First Encounter


We were both 18 the night that Kenny had come over and we were just hanging out watching TV when we started talking about sex.   I knew he sort of leaned the other direction while I had only been interested in girls, but it had been a while and I was very horny so I suggested we fuck and he leaped into my arms and before a couple of minutes passed we had lost our clothes and he was sucking on my thick cock.  
While he worked my engorged organ in and out of his mouth, I took stock of my unexpected sex partner.   Where I am tall and hairy he was shorter than average.   His cock had a small growth of hair about the base his cock was hard, longer than mine, but much thinner and curved to one side Now I am not easy to get off, unlike so many teenage boys, so Kenny soon discovered, as a number of girls had, that this was not going to be a ten-minute project, however he worked my cock in and out of his inexperienced mouth until I exploded as he struggled to gulp it all down.
Then I sucked him.   I found his cock slimmer than mine.   He neared orgasm quickly certainly in less than five minutes of my sucking and licking up and down his shaft, until I felt him getting ready to cum.   Then using my hand I jerked him off all over his belly, not wanting to take his load in my mouth.

  He was eager for more so I decided to use my own semi-hard shaft and with it I picked up blobs of his load and brought it to his lips where he eagerly ate every drop, licking my cock head, cleaning every bit I provided of his own juices and making me very hard once more.   I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with our encounter but he did and began begging me to fuck him up the ass.
I had never fucked a guy in the ass and wasn’t too sure I wanted to, but he really begged and pleaded and at last I agreed.   He rolled onto his knees and reaching back pulled his ass checks apart displaying his puckered hole.   I lubricated my cock’s head and slowly worked it inside of his very hot, tight passage.   After a couple of minutes he was relaxing and my organ was enjoying his anal opening as he cried out with pleasure and intensity with every thrust of my cock up inside of him.
I laid him down enjoying seeing my cock leave his ass the small passage now wide open and begging for my penetration.

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    Lifting his one leg to turn him partly to the side I re-entered him and then began working in and out while rubbing his cock with my right hand.    He began to move wildly as I brought him off.   I wasn’t quite ready to give up the powerful feeling of making him cum while I fucked him and even though his cock was sensitive at first I kept right on to eventually make him cum a third time, just after I filled his body with my seed.   This was our one and only time together – he moved shortly afterward.