touch them, to suck on them, to feel them brushing against my naked body.
  It was one afternoon after school when I’d been showering after working out at the school gym when he entered the changing room and started talking to me,
  “John, there’s something I need to talk to you about. ” He smooth, deep, alluring voice called out to me through the cubicle wall, my penis instantly went hard, “A number of times in lessons I’ve caught you looking at me,” my breath caught in my chest as I feared the worst, “And I umm…. I uh… I was wondering if you would like to come back to my place when you’re done. ” I was amazed! My mind was whirling with excitement and apprehension. I wanted just say yes and go back to his, to kiss his lips, to stroke his face, but my brain said no; I could get expelled for that! With all this spinning through my mind, he had given up. “If you don’t want to that’s just fine. I was joking anyway. See you tomorrow. ” And with that he hurried out of the changing room, the door slamming behind him.

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   Regretting saying nothing, I wanked slowly in the shower until the water washed away my spunk.
  The next day I caught up with Mr Morton after school. He had just come from teaching a lesson so his hair was messy and there were sweat patches under his armpits. I approached him, my pants tightening, “Sir, about yesterday-”
  “It was nothing John. Forget about it. ” An air of command in his voice which hardened my cock even more, “Like I said yesterday, it was a joke. ”
  “But sir-”
  “I said forget about it!”
  “But I wanted to say yes!” He stood there, his sexy eyes staring at me with confusion; a look which made my groin grow warm.
  “You wanted to yes?”
  “Of course. ”
  “My house is this way, follow me. ”
  I stepped into his house; he closed the door behind us. He took my hand and led me to his bedroom where his double bed was. We stood and stared at each other. He whispered, “I’ve been waiting so long for this. I want you!” With these words it felt like my crotch was on fire. I grabbed his gorgeous face and kissed him for all I was worth.

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   His tongue flicked into my mouth exploring as much as it could. My hands travelled to his shirt and tore it off him. I stared down at his muscular chest and his big nipples. I stoked his massive pecs with my hands; I leaned down and began to suck on his hard nipple. He moaned with pleasure as he lifted of my shirt, his mature body shivering with joy. I stood up as he leaned forward to kiss my neck, as he sucked my neck pleasure shot through my body and in a flurry of passion; I read for his tracksuit bottoms and pulled them down. I stared up from his ankles to see him wearing the tightest pair of leopard print briefs I had ever seen; but what was more impressive was his bulge. It was massive, much bigger than the bulges on underwear models. I moved up his leg, kissing his thick, muscular, hairy thigh to his huge package. I started kissing it caressing it as he moaned even louder than before. His cock jolted in his underwear, he getting erect; I stuck my hand down his briefs and grabbed his cock. It felt so good, it was warm, and it pulsed in my hand every few seconds, “Suck it!” he was saying, “Suck it!” I grabbed the monster and licked it, it shuddered and it started to grow. I put the head in my mouth, flicking the ever-growing beast with my tongue as it spasmed with arousal, I put the whole length in and moved it back out again really slowly, sucking with all my might, he nearly cummed right down my throat. When I got it out it was fully erect, 18 inches long and 7 inches thick. It was amazing.

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   As he shuddered with pleasure I stood and took of my pants and underwear. He stared down at my thick 18 inches and grabbed it. The feel of his fingers on my cock made me groan with pleasure; he pulled me close, my cock squeezed between his strong thighs, “Bend over. ” He whispered gently, his hot breath playing across my face, I did as I was told and bent forwards over the bed. I felt him use my arse to help him kneel down. His tongue flicked round my a-hole, sending my penis crazy, he shoved his finger up my arse hole, one at first, then two, then three. I felt my hole loosening and stretching with the pressure. He stood and said, “You’ve been a bad boy John. ” panting from the mini-blojob I had just given him, “You need to be punished. This will hurt. ” I felt his giant cock at the entrance to my body, he pushed it in, slowly, inch by inch, his breath quickening as my muscles tightened on his giant organ. He moved back and forwards in and out of me, only a few inches though, he didn’t want to impale me on his giant member,
  “Gimme all of it. ” I choked. Sexual pleasure clogging my throat, “I want all of you inside me!”
   “It will hurt. ” He warned.

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   “I don’t care, just fuck me!” So with that he drew back and rammed straight into me, his hips bouncing against my muscled bubble-butt. The pain was intense, I screamed out in pain.
   “Again!” He drew all the way back and thrust again, but this time he hit a spot and stars explode in my eyes. He rammed all the way into me again and again hitting that magic spot, and pushing me forward on the bed, building my orgasm. I  felt his huge prick bulge inside me which made me instinctively clench my buttocks, this sent him over the edge he rammed me like mad as he exploded into me, my arse filling completely with his hot, sticky seed. His final push sent me into sexual oblivion as I shot out my load all over his bed; while he was still aroused, he flipped me over and sucked the cum from my still ejaculating penis. With his mouth full of my seed he kissed me full on; my sweet load filled my mouth as we made out on the wet covers.
  Next morning I awoke in his bed, I couldn’t see him, but I could feel him. His cock was all the way inside me, and he was fast asleep.