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When it came time for me to leave home and move off to start college at a major university, I was nervous and had no idea what to expect. I was leaving everything that I’d know and everyone for that matter, in fact I only knew a handful of people that attended the college that I was transferring to. I was worried about finding new friends and companionship in my new town since I’d lived in the same town for the last 21 years and every girl and guy that I’d slept with since high school I’d known personally. So I moved into my one bedroom apartment in the downtown area and the first couple of weeks went by kind of slow and uneventful, but when the third week rolled around, fall football season kicked off and the town was working alive with people and fans starting the Thursday before the game. I walked around downtown that Friday night before my schools first home game and took in all the excitement of the upcoming event and being that I was by myself, I quickly got bored and went home. When I got home I fixed a few cocktails and began to look at bi and straight porn. I have this thing sometimes where I put on one of the thongs that I have and wear it while I watch porn and jerk off. Wearing ladies undies is something that a guy friend got me into when I was in high school and it carried over. Anyway, I did that for awhile and after getting a buzz, I decided to get redressed, leaving the lady undies on, and walk across the street to the bar on the ground floor of the conference center hotel.
I walked into the bar and sat down at the end of the bar and after showing my i. d. and giving the bartender my credit card, I ordered a bourbon and coke and lit a smoke and began to watch sport center on the t. v. above the bar. About 30 minutes, and two drinks later, a guy came up and sat next to me. He was an older black man, probably 40 I guess, about the same height as me, but slightly stockier.

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   He looked over at me and said, "what’s up man? Ready for the game tomorrow?" I nodded my head and said, "oh yeah, my first game as a new student, I can’t wait. " He stuck his hand out and said, "I’m Rob, what’s your name?" I reached out and gave him a firm handshake and said, "I’m Joe, it’s nice to meet you. " About that time the bartender walked up and asked Rob what he was having and he said, "let me get a Hennessy on the rocks and whatever my friend here is drinking," the bartender walked off to get the drinks and I said, "thanks man, you didn’t have to do that. " He lit a smoke and said, "it’s all good man, I’m an alumni here and I believe in helping out a student, I remember what it was like being broke when I was here. " The bartender returned with our drinks and we toasted to our teams upcoming victory and began to chat. He asked me where I was from and what I was majoring in and whatnot and what I planned to do after graduating and all, and I told him everything and about myself and all. We then talked about the football team and how we thought they would do this year and he told me about how when he was in school here the football team dominated our conference so it was a lot of fun to go to all of the games and watch them kick the shit out of the other teams. As we talked, we downed several rounds of drinks and I started to pace myself a little because I could tell that I was getting pretty well drunk. But every time the bartender came and asked us if we wanted a refill, Rob would not let me pay for my own and he bought every round. At one point I started to feel bad about it and offered to buy a round or two but he insisted that he would pay, assuring me that he had plenty of money and could afford it. I said ok, and went along with what he wanted and didn’t say anything else about it.
I asked him what his story was and he told me that he was recently divorced and had one daughter that was in high school and that he owned a construction company which specialized in creating new subdivisions of houses. He went on to tell me how the company got started and how it hit really big when he got a contact to build his first subdivision and how it grew from there. We sat and had another couple of rounds and talked a little more, and I was in a good drunk state by then. Then the bartender yelled out that it was last call, so I told her to bring me my tab and I paid for my one drink that was on it and then downed my drink and shook Rob’s hand again and said, "Rob, you’re a awesome dude and it was great to meet you, I loved the interesting conversation that we’ve had and thanks so much again for the drinks, but I’m good and drunk and I’m going to take it to the house.

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  " He finished his drink in one big gulp and said, "let me sign my tab real fast and come up to my suite with me for a nightcap, I’m sure you got another drink or two left in you. " I laughed and said, "alright then if you insist," and then Rob signed his tab and we went to the lobby and got in the elevator and went into his big, sprawling suite. I was amazed at how nice it was, I had no idea that this place had such posh and spacious suites in it. It was divided up into two parts, one part was like a sitting area with a couch and a love seat and had a small bar area with a little fridge with mini bar inside and the other part was the bathroom and bedroom area. I went to the part where the bar was, while he went to change clothes and about that time my phone started to vibrate and I had a text from a guy friend from back home asking what I was doing. I wrote back, "haha I’m sitting on a couch in a suite at the conference center hotel across from my place waiting on the older black dude who I just met in the hotel bar to fix me a drink. " He wrote back, "are you serious? An old black dude? How did that happen?" I wrote back to him, "I don’t know, he just came up and sat by me at the bar and we talked for a long time and he bought my drinks and here I am haha. " He responded, "are you going to do it with him or something?" I responded, "I doubt it, he hasn’t tried anything, but I feel as if I should at least suck his cock for the drinks he bought me, but I don’t know, I’ll text you later, gotta go. " He soon returned wearing some gym shorts and a t-shirt, both with our colleges logo on it and went to the bar and produced two tumblers and poured us a couple of cognac drinks.
Rob walked over and handed me by drink and I took a sip and he sat down on the couch next to me and said, "so do you always accept invitations from strange men you meet in hotel bars to come to their room for drinks?" I laughed and said, "no this would have to be the first time for me. " I took another sip and then Rob said, "so you’re ok with being here with me alone like this?" I smiled at him and said, "well of course, why wouldn’t I be?" He took a gulp of the cognac and then took my glass and his and went to the bar to refill it. As he was pouring, he said, "well I’m glad you are cool with it, I like talking to you and all, and was afraid you’d be freaked out because some old black man wanted you to come drink in his room.
    " I laughed again, which I tend to do a lot when I’m getting really drunk and said, "no Rob it’s cool, you’re a cool ass dude and I wasn’t freaked out at all. I just figured when you asked me to come up it was because you either wanted to drink more or wanted to get me alone. " He walked over and handed me the new drink and we both took a sip, as he sat next to me again, but closer than before.

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       He said, "well you’re right, on both points in fact, I did want to drink some more and talk and all, but I wanted to get you alone as well. " I put my hand on his leg and said, "well you got your wish now, what now?" He didn’t respond, he just pulled down his shorts and out popped his very nice, very erect and rather long and somewhat thick black penis.
    I did not say anything either, I just stood up and took off my shirt and dropped my pants, and then put my hands behind my head showing him my naturally puffy boy nipples, my shaven underarms and my little white thong that I was wearing. I bent over and started to lick and suck on the head of his black snake, getting it nice and wet and slippery. I then straddled him and pulled my thong to the side and slowly sat down on his penis, taking all of it in. It hurt just a little initially but that quickly went away and I started to bounce up and down some and grind on it. As I worked it, Rob said, "I can’t believe that I’m fucking a tight little young white boy," I laughed and said, "I can’t believe I’ve got a big black cock in me, and how much I love it. " I meant it too, because it felt as good, maybe better than anything I’d ever had before. I continued to ride him for several more minutes until he came and then we sat next to each other on the couch and finished what was left of our drinks and then retired to the bed. He straddled me and stuck his big black pole into my mouth and I began to give my first interracial blow job which I really, really, really, liked, and I sucked him off til he came. When it was over, I said that I needed to go on home, but we exchanged numbers and promised to meet up again the next day. As I left the hotel I text my friend that was talking to me earlier and said that I’d left and was headed home. He wrote back, "well?" and I wrote back to him, "took it in both holes, I like black dick now, gonna explore this a little bit, see what happens. " Then he wrote back and said, "damn, well that’s cool, keep me updated. "
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