Good Catholic Boy Gets His Just Dessert.


Good Catholic Boy Gets His Just Dessert.
By John Austin
18 yr. old Jonathon Meyerson was a hottie but always the "Good Catholic Boy". He stood 5'9, weighed in at 160 lbs,well-toned and tanned. His seductive big blue eyes and mop-style blond hair coppled by his winning smile and humor made him popular mostly with teachers and mature girls (the latter which he was the least bit interested in).
Jonathon wasn't much into sports. He preferred activities that stimulated his intellect. He was a Geek and a loner.
If Jonathon saw a student struggling he reached out tutoring them. If a teacher needed help stacking books or whatever Jonathon made himself available without needing to be asked. And when the ill-stricken varsity basketball coach needed a kidney Jonathon stepped up to the plate -- even turning down an award and the media circus looking to make him out a hero. His modesty was envied by the arrogant jocks that dubbed him "The Good Samaritan". But even Jonathon had a dark-side.
"I can't express to you Son the gratitude I have for your thoughtfulness and sacrifice. . .

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  If there's ever anything I can do for you -- anything at all--just name it and consider it done". Coach Dan Fielding told Jonathon.
Acting Coy, "awe thanks. . . that's cool. . . really it was no problem, I'm glad I could help you out" Jonathon said. Midway down the hall as he walked away, he turned-about "Coach Fielding?" he called. "Yes Son" Coach acknowledges. "Uh, mmm. . . well.

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  . . there IS one thing?". "Name it Son?" Coach encourages eagerly. "Well, there's this guy. . . " "Ah, stop there; Nick -- Nick Baris am I following you correctly? Coach asks with a grin. "Yeah. . . " Jonathon admits blushing.  Not needing to go into any more detail Coach says "Done. . .

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  be in my office 3:30 (after school) tomorrow.
Jonathon was grinning ear-to-ear, his face was glowing and his cock grew harder and harder in anticipation of being power fucked by one Nick Baris. It was all-consuming permeating his every thought, he heads for the lavatory and pounds his meat vigorously sloshing cum all over himself "awe Godddddd YES!"
Now just how was Coach Fielding going to get straight and cocky Nick Baris to fuck the daylights out of the Good Catholic Boy, when the girls were in line first and fighting over him.
"Nick Baris report to the athletic office immediately". Jonathon's jaw dropped hearing Nick summonsed over the P. A. system to Coach Fielding's office. Jonathon's heart began racing. He quickly places a book over his crotch to hide his shit-happy twink boner and begins biting his nails. He nervously looks to his right and to his left seeing if anyone was looking at him. Everything was cool! PHEW! Jonathed breathed a sigh of relief.
"Coach, what's up?! Sounds urgent?!". Nick asks emphatically. "Take a seat Son" Coach says notioning Nick to the chair at the side of his desk.
Coach snaps open a letter, turns about and hands it to Nick "kudos son!" Coach says with a smile.

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   Matt jumps out of his hair "Oh my freakin' God, YES!" Matt exclaims being shell shocked with an atheltic scholarship.  "Not so fast, sit down, we need to talk!" Coach firmly asserts himself. "What about Coach". Nick asks unsuspectingly. . .
"Pending Recommendation and Review of Performance Record. . . See it Son?" Coach points out. "Yeah???". Nick answers baffled sensing something has gone awry? "My word isn't to be taken lightly Son, I wouldn't stake my reputation on your record as it stands, I'm afraid I can't help you out" Coach coldly asserts.
"W-WHAT?!. . What the fuck kind of bullshit is that Coach?!" Matt angriy snaps back.

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  His eyes looked like a pin ball machine on tilt.  'Relax Son, now there IS a sure way to get me to sign off on it?!" Coach says with a evil grin. "What, what the hell you want from me Coach, just freaken' say it already". Nick demands.
"I thought you'd come to your senses. . . Now, Jonathon Meyers -- I want you to fuck him ;) I owe him one and you Son owe me for keeeping a tight lip on the steroids deal, do we understand each other Nick?" Coach asks ardently?!"
"Bastard!" Nick mutters. "What was that Son?" Coach asks. "What the fuck, okay when do I fuck the fag'"?. "Watch the trailer trash mouth Son, I'm fixin' to put something on you Ajax won't wash off". Coach warns sternly pointing afinger in his face.  Nick is taken back and feels a lump form in his throat. "Sorry Coach" Nick humbly mutters. "Tomorrow 3:30 here; and Baris you better make Meyers happier than a pig in shit, you get no second chances on this one!" Coach sneers.

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   "Don't fret Coach I'll have him eating out of the palm of my hands like a puppy!" :).
Nick and Jonathon come face-to-face in Coach Fielding's office. Light is dancing in Jonathon's eyes, his heart pounding in anticipation of being fucked by his dream guy. It seemed surreal - Jonathon's dream was about to come true. Nick gentles backs Jonathon up against the wall and gently tugs at his shirtp pullingit loose from his snug Levis, and winks "What's your pleasure?" Nick ask's. Jonathon is bashful and stammering for a response. . .
 "Y-e-a-h, I know what you want. . . strip!". Matt taunts. Jonathon's pink eraser like nipples grow hard in anticipation,his cock throbbing with longing. His eyes locked with Nick's he reaches down and fumbles for his buckle, undoing his belt and dropping his Levis to thefloor and stepping out of them.

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   Nick grabs him by the shoulders ravishing him, ripping open his shirt-- a few of the buttons pop off it. He swiftly and firmly plants his hand on Jonathon's sensative twink nuts causing Jonathon to rise on his heels, while he kisses him hard. Jonathon melts like butter as Nick runs his thumb gently over Jonathon's pert nipple while throwing his wet tongue down his hot and welcoming throat. Jonathon gasps as his body begins to tremble in utter excitement "ohhhhhhhh God yes-yes-auhhhhh" Nick felt the hot gush of air from Jonathon's passionate moans hit his face like the gust of steaming vapor off a boiling kettle. . .
Nick takes Jonathon by the back of the neck leads him over to the coach's deska nd bends him over. "FUCK ME, YES!, ohhhhhhh Goddddd rape me!" Jonathon pleads to his hero. "You wanna be raped, huh?" Nick taunts putting his massive muscle cock slightly in. . . "You're mine now Sweetheart and there's not a damn thing you can do about it!" Nick teases in a firm tone, thrusting mercilessly into Jonathon. "Noooooooooooo awe-FUCK naw-naw" Jonathon pleads and begins gasping as his tight virgin sissy hole squeezes Nick's stellar cock that was ripping him and sending him into oblivion.
Nick works Jonathon's novice and craving ass like a piston slamming him with sustained vigor, hissing, panting and smacking and ocassionally pinching Jonathon's abused bubble butt.
    "Who's your buddy?!" Nick asks Jonathon in a deep breath as he grabs Jonathon's hair,pulling his head back and penetraing him to utter depths paining him and nearly poking his tonsils.

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       Jonathon lets out a cry that would make a black angus bull stagger. . . . "You, you're IT, I want you, Goddddd I want you p-l-e-a-s-e I'll do anything!" Jonathons pleads desperate and feverish. "FUCK YEAH!" Nick moans loudly and passionately. He pulls plumb out of Jonathon and sloshing a massive load of jock cream on Jonathon's quivering slut ass smearing it with his hand as he cocks relentlessly releases gush after gush. . .
    "Up" Nick orders Jonathon pulling him by the hair of the back of his head and turning him around. "Wanna be my bitch -- lick it clean fag!" Nick orders pushing Jonathon down to his knees. Jonathons feverishly licks the excess gobs of cum of Nick's cock like a melting ice cream cone, licking it clean. Nick looks down approvingly with grinning ear-to-ear. Nick grabs Jonathon by the arm and brings him up from his knees to face him face-to-face. "Your one hot fuck Dude!" Nick praises, pulling Jonathon into him hard and locking lips with him one last time.

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    Coach raps on the window, "Wrap it up guys, doors lock in 15" they hear faintly through the glass. "Memorable;. . . stay sweet Bud" Nick tells Jonathon (concealing his deeper feelings), and scrams out the door in the blink of an eye". Jonathon's heart sank and he takes a minute to get his witts back. He begins to dress and it's all he can do from breaking out into tears. Nick was all that and more, but it was after all a fantasy to be lived but for a short time. His hero was gone and his need seemed only stronger than before. He walked out somber, teary-eyed and numb from the painful lesson that your hero's can let you down -- so he thinks.
    As he meagerly makes his walk up to the bus stop. Nick pulls up in his Nizzan 380ZX with twin cams, turbo and nitro kit. "If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it aginst me", Nick says in a heightened romantic tone out the window". Jonathon's eyes light up like a beacon in the night, as Nick throws open the door. "Get in".

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      . . .
    Nick and Jonathon fell forever in love that day. Nick received his scholarship and is an aspiring athlete and hopes to one day coach football. Jonathon completed graduate school and is an architect with a prominant firm. They recently moved into their custom built beach house and plan on spending the rest of their lives together. They plan to marry when gay marriage is again legalized in California.