Getting Off


I popped in some quarters, selecting a gay porn where a man was sucking, pulled my pants down to my ankles, and sat back, stroking myself. The guy in the porno was taking a huge cock in his mouth, stretching it to the limit. I was mesmerized, lost in ecstasy, and started bobbing my head like I did at the house. I was so into the movie that I didn't even notice the man enter the booth next to me. He was a middle-aged man, who looked as if he had come over for his lunch break. I'm not sure if he had put any quarters in, but he wasn't looking at the screen, he was looking at me, stroking his crotch. I looked over, shocked to see him seemingly appear like that. My eyes moved down. The 6-inch outline showed clear through his dress pants. He nodded his head and motioned toward me, a nervous look on his face. I nodded back and put my finger in my mouth sucking on it slowly. It only took him a few seconds to leave his booth and enter mine, but it seemed like forever. I knew that soon I would have a real live cock in my mouth, that I would feel him come in my mouth. I couldn't remember ever feeling hotter. His pants were already unbuttoned and zipped down. I grabbed the elastic on his white briefs, pulling down slowly until the head popped out.

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   My mouth watered as I grabbed him and brought him to my lips. I looked up in his eyes and a wave of shame and excitement washed over me. His hand wrapped gently behind my neck he pulled me onto him. The tip of his head ran across my tongue and towards my throat. He rocked his hips slowly at first, and then sped up. His cock danced back and forth between my lips. My nose would nearly bury in his pubics and then slip away. Moans of pleasure came from deep within him as he rode my mouth. His cock was a solid spear. I flicked my tongue on his head and my lips grew numb from hugging his shaft. I was a bad little cocksucker and was loving every inch of it. So lost was I in our dirty deed, that I didn't even notice the door the door in the next booth closing. A heavy set bald man stared at us through the window. Knock, knock on the glass. I looked over cock in mouth.

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   The large man smiled an evil grin and waved, walked out of the window frame, out of his booth and into ours. I could feel him behind me, his breathing heavy. Two meaty hands grabbed my ears, pushing my head back and forth. He shoved harder, making me go deeper than before. My nose buried to the hilt in the pretty pubes. My throat strained to accept the head of my lover's cock. I gagged, but had no choice other than to take all of him. In and out, each time taking every inch, each time gagging a little, my mouth was getting raped. He grabbed my ears harder saying, "Take it bitch. " I obeyed, impaling my self on the rigid cock. My mouth filled with a mix of pre-cum and gag juice. The moans quickened and I heard what I had been waiting for. "I'm gonna cum. "I'm sure I would have let him shoot in my mouth if I had a choice, but I had none. The businessman tensed with the first shot and I felt his man juice spray on my tongue.

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   The taste I cannot describe, but it was like the sweetest icing on the sweetest cake, the richest cream, pure joy and I was hooked. Several more shots and he pulled out. "Show me", the large man grumbled behind me. I turned and opened my mouth, the thick cum still on my tongue. "Good now swallow. My turn. "I complied, feeling the cum slide down my throat while he unbuckled his belt.
    The businessman mumbled thanks and headed to the door. The bald man wore no boxers and his crotch smelled strong of sweat, like he had just finished working out. He was meatier, certainly thicker and his head was huge. His cock pushed into my mouth and I tasted the salty sweat. There may have even been old cum crusted on it. He was my master and I was his tool. His cock went the whole way in, passing my throat and making my eyes water. He took no mercy and fucked me hard.

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       I was practically bawling my throat hurt so bad. He pounded and pounded calling me his bitch, his slut. I don't know if it was minutes or seconds until the door flew open. I just felt his cock slamming into me, taking me, making me take all of him. I didn't see the clerk behind me or even know that he was there. I just heard him say get out. I turned around, pants down cocksucker, busted and filled with shame. Two men stood behind the clerk wearing their little smiles. "If you want to suck cock, do it at your own place. Get out before I call the cops. "I frantically pulled my pants up and headed past the clerk out the door. "Hey look the cocksucker's leaving", said one man, and I felt all eyes in the store on me as I bolted for the door. The whole drive home I was in a state of shock. I could still feel the cum on my tongue. My throat was numb as if a cock was still stuffed in it.

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      I got back to the apartment and jerked off, throwing my legs over to shoot in my mouth. Had someone I knew seen me? Would I be let back in? Where could I go next?The questions played over and over. The only thing that would ease my mind is thinking of where I could go tomorrow, but that seemed so far away. I got up, threw on my coat, and headed down the road. I had to find some more. .