Enchanting Encounter of the Different Kind


Topic: Enchanting Encounter of the Different KindI am Ishaan, 28 year old male from Delhi. 5ft 9in tall, fair, 34 waist, 66 kg, muscular, handsome. I am bisexual, fascinated with both men and women with an uncanny like for handsome men. I am a net addict and spend at least 6 to 7 hours on the net everyday, most of the time in chat roomsOne evening, I was chatting in a gay room and I received a pm from someone.   He was from Delhi , and so we struck up an instant rappo, being from the same city. He said his name is Satyam  and he is gay. He said, he though being gay had never been with another man, but he was longing to get up close and cosy with another man who also would get into a long time serious relationship. After chatting for almost two hours, we both thought it was time we hung up for the day. He said we could talk over the phone and left his phone number and asked me to call him up after 18 pm that night. I called up and was greeted by a very cute voice from the other end. He said he was Satyam and he was expecting my call. We talked over the phone for over an hour and he was asking whether it was possible we  could meet up. During the chat itself, we had talked that in our friendship, sex would be secondary and we should be good to each other as friends should be, loving, caring, understanding. We fixed up a time the next evening to meet. As promised we met up at the fixed place and time. Satyam was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt and I was in my jeans and blue t-shirt.

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   He looked drop dead gorgeous and I complimented him saying that he looked more lovely than he described last night. He complimented my looks and we went to a nearby snack joint and ordered a pizza. We talked over matters and soon a nice chemistry built up between us. He asked how about going for a movie over the weekend. I was delighted and we decided to go for it. He got the tickets for the evening show on Saturday and informed me over the phone. We met up on Saturday and went for the movie. Between that we talked everyday over the phone and on an average the calls lasted to over an hour. We got seats right in one corner of the hall. Satyam sat to my right and I kept my arm over his shoulders. During the movie, being naughty and bold enough, I kissed Satyam on his cheek. He smiled back. After coming out of the hall, he said he was euphoric on being kissed by a man and he appreciated my gesture. For the first time, he held my hands and thanked me for the wonderful experience. After that for a few weeks, life went on as normal.

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   We were talking on the phone everyday and I reduced my time on the net and also we went out twice to thrice a week. Then my parents thought it was time for a vacation and they decided to go out for a fortnight. I decided to opt out. And I stayed back all alone in our flat. It was a Saturday and after they left, I called up Satyam and asked him whether he could come over to my place and spend the night with me. He was ecstatic and said he just could not wait to come. As planned, we first went out for dinner and then drove back home. We got into my flat and sat down on the sofa. I said that let's slip into something comfortable and then we can chat. I gave a pair of shorts to Satyam and I too slipped into a pair of jockey shorts. Now we were sitting bare chested wearing only our shorts. For the first time I saw Satyam bare chested. He looked really hot and I was feeling my organ pumping up. We did not say a word, we were just staring at each other. "Can I kiss your lips, they're so soft?" I said, breaking the ice.

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   "Love to," he said. I gently kissed his lips once and withdrew. "Feeling nice," I said. "Hmmm. . . why did you stop?" said Satyam. I held his face with my hands and sucked into his lips. Our tongues met and slowly wrapped over one another. Our hands were exploring each other chests and we were wrapped in an erotic lip lock. I kissed down to his neck and then went down to armpits and the warm scent of sweat made me more hotter. I licked his armpits and then we stood up and undid our shorts.
    We were completely nude with our erect cocks dangling. I led Satyam to my bedroom and made him sit on the edge of the bed with his legs parted. Satyam was sweating profusely and I kissed his lips again and told him to calm down.

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       He obviously was nervous as this was his first time. I took his cock and slowly licked the whole length of it. He was moaning. I licked the tip and put my mouth in it slowly. He grabbed me by my hair and slowly I began to suck him fast. His moans grew louder and I was playing with his balls. After sometime Satyam said, "I just can't keep it in, I'm gonna explode any moment. " Within seconds, his hot cum was all over my mouth and I was licking his shaft and kissing it. After having finished, I laid him chest down on bed and kissed him all the way up to his ass. I was pressing his soft ass cheeks. Satyam was moaning loud. I slowly parted his ass cheeks and spit on his tight ass hole and began licking. After having lubricated it enough, I slowly started to slide my dick into his tight asshole. My dick really pained to get in that tight hole. I slowly pushed my cock all the way into his hole and he moaned louder and louder.

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       I started to shove in and out, first slowly and then with hell lot of force. He screamed in delight. I slapped his butt and it grew red and really it was great fun. I finally got my orgasm and jerked off the load into his hole and licked it off from there. Satyam was panting hard. I asked him how he felt. He said that he was at a loss for words. He couldn't have imagined in his wildest dreams that it would be so enchanting. I was pleased at having satisfied him. Since it was his first time, he was quite exhausted just by this. So I couldn't ask him to give me a nice blowjob, but he promised that he will give it to me the next time we get naughty. After this we kissed each other and went off to sleep. During that fortnight, we had sex every night and every night Satyam got better and better to have with in bed. Even now we don't waste an oppurtunity to get up close and intimateU can touch base with me at hardtoboil@gmail. com.

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