Hot Camping Night


“Oh my god its so hot!” I said as I got out of my sleeping bag and laid on top of it. I sighed and tried to relax. I was sticky with sweat and my sleeping bag was sticking to my 6’1” 175 pound frame. I wasn’t muscular but since I was tall the weight was evenly spread to give me a natural look. “Haha well you shouldn’t have gotten into your sleeping bag!” Bobby laughed. “Its almost 100 degrees out, Carson. ”I looked over at my tent partner for this campout with my Scout troop. Bobby, despite being 3 years younger than me, was my best friend in our troop. He played soccer a lot and had a pretty well toned body. He was about 5 feet tall and was skinny even for a 18 year old. “Yeah well sleeping on top isn’t exactly the most comfortable experience…” I sighed. I grabbed a flashlight and clicked it on and ran my hand through my brown messy hair. “I cant sleep can you?”“Nah, its too damn hot. We should have camped closer to the stream where the rest of the troop is, its prob cooler there” he replied and stretched on his sleeping bag. He had on a tight white wife beater and some black boxers that were short on him and showed a lot of his legs. He turned on his side and faced me.

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   “Your shirt is pretty wet dude” he said. I groaned and then laughed. “Damn the heat! I’m goin shirtless!” I said and then I took my shirt off, leaving me in my boxers. I laid back down and Bobby smiled at me. “You’re gonna really stick to your sleeping bag now!” he said. I laughed and I said “Oh well, its actually cooler. Join the club!” Bobby laughed and took his wife beater off. When he laid back down, I couldn’t help noticing how nice his body looked. His athletic body was made even hotter looking with his dark tan Italian skin complexion. I had always kinda thought of Bobby as my younger brother and loved him like one, but I had never thought of him in a sexual way. Bobby noticed me looking at him and smiled. “See something you like?” he said jokingly. I smiled and jokingly said “Oh yea, I love your sexy body!” in a fake foreign accent. He smiled and gave me a sexy look while he said, “Haha, I bet you do. ” He then put his hand on my chest and rubbed my bare flesh.

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   “I mean… I like yours. . . ”. I gave him a look while he was rubbing me to see if he was joking, but he only stared back at me and kept rubbing. He then sat up and moved closer to me. “Carson…I’m going to do something now…” and then he lowered his face towards mine. My heart was racing as he neared me. Then his lips touched mine as he softly and lovingly kissed me. He stopped and broke away and looked at me. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time… I’m sorry. I hope it doesn’t affect our friendship” he said and then he looked at the ground sadly. I grabbed him around the waist and put him on top of me and locked his lips with mine as I furiously made out with him. Our tongues intertwined in our mouths and I never wanted this moment to end. He started moaning into my mouth as we made out and I felt up his hot body.

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   I could feel his hard erection on my leg through his boxers. I rolled him off me and positioned myself over him. I sucked on his neck and then kissed his chest as I ran my hands through his black curly hair. He had closed his eyes and let out soft moans as he ran his hands along my body. I started kissing him lower and lower on his stomach till I got to the waistline of his boxers. I could see his erect cock stretching the fabric of his boxers I grabbed his cock and rubbed it through his boxers. He started moaning louder and reached down and ran his hands through my hair. “Oh Carson, suck my cock!” he moaned. At this I grabbed the waistline of his boxers and pulled them off him. His 5 inch cock stood completely erect. I took a few seconds just to admire his cock. It was big for his age, long and thick, and his small ball sack hung below it. I grabbed my cock with one hand and starting jacking him with it as my other hand massaged and played with his balls. After about 30 seconds of jacking him, he started getting close to cumming. I stopped an let it subside.

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   “Carson why did you stop?” he asked. I leaned forward and kissed him. “Cause I don’t want to waste any of that cum. ”With that I moved back down and sucked the head of his cock into my mouth. As I sucked, I licked the tip of his head and tasted his salty precum. Bobby was moaning pretty loudly now. “Oh Carson, oh god, yes! Suck my dick!” I proceeded to suck more of his dick into my mouth. I pulled him out of my mouth, looked at him and said “Now get ready to cum!” I then sucked his dick into my mouth and let him slide down my throat. “Oh fuck Carson! Oh my god!” Bobby moaned. As I did this I couldn’t believe what was going on - I was deep throating a 18 year old. Bobby, getting close to cumming, grabbed my head and proceeded to fuck me down the throat, thrusting his hips up to get deeper and deeper down my throat. “Fuck Carson! I-I-I’m gonna c-c-cum!!!” he exclaimed and with one final thrust, he put his cock deep in my throat and released his sticky cum into my throat. I could feel his cock pulsing in my mouth and his cum shooting into my throat. I swallowed his cum and pulled him out of my throat. I then sucked his dick and licked up all the cum that was still on his cock.

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   Then I moved up and kissed him. He thrust his tongue into my mouth forcefully, tasting his own cum in my mouth. When we broke the kiss, he looked at me and said “Carson…that was amazing…. and now its your turn!” He then laid me down and straddled me. He moved down and pulled off my boxers and let out a small gasp. My thick, 8 inch cock sprang out and stared him in the face. “Carson you’re huge!” he said grabbing my cock and jacking me. I moaned and had to contain myself from not shooting my load right away. His little hand on my cock felt so good! He then sucked me into his hot little mouth.
    He got about halfway and then tried to deep throat me. He pushed my dick into his throat, gagging a little. I was moaning so loud, I was sure someone was gonna hear. “OH GOD Bobby! I LOVE YOUR HOT MOUTH! OH SUCK ME!” He was bobbing his head up and down on my cock and I was thrusting into his throat, getting close to cumming, when he gagged and pulled me out. “Sorry Carson you’re just too big for my throat…but I know where you can fit!” He went back and licked the whole shaft of my cock and then sucked my balls into his mouth. I was moaning and arching my back in ecstasy.

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       He then stopped when my dick was good and wet with his saliva. He stood up and positioned himself above my cock, facing me. He smiled and said “Now your gonna fuck me up the ass!” and he lowered himself to my cock. He positioned the head of my dick at his hole and started to sit on my cock. His ass stretched to allow for the girth of my huge cock. Bobby had lubed up my cock well with his saliva, I was slowly inching further and further up his ass. “Oh my god Bobby! Your ass is so tight and hot!” He just smiled as he continued to work more of me into his ass. When he was about halfway, I started pushing up as he pushed down and with one slip I was all the way in him. When that happened, Bobby moaned so loud that I heard a dog barking off in the distance. “Oh fuck! I can feel your dick in me! Its so hard! OH fuck!” he said and he started to bounce on my cock the sweat was dripping off him as he continually pounded his ass with my cock. “Oh Bobby, I’m gonna cum!!” I moaned and then I filled his ass with stream after stream of my cum. Bobby, feeling my cum spray into, him moaned loudly and shot his load all over my stomach and chest. We didn’t move for a minute, we both just breathed heavily. Bobby still sat on me, with my dick all the way up his hot little ass. I looked at him and said “Bobby, I love you so much!” He smiled and leaned forward till my dick popped out of him.

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       He bent down and started licking and sucking up his own cum off my chest and stomach. He didn’t swallow it, he just put it into his mouth. He then came up and kissed me. We shared his delicious cum during the kiss. After we both swallowed the last drop of his cum, he broke the kiss and looked at me. “I love you too” and then he lay his head on my chest and we both drifted to sleep. The next morning we were worried about what the rest of the troop had heard. But we were lucky to find out that the stream they had camped next to had been flowing heavily last night and made a light of noise. They hadn’t heard anything except for one person who said he hadn’t slept a wink because of some animals grunting and moaning in the woods. Me and Bobby just looked at each other and smiled. .