First Time to Suck


I'm just a normal guy.   I grew up in a small town in a neighborhood where everybody knows everybody.   My best friend lived across the alley in a house just down the street.   We used to take some of his granddads penthouse magazines and go to a gully not far from the neighbor, but definitely out of sight.   We used to take the opportunity to sit and jerk off to the pictures in the magazines.  
On more than one occasion I would watch my friend jerking off and wonder what it would be like to have his meat in my mouth, but neither of us ever did anything to that end.   But growing up and moving away never got rid of my curiosity.
As an adult, I would go online and chat with other "curious" men.   I was 28 years old when a man and I started chatting.   He lived in a town close to me and on this day I was feeling particularly horny.   Although I was nervous, I decided to ask if he wanted to get together.   He agreed and we decided to meet at a convenience store.
I got to the store and sat in my car waiting for him to show up.   I saw his car pull into the parking lot and my heart started to race.   He parked next to me and I said I'd follow him.
We left the convenience store and headed toward his how.

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    My heart was racing.   Was I really going to go through with it?
We pulled into his driveway and got out of our cars.   I followed him into his house.   There wasn't much conversation.   All I can remember saying for sure was, "I better start or I'm going to lose my nerve. "  He said okay and I knelt down in front of him.  
I could see the bulge in his pants growing as I undid his belt and pants.   I unzipped his zipper and pulled his pants to the floor.   I then reach around his waist and pulled his underwear down and his cock popped out right in front of my face.
I reach up and grabbed his cock in my hand and stretched my tongue out to lick the tip.   It tasted kind of salty, but not bad.   I closed my eyes and leaned forward taking the entire length of his cock in my mouth.   I started sucking his cock like I would want mine sucked.   He started moaning and put his hand on the back of my head.   After a few minutes, I found I was really enjoying it and could feel my own cock growing inside my jeans.

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Suddenly, he stopped me and pulled out of my mouth saying, "not yet. "  I can only assume he didn't want to cum just yet.  
He led me to the bedroom where he sat me on the bed and started undressing me.   I lifted my hips from the bed to help get my pants off.   My cock sprung up from excitement.
I watched him as he dropped his head down around my shaft.   It felt wonderful.   But he didn't suck me very long.   He lifted off of my shaft and pushed me further up on the bed and told me to lie back.

    I did and he began licking the length of my cock.   I was in ecstacy.   He was doing everything I wanted done.   Then he surprised me.
    I felt him lick my balls and he continued to my ass.   His tongue pressed into my tight little hole.

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        He started forcing his tongue into my ass and I could feel his mustache rubbing against the skin between my balls and ass.   My cock was jumping from the stimulation.
    He continued licking my ass and without warning he shoved a finger deep inside me.   He started thrusting and all I could do was moan.   What a wonderful feeling.   Before I knew it, I couldn't hold back any longer and shot after shot of my cum landed on my chest.   I had just cum without him touching my cock.   I came from his finger inside my ass.
    He could feel my ass tight around his finger and he knew I shot my load.   I just laid there still.   He stood up between my legs and began jerking off.   It took mere seconds and his cum was landing on mine on my chest.
    I sat up and dropped on my knees in front of him again and took his cock into my mouth and sucked the remaining cum out.
    He went and got a towel and wiped off the results from my chest.   I got dressed and left and never talked to him after that, but I had gotten my first taste and fulfilled my curiosity.

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