Me and Mikey


Me and Mikey had grown up together in a very small town. He was a year younger than myself and not very popular. He wasn't at all coordinated, actually sort of clumsy and big for his size but he was nice to me and I liked him. I was kind of plump and neither of us were were at all athletic. I guess maybe misery does love company but our Moms were good friends and we just sort of started hanging out together.
At some point in our growing-up years, we discovered how good it felt to fondle each other. We both realized we had to keep this new activity very quiet and would only do this when we were  alone in our bedrooms, never in the woods or at the beach because it would be too easy to be observed.
His father was a foreman in a road construction company and got transferred somewhere to another part of the state and Mikey and I lost touch. Then one day, I was in Chicago on business, wading through the crowds at O'Hare when I looked up and there was Mikey! We recognized each other immediately. We embraced and went to one of the bars and had a couple of rounds of drinks as we talked and got reacquainted. It turns out we were only living a few miles apart and quickly made plans to get together.
When Mikey came to my place a week or so later, we sat and talked for about 18 minutes. Then I told him I remembered how we had enjoyed taking turns pulling down our pants and fondling each other. He laughed and said he recalled the same thing. When I suggested we start up again where we'd left off, he quickly agreed. Since he was my guest I said I'd do him first.

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   I told him to go into the bathroom and empty his bladder and make certain his crack was clean. He was to remove all his clothing except his shorts and return to the living room.  
He came out of the bathroom wearing only his jockey shorts. He came over to where I was sitting and stood in front of me and I asked him if he was ready to get started. He nodded. I reached up and took hold of the elastic waistband of his shorts and carefully pulled them down. His cock was just as I had remembered: very slender but nearly eight inches long. He was circumcised and the head of his cock was bright purple. I helped him out of his shorts, took his cock in my right hand and carefully examined it. It looked and smelled very healthy. With my left hand I gently pulled his balls away from his thighs and asked him if he was sore anywhere. He said he wasn't. I asked him how long it had been since he had emptied his balls, he said three days. They felt quite heavy in my hand and I told him I was certain he had a lot of cum to be drained. Then I had him turn around.

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   I squeezed his ass cheeks. They were very firm and meaty. I had him bend over and carefully opened his cheeks so I could see his crack and pucker hole. Again I asked him if he was sore and he said no. I was actually excited to see that his crack was rather dirty with a circle of shit around his pucker hole. I said 'I thought I told you to clean yourself back here.
    ' He responded 'Yes, you did, but I wanted you to clean it for me. ' I told him I would do so but he would have to be punished for presenting his bottom to me with a dirty pucker hole. He said he understood.
    I had him follow me into the bedroom. I had him kneel on the foot of the bed and lean forward on his forearms so his ass and balls were elevated and within easy access. I got a washcloth with liquid soap and cleaned his crack and pucker hole. When I had finished he was squeaky clean. Then I told him I would do some things to make him feel good while I explained what he could expect over the next half hour or so. I sat down and began to rub and scratch his balls, making them warm to the touch and getting very tight.

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       I was going to finish with that and then spank him for not cleaning his crack. Then I would take a pin and use it on his balls. Since this was a very sensitive area it was possible to make them sting without using more than the minimum pressure. The reason for doing this was to make his balls very warm, pump lots of blood into the skin, and also make his balls very tight. . . forcing his cum into a smaller and smaller area at the base of his cock. This way when he did release it would be more efficient at draining his balls and the cum would leave his cock at greater pressure. At no point would I attempt to break the skin of his bag with the pin. I'd give him breaks along the way during which I would soothe his balls with my tongue and then start up again. Then I would use the pin on his crack and his pucker hole and soothe those, too. Then I drain his balls for him. He would have the choice of standing, sitting, or laying down as I sucked him off. At that point, I would strip to my shorts and he could do everything to me I had done to him.
    I'll write more later, depending on feedback and what my imagination comes up with!

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