For Two Classmates, The First Time's a Charm


After the news broadcast we all decided to celebrate a good show by going to one of the dorms for a party. Everyone brought their own booze and food, later we all chipped in for another beer run and some pizza. Geoff, one of the producers for the news station came over to me and we started chatting. He introduced himself, since we don't interact durning the regular course of the week or on the show since I have a diferent producer. He said, "You know, what you said at the meeting kinda made sense. I never thought of it like that. " I told him, "I guess I never really gave it much thought until it was brought up, I'm not gay or anything like that but common sense is a blow job is a blow job. " We chuckled a bit and kept chatting. About an hour or so later everyone was feeling a really nice buzz. There was an abundance of booze still chilling in the fridge, music was playing and everyone was having a great time. I had been drinking more than normal and it finally hit me that my back teeth were floating and that I should find a bathroom to releive myself. I went upstairs to use the bathroom, there was a line of about 4 or 5 guys and girls waiting. We all chatted and made small talk and then Geoff came stumbling up the stairs. He got in line behind me and I asked, "How ya holding up?" Geoff said to me with a weird look in his eyes, "With as much booze in me, I don't think anything will be getting up. " Geoff is a good looking guy. He's 19, light brown hair, green eyes, soft creamy complextion and a nice athletic build.

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   The more him and I talked I couldn't help but think about our earlier conversation. Was he trying to tell me he was into trying something with me, maybe test out the "in the dark" theory. I got into the bathroom in the nick of time. Unzipped my pants and began to relieve myself. I am a good looking guy, 21 years old, athletic build, brown hair and eyes. I think I am well built in the crotch, about 8 inches hard and pretty thick, large balls and circumsized. While I was releiving myself Geoff came barging through the door shouting, "I can't wait any longer, if I don't piss now I will burst. " I told him he would have to wait a second and that I wasn't finished yet. He agreed and waited sitting on the side of the bathtub right next to the toilet. I could see him peeking at my package as I was finishing up. Now, every guy has been at the urinal somewhere and peeked at the guy(s) next to them. I didn't think anything of it. He stood up and started undoing his pants. I said, "Man you gotta really go, ok hold on let me zip up. " He slid down his pants to his ankles and fished through the easy access slit in his boxers and pulled out his cock.

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   It was nice, limp I would have to say about 5 inches and really fat, smooth looking and his balls were really well rounded and balanced. He started pissing and looked at me and caught me staring at his cock but he never said anything, he just had this look on his face of curiosity. I went to wash my hands and he came over and washed his. Both of our hands were under the sink at the same time and then they touched. We looked at each other and said a simultanious, "sorry". As we dried off he said, "I saw you looking at me while I was pissing, don't worry, I checked you out to, I think all guys do, it's a man thing for comparison I guess. I nodded in agreement and said, "Yeah, i guess. " I walked to the door and he said, "So what did you think?" "About what?" i asked. "My cock, what did you think of it?" I looked at him and said "I didn't think about it. " I made my way back down to the party. Geoff followed me and we grabbed a couple more drinks. He leaned over and told me, "I think your cock is nice. " I was totally blown away. I asked him, "Are you serious, what are you gay. " He said, "no, I just wanted to let you know.

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  " It was getting late and I started for the door. When I got outside, Geoff yelled, "Wait up, I will walk with you. " We stayed in the same dorm building and didn't even realize it. I was one floor above him on the south side of the building. He asked if I wanted to go to his dorm and just chat about his comment to me. I told him sure hoping that this would clear the air. We got there, he took off his tee shirt, shoes and socks went into the bathroom and came out in a pair of running shorts. He sat in his bed, one foot curled under his knee. I could see he wasn't wearing any underwear due to one of his balls was hanging out of his shorts. As we were talking I think he noticed me look. My curiosity of his comment to me earlier and his choice of clothing and sitting position started me to think that maybe he does want to test my theory. We chatted about some trivial stuff, where ya from and junk. He got another beer for us and sat next to me on the footstool. He looked at me and said, "I have been thinking about this theory of yours and was wondering if you would be willing to test it. " I jumped up and said, "no.

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  " He asked, "well then why did you even bring it up?" Good question I thought, maybe deep in my psyche I was curious about being with another guy. I sat down again and asked him, "why do you want to?" "I don't know, it just seems stupid not to give it a try if it is something that you really think is true. " I said to him, "I'm not really that comfortable with it, I don't even think I could get hard with another guy. "He suggested we get undressed and see if we could get hard by rubbing our cocks in front of each other. "If we did" he said, "then maybe we could go further until we felt uncomfortable and then stop. " It sounded reasonable so I got undressed and so did Geoff. We both laid on his bed, my feet at his head and his head at my feet. We started to stroke our cocks and sure enough we both got hard as rocks. After about 2 or 3 minutes of slowly jerking off, Geoff reached over and started to rub my balls in his hand. I remeber feeling how warm and good it felt. He asked if I was ok with him doing it and I let out a fant "yes". I reached over and started to massage his balls and then I took his hand off his cock and started to stroke it. He let out a deep sigh as I stretched my hand all the way up and down his hard cock. He started rubbing my balls with the palm of his hand, fingers towards the bed, sort of like he was playing with a nice pussy. He leaned over and touched his tongue to the tip of my cock.

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   A great wave of pleasure ran through me. He started to slowly let my erection enter his mouth deeper as he was still massaging my balls. I leaned over and engulfed his cock in my mouth.
    Shocked of what I was doing, but unable to stop, the pleasure was to much. He started rubbing my thighs and balls while he was still sucking me, rotating between my legs and balls. I felt him spread my legs a little bit and situate himself, thinking that he was getting more comfortable, I felt the tip of his finger brushing the outer part of my asshole. To be honest it felt nice, it made my erection stronger. I decided to recipricate the pleasure and got the tip of my finger went and made small cirles around his asshole. We were both moaning quielty in pleasure when he got up and moved his head next to mine. we were laying face to face and jerking each other off. "slow strokes" he said, "make it last. " I had my eyes closed just enjoying the moment when I felt his lips on mine. He opend his mouth a bit and touched my lips with his tonque. I got the hint and began to kiss him back, our tongues inner twining in a passionate dance. I pulled back and told him I was getting ready to cum, he said, "Wait, cum on my ass.

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      " Geoff got up and knelt on the bed with his firm 19 year old ass in the air. I propped myself up behind him and set my hard cock on his ass. I slowly moved back and forth with just enough motion to have my cock move his ass with in synch with me. He brought his hand around his back and pulled his ass cheek apart, my cock fell into his crack making my hard shaft press against his asshole. I could feel myself about to cum, his ass was warm and lightly coverd with my pre-cum. I moved a little more swiftly, as he let out a moan, my back arched and shot a stream of hot cum up the small of his back. I grabbed my cock and began to stroke it, bleeding out the rest of the cum inside me. Steady drops of goo continued to fall on his ass cheeks as he spread his ass wide exposing his hole, "cum on my asshole", he said and I obliged, depositing the rest of my cum on his tight asshole. I fell to the bed with total elation. Geoff grabbed my leg and roled me over on my stomach, his cock still hard and throbbing. I perched myself on my knees and spread my cheeks for him. "Do you want to fill my crack up in return?" I said. He placed his cock between my cheeks, pumping hard against my asshole was his thick, hard shaft. He said he was gonna cum, I clinched my cheeks together around his cock, he let out a pleasure filled moan and then gently pulled back. I felt his first stream of cum hit my ass.

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       He spread my cheeks with one hand and placed the head of his cock right on my asshole. Feeling his cock pulsate on my asshole just took me by surprise, my cock began to get hard again, his cum was still flowimg hot on my tight asshole. I leaned a little into him, not enough to penetrate, but enough to know we were both there. He let out a final orgasmic grunt and slid down to the bed. We talked a bit more and then we went into the bathroom to get cleaned up. He said, "Nope, guess it doesn't matter whether it is a man or women, either way it feels great. We both showered and decided that maybe we should try this again sometime. He mentioned that it felt amazing to have his cock so tight to my asshole and I agreed. Since then we have talked about trying a little asshole penetration, but still haven't full agreed. We have had two more encounters since then and plan on having alot more. .