Flash of Light


Chapter 1 Summer time was always a good time to be lounging alongside the pool. Blaze always used this time to spy on the cute guys that hang out around the pool. Infact Blaze was such a regular presence around the pool that he had been given a key to the pool area by the coach of the swim team. Trusted with such an interesting gift, Blaze used it to his advantage by being at the pool on time each day to make sure the pool was open at the same time every morning and was always there before it closed to flush out the guys that always stayed too late to take showers. One night however as Blaze was closing up, he was knocked over by a tall thin blond who couldn't have been more than 18 or so. He defiantly had been doing a lot of swimming in his short life for his body was toned to perfection. The guy quickly helped Blaze up, apologizing profusely. "I am sooo sorry . . I wasn't watching where I was going. I was trying to make sure I got out in time, I wouldn't want to be locked in!" Blaze chuckled, "No chance in that happening when I am around. I always check around several times before leaving each night. " The young man looked confused, "You're the one that closes up?" Blaze nodded, "Have for a long time. Coach trusts me I guess. " "Oh. Oh by the way, names Ethan, what's yours?" Blaze thought for a moment, wondering if he should tell the kid his real name.

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   Not many people really knew it anyway. Shrugging to himself, he just decided to tell him his nickname. . "Name's Blaze, pleased to meet you Ethan. " Ethan tilted his blond head slightly, "Blaze? Did you say Blaze?" Blaze nods quietly, "Yah, it's a name I got back in High school, kind of stuck. " "Oh, I see. " Ethan nods his head, a look of confusion on his face. "How did you get that nickname?" Blaze shrugs, "It's a long story which I would rather not discuss at the moment. I need to lock up, wouldn't want the coach to get mad at me. " Ethan nods, still looking confused, but he drops the subject as his eyes skim over the tall handsome young man that is named Blaze. His tight clinging tank top showing off his muscles and tight 6 pack abs. Ethan almost swooned as his eyes drifted lower to reveal a large budge in the tight speedos that Blaze was wearing, the deep blue fabric clinging closely to him. Ethan tried not to stammer as he asked where the exit was. He had only been here once before, and had gotten lost the last time and wandered for about five minutes before finding the exit. Blaze smiled, he seemed to pick up right away that Ethan was gay, or at least bi.

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   Blaze seemed to have that effect on everyone he met, guys and girls alike, though he defiantly preferred guys. "You can just follow me out. I have to lock up anyway. " Blaze took a quick trip around the locker room and finally stood back before Ethan who looked like he was about to jump out of his skin with excitement. "Hey, are you doing anything right now?" Blaze asked, a plan already forming in his head. "Ummm, no. I don't have anything planned except maybe getting a shower. I didn't have time after practice; I forgot when I was talking to one of my band mates. " Blaze nodded. "Well, why don't you go take a quick shower and we can go get a bite to eat?" Ethan blushed quite red at that comment, not really expecting to be asked out when he had only just snuck in to take a swim after practice. Course he could be wrong, the guy was too studly to be gay or bi right? Maybe he was just looking for a friend Ethan thought. "Ummmm, sure. . I guess. .

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   as long as you don't think the coach will mind?" Ethan commented, still looking over Blaze with a bit of a wary look on his face. "Nah. . he won't mind. . I do have the key so I can be here whenever I want. Not like he will really knows when I close up. " Blaze grinned; his plan was going better than he thought. Ethan turned to his bag and started walking towards the showers. "Well ok, I'll be right out ok?" Blaze nodded and waited till Ethan got out of site to quickly disrobe, his long cut cock springing forth from his speedos. One thing about them that he liked was the looks he would get. Men and Women alike would look at his impressive bulge and swoon at the sight of it. This helped out Blaze in more ways than one. He slowly locked the front door and walked towards the showers. As he stepped inside, he saw Ethan nude before him, his tight bubble butt was probably the only part on him that didn't have a dark tan.

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   He stood silently for a few moments, taking in Ethan while he had his head under the water and slowly moved to the showerhead next to Ethan and turned it on, startling Ethan. "Ummm, Blaze. . what are you doing?" Ethan stammered. "I decided to take a shower too, is that ok?" Blaze grinned, showing off his warm smile. "Umm, no?" Ethan stammered again as his eyes wandered down to look at the impressive 9-inch cock that hung between Blaze's legs. Ethan almost fainted right then and there with desire. Blaze grinned, "Good. " Blaze looked up and down Ethan's body slowly, causing Ethan to flush bright red. "Ummm, Blaze. . is their something wrong?" Ethan asked, trying to calm himself. Blaze grinned, moving closer to Ethan. "No, quite the contrary. .

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   " Blaze stepped closer and closer to Ethan and lifted his hand to caress Ethan's chest softly. "I couldn't be more pleased at the moment; you're a very nice looking young man Ethan. " Ethan blushed, feeling the heat radiating off of Blaze. "Ummm, thanks?" Ethan didn't quite know what to do now, he had only barely played around with a few boys before and he was still unsure if this was a joke or for real. "What's wrong Ethan? Don't tell me you're not gay, or at least bi. I caught you looking at me earlier. " Ethan gasped softly as Blaze continued to caress his chest, even if he were not gay, he wouldn't have been able to resist Blaze who was much bigger than him. Ethan stuttered softly and whispered to him. "I have never done this before. . " Blaze's expression changed from lust to concern and pulled Ethan close and hugged him. "I'm sorry Ethan, come on. . Let's get you cleaned up and go out for that dinner we talked about earlier. " Ethan looked stunned at Blaze, who had a complete change in attitude.

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   Blaze quickly started cleaning up and reached over to grab Ethan's soap and slowly began washing Ethan's back. Ethan sighed softly, "That feels so nice. . " Blaze grinned silently to himself. A virgin, wow! Blaze didn't think there were any of those left in the world. What luck it was to find a good-looking guy that hadn't been spoiled by everyone on campus. From the way that Ethan was acting he had at least had some experience, but probably not as much as Blaze did himself. Blaze continued to wash Ethan softly and slowly, letting him enjoy the sensations from the bathing. "Glad it does. . " Blaze grinned and moved closer to Ethan and rubbed his body against his gently. "It gets better, but not here. . not right now. .

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   now is just the time to make you feel good. " Ethan was stunned, Blaze could have forced himself on Ethan by now, but he had decided not to. Maybe the hot stud that used his body like a sponge to wash him off was more than just a handsome face. Blaze's hands reached around Ethan, slowly soaping up the front of his body and as Blaze's hands came down between his legs, Blaze found Ethan pleasantly endowed and hard as a rock from his ministrations. He slowly stroked Ethan's cock, caressing it in his hands up and down while Ethan moaned softly. Ethan moaned, he had never felt this way in his whole life, it was incredible and all he could do was move back against Blaze's hand and hope that he wouldn't stop what he was doing. Chapter Notes: Hope you liked Chapter 1 of my new College Story. To be Continued. . I am really looking for some feedback on this story to see weither or not I should continue it. Dreamy.