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I couldn't believe it, I wasn't really sure what was happening. I watched in amazement while my friend's older brother jacked his big thick shaft in front of me. I quickly turned around to see if my friend had noticed what his brother was up to. But, my friend seemed to be into the music, not really paying attention to much else. So, I turned back around to find his brother with his large cock in his hands still. It was so big it must have been at least 9 inches with the head being the size of a small apple. He kept it out, wanting to show it to me, right before we pulled into the parking lot. We got out and I quickly acted like nothing happened. We all soon returned to my friend's house. I still was not sure what to think about the situation. It was obvious that my friend's brother wanted me to see him and his cock, I just couldn't figure out why. My friend soon became engrossed in Television while I went up to his room to play playstation. I was in the room playing when I felt a foam ball hit me on my arm. I quickly reacted and turned in the dimly lit room to see my friend's brother with his cock in his hands again! This time I went after him. I followed him into his room where we were both laughing, when suddenly he pulled it out for the third time and began slowly rubbing it. I wasn't sure what to do, so I started to leave.

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   He then told me it's alright, so I just stayed. He came over and sat down next to me and slowly started rubbing my dick through my pants. He then asked me if I had ever done anything with anyone before. I told him no. He then invited me to touch his big long cock. "Go on it's ok, give it a couple jerks" he said. Overcome by curiositiy I grabbed his huge pulsating warm member. I could now see that he wanted me to get him off. I explored it a little, taking in it's thickness and girth. I then asked him what I should do. He told me I could "suck on it a little" If i wanted to. I wanted to see what giving a blowjob was like. I tried to do everything slow and careful. I, in some way, wanted to see what pleasure I was capable of bringing someone else. I licked his large twitching head, then put my lips half way around the massive crown.

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   There was no taste. I was surprised at first, but then I started to realize how much fun this actually was.
    I then quickly tried to take his whole head in my mouth. I was amazed. The beat red knob on the end of his shaft took up my whole mouth. I wanted to see how much further I could get. I strained with all my might to take part of his thick veinous shaft in my mouth. It was a success. I quickly brought my head up to see how far I had gotten. As I did, my warm saliva dripped down his thick meaty shaft. I now tried for even more than I did before, taking in what seemed to be like a tennis ball connected to a baseball bat as I got nearly down 1/3 the length of his shaft. I now wanted to make him cum. I kept trying to do new things with his cock inside my mouth. I would stick it in my cheek while rolling my tounge around his head. I soon started bobbing up and down faster and faster on his thick bulging cock.

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       I still couldn't believe how big it was. I had nearly 1/3 of it in my mouth and i was still able to get my hand around the base of his massive organ with room to spare. I now jacked him ferociously. I would stop my whole sucking to just take part of his head in my mouth and play with it. I rolled his head around in my mouth like a lost ship at sea. After 5 minutes he started saying"ok ok i'm going to. . ", But I didn't care I wanted the full experience, and I did not want to let him down. Se I kept it in my mouth as gobb after gobb erupted in my mouth forcing me to let go of his cock while I tried to get his cum out of my mouth. My left hand then layed on his massive purple head as he still kep exploding streams onto my hand. I enjoyed switching roles and experiencing this exciiting and fun new thing. Little did I know, there were more times he'd whip it out on me later. .



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