Leapers Wood


I awoke with a bit of a start, Jim was pressed up against me, as he saw my eyes open he again gave me a kiss. John and Father Brian were engrossed in conversation, Jim continued to kiss me and his hands were working on my cock, bloody hormones of teenagers it was hard yet again. Jim slipped down my body and once again engulfed my cock this time he didn't rush just gentle use of lips and tongue, more flashes from across the room John took more photos. Father Brian went behind Jim I saw him positioning his cock before pushing it deep into Jim, who gave a bit of a grunt he stopped working on my cock for a few moments getting used to the motion of the larger cock inside him then returned to his ministrations on my cock. Father Brian didn't look like a man of God at that time, he seemed to be in his element fucking Jim, certainley not godly.

I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the sensation that Jim was giving me something warm and hard butted against my lips opening my eyes I found John's cock there. I willingly opened my mouth to receive it, this time I found it easier to take in my mouth from this position I could manage more once I figured how to breath. What a picture this would make for John's albumn, I finally gave in to Jim's ministrations on my cock allowing my cum to flow into his mouth, John matched me almost to the second spraying his load down my throat this time I swallowed it all. Meanwhile Father Brian sweating and grunting shot his own load into Jim's bum, he withdrew red faced and panting the last of his cum spurting onto Jims white bum. Finally we got dressed Jim once again giving me a kiss and saying he was looking forward to the next time, I told him I was looking foward to it. Father Brian and Jim drove off just before I had to go, John reminded me of my promise not to tell Mum and Dad, I told him there was no chance of that. As I was leaving John told me Father Jim had invited us to visit him in two weeks and if I would like to go to work out away to get away earlier that day. I left with a promise I would be able to stay away nearly all day and I would try to see him after school before then. On my way home I thought I was walking a bit funny as my bum hurt a little but it was a nice hurt and Mum never noticed. I found I was looking forward to my next get together with Jim.