Me and my cousin


My name is Brandon. At the time of this story, I was 18 years old. I have brown hair and blue eyes, I have a lean athletic shape, about 150 lbs. , and I\\\'m caucasian. My cousin in this story, whose name is CJ, was 18 years old. He has long dark hair and brown eyes, is a little oversized, about 210 lbs. , and is about an eighth black.
December 25, 2002. It was Christmas Night. My cousin stayed over at my house after a family Christmas party. We had just got done playing Madden NFL 2003, in my bedroom.  We were just sitting there, calmly, peacefully, at about 8pm. We started talking about sex, about "how far have you gone" and that kinda stuff. CJ and I had talked about stuff like that many times, so I thought it would all be the same. . .

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"So CJ, how far have you gone?" I asked.
"Actually, I\\\'ve never touched a girl in "private" places before. . " he replied.
"Don\\\'t feel bad, me neither. I\\\'m just stayin cool until after 18, ya know?"
"Yeah, me too, I just wanna make sure I have the right girl. " Then, I noticed that all of this sex talk was exciting us both a little bit. Just as I noticed it, CJ turned off the TV, so that the room was dark.
"Damn dude, this stuff is makin me feel all horny and shit," I said. CJ and I had seen each other naked on many occasions, so I was comfortable talkin about this stuff with him. "I gotta lay down man, I\\\'m gettin kinda tired. " As I laid across the floor, CJ started talkin about his ex-girlfriend and how far they went. As he went on, I was drifting away second by second, and just about asleep. All of a sudden, I felt his hands touch my pelvis area.
"Damn Brandon, you weren\\\'t joking were ya?" he said as he rubbed my stiff cock through my shorts.

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   Actually, those would be the last words until a short while later.  I thought he was just messin around. Such as following up with a "nut shot," so I just let him go. But as he kept rubbing, I was surprised how horny I was feeling. . . I wanted more, and so did he.
Without a single word, he slowly pulled my pants down, as all seven inches of my thick member whipped out. He then firmly grasped in in his hand, and slowly began to stroke. As he kept going along, I wanted to stop him, but it felt so good. . . I just couldn\\\'t. I took my shirt off, so I was laying on the floor completely naked. As he stroked faster and faster, it seemed as if my already huge cock was growing even more.

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   After about 3 minutes, he lowered his head to that area. He started out by licking the head of my throbbing cock like a lollipop. Then stuffed it into his mouth, and started pumping his head up and down in a slowly motion. I let out a soft moan as a could feel my meat touching the back of his throat. He continued on for a few minutes, then finally lifted his head off.
As he stood up, I could hear his clothes sliding off his body. The only light was from a street light right outside the window. As CJ stepped closer to me, he laid down on the floor, and signaled that it was my turn. I then crawled towards his naked, much larger body. As I reached to grab his cock, I though I was grabbing the leg of my chair. With the light through the window, I could barely see it, but it looked like the biggest cock I had ever seen anyplace, anywhere. He had to be packin at least 9 or 18 inches. As I slowly started to stroke his giant member, he proved that he is wild when it comes to sexual. He wrapped his thick, powerful legs around me, and forced me closer to his body. As I continued stroking, he also let out a soft moan.

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   After a few minutes, I lowered my head, and stuffed his throbbing cock into my mouth. It was very painful, since it was so big. As I proceeded, he wrapped his legs tighter and tighter around my much smaller body.
After another a few minutes,  he unwrapped his legs, and pulled his thick member out of my mouth. We took turns giving each other blowjobs about two more times, until finally, I couldn\\\'t take it anymore. CJ was sucking my fat cock fast and hard, and he was just about to get the end of it.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhh cj Im gunna cuuumm. . . " I murmured out with the little energy I had left. I expected him to pull away, but he just kept sucking and stroking until the moment arrived.
"Ohhh nooooo duddeee. . . here it GOEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!" I almost fell over as blasted a huge load of jizz all over his face and mouth.

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   He just wiped it off with his hand, and licked the remaints off the tip of my cock.
He then basically knocked me onto my back down onto the floor. He once again grabbed his huge cock, and pused me legs back past my head. . . I knew what he was thinking. . .
I felt his giant piece of meat rubbing against my asscheeks. As I guided it into the hole, it seemed like it had grown even bigger. He then slowly inserted his cock into my asshole. I felt an extremely sharp pain as he started shifting his hips back and forth. . . forth and back.

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   It almost felt as if he was tearing my intestines as he started pumping quicker. He eventually got to a point where just about his entire cock was inside of me.  He went on and on for a good 3 or 4 minutes, until a point where it almost felt normal or natural. Then, he finally spoke again.
"Get ready. . . " he whispered. Just as I tried to comprehend what he was saying, he slowly removed his giant cock form my rectum, and sat on my chest. Since he was much larger than me, and had my arms pinned, I couldn\\\'t do anything. He started stroking his dick faster and faster, as he pointed it straight at my face.  I heard a slient moan come from him, but it grew louder, and louder, and louder. Getting ready for it, I closed my eyes and tried to close my mouth, but he forced me not to. See, when someone is sitting on top of you, and they\\\'re that much bigger than you, just do what they say. .

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So I opened wide and closed my eyes as he groaned and moaned loudly. Then, it happened. I felt a thick load of hot cum shoot right onto my face and into my mouth. After a few seconds, he kept stroking, and shot yet another load at my face and mouth, this one seeming larger and warmer. He then stuffed his throbbing member into my mouth, forcing me to clean off what was left.
So after he went to the bathroom to clean himself off, and I did the same, we both returned to my bedroom, and sat back on my floor. Unbelievably, there wasn\\\'t a drip of love juice on any part of the floor. As he looked up at the clock, which read somewhere around 10pm, he randomly asked. . .
"So. . . wanna play some more Madden?" Comments would be nice.

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  . . .