Fun at the Bakery


Topic: Fun at the BakeryJust turned 18 and just got hired at a production bakery. Great pay and benefits. But I never expected that a year later I was known as the Supervisor's bitch to everyone at the bakery. The Supervisor of the bakery was a big strappin' man. 6' 4" with red hair and a heavy French-Canadian accent when he spoke. I have always been thin. You could even say that I am not very masculine. I have always been more attracted to men rather than a woman, but have never told anyone about my feelings. All of this started on the first day of work. I was in the locker room changing into my white clothes for work. Out of nowhere, I gaze up and there standing right in front of me was George, the Supervisor. He is so close that the huge bulge in his pants was less than a 1/4 inch from my mouth. I know he could feel my hot breath, soon that bulge started to grow. Neither one of us moved or said anything for what seemed like an eternity! All of a sudden, with a quickness, George had pulled out his huge cock, and was soon shoveing that sausage down my throat. I was amazed at how much I was enjoying participating in this perverse act. George had now picked up the pace and was really fucking my face hard.

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   George was now breathing hard and groaning loudly. His hard dick in my mouth was sheer bliss! He had such a large mushroom head, and the velvet like texture sliding in and out like a jack hammer. George's cock started to leak quite a bit semen. I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I could not wait to feel the hot spurt of sperm in my mouth. Then with a loud groan and a death grip on my hair George cums and he cums. I mean that man let out a torrent! I was gulping as fast as possible, but I was soon had his cum all over the front of my mouth! What was more unbelievable was the fact I had cum in my pants, at the sametime George came in my mouth. As I started to turn around I was met with utter shock! Standing and watching George fuck my mouth what looked like half of the employees of the Plant! There were also photos taken with cell phones, Christ what was I thinking! At that moment George pressed his huge body and has me pinned against the lockers. He stated "I gues this means we are dating, you are now my bitch, and I am your man" he boasted out loud. He further said "you know now that you are my bitch, I hope you can fuck good!". Upon hearing that, nothing else mattered anymore! Just the thought of this huge man fucking my my virgin asshole has made me dizzy with pure perverse lust. Just the thought of George shooting his wad in my poopshoot. The anticipation of his baby batter oozing from my asshole! This man comes in quarts, let me tell you! And that was my first day at work! I must say, strange start?.