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I've always been straight and happily married for over 18 years. Lately though, my sex life has been pretty boring. One day I found a Yahoo group for men who were just like me, or at least claiming to be like me. A lot of the postings were the same old shit, guys looking for girls, even though the group was for Bi-Curious types.

I had made a couple of postings asking the basic questions about sex between two men. Did it really hurt like you see in movies? What does cum really taste like? And so on. I got a couple of responses but they were the typical anonymous types of replies. Man I hate when people write to you but don't have any information on their profile or pictures or anything really. One day though I got a reply from a guy who seemed genuinely curious.

His name is Steve and he was really just like me, 40, married over 18 years, bored, and sincerely curious about the Bi side of things. We had been writing back and forth for about 3 weeks when the opportunity finally came. It was like destiny or something. His wife was going to visit her parents in another state for a few a week and my wife was going to be visiting her family in Germany for 3 weeks. We found it very hard to believe the timing had worked out just right and we decided that we would meet in person the following Friday when we were alone.

Friday finally arrived and I rushed home after work to get cleaned up. After a shave and a shower I got dressed and watched the clock until it was time to leave.

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   At 6:15 I hopped in the car and headed out to the bar where we had decided to have drinks. It was a small place, kinda dark, with high backed booths which were good for at least a little privacy. When I got to the bar I sat in my car outside for a few minutes having second thoughts. I mean, what the hell was I doing!? I'm a married man about to meet another married MAN! I was nervous as hell but decided to go through with it. After all, I didn't have to do anything that I feel uncomfortable with. If I get the creeps I just leave and no harm done.

Anyway, as I walked through the door I saw that the only person in the place was all the way in the corner booth in the back. That must be Steve. He had sent me a picture via email but the dim lighting in this dive made it very difficult to know for sure. I slowly made my way toward the figure in the corner and as I got closer I could see that it was indeed him. After a somewhat of an awkward hand shake I ordered a gin and tonic and we started to talk.

At first it was a little weird but after about 18 minutes and my first gin the conversation started to lighten. I ordered a second, Steve ordered another drink as well, and the conversation started to turn in the direction of sex. At first we merely rehashed most of the stuff that we had talked about online but then, out of the blue, he asks me if I was just talking or if I was serious about actually trying something. The question was very matter-of-fact and caught me off guard.

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   I replied that, yes, I was interested in an actual encounter but wasn't sure how far I wanted my first time to go. He said that he had been fantasizing the role of a „Top“. I chuckled slightly and said that was perfect because I had been fantasizing the role of a „Bottom“.

It was true. Even though I was full blooded hetero I had been having thoughts of being treated like a woman by some good looking guy with a big dick. I guess this thing was meant to be because at 5 foot 6 I was easily a half a foot shorter than Steve which I figured would help to ease into the role of a girl. Steve smiled and asked if I wanted to go to his place. He said that he lived nearby and it would be more comfortable for him to be in his familiar settings. Since I felt submissive I agreed.

We finished our drinks and when he stood up I could see quite a large bulge in the front of his pants. Steve was wearing dockers and I guessed that he must not be wearing underwear for it to be tenting like it was. My own cock was stiff as a board but was constrained by my bikini briefs and Levi's. I suddenly caught myself wondering how big it was and if I could actually handle it or not? He had told me that it was about 8 ½ inches and pretty fat. But then again, most guys exaggerate online so I expected somewhat less. No matter.

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   I decided tonight was the night. We headed outside to the parking lot and Steve told me to follow him. We jumped in our cars and I followed him for about 5 blocks. He pulled into his garage and I parked on the street in front of the house. Taking a deep breath and trying to relax, I got out of my car and followed him through the garage and into the house.

He had a pretty big place. I followed him down the hall, through the kitchen, past the dining room and into a lounge near the back of the house. I was relieved to see heavy drapes over the windows. I by no means wanted anyone to get a peek at what I was about to do.

Steve asked if I would like another drink. I said yes and he headed over to the bar. Steve took a whiskey and made another gin tonic for me. He turned on a lamp and took a seat in a plush overstuffed chair. I sat down at the end of the couch about 3 feet away.

„So, what do you think we should try tonight?“

„Um, I'm not really sure.

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   I didn't really expect to be here right now with all the fakes on the internet. Now that we're in your living room, and I noticed the bulge in your slacks, it's starting to sink in that this is actually for real. “

„Well, let's set a couple of ground rules then. First, I won't ask you to do anything that you don't want to do. If you want to stop at any time, just say so and I'm cool with that. Since this is my first time too, I would like to see how it feels without the restrictions of a condom. Are you Ok with that or should I go get one?“

„No, I want the true feeling for my first time too. I'm clean and sure that I don't have anything. “

„Cool, would you like to see it?“ and he reached for his zipper.

„Wait, let me do it. I want the full experience just like a woman would be expected to do things. “ and I set my drink on the table, got up, walked over in front of him, and kneeled on the floor. „Well, judging by the bulge in your pants I guess you were telling the truth about your size. “

„I think you'll be impressed. “

I reached for the button on his pants and popped it open.

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   He arched his back slightly in the chair with the anticipation of having his cock taken out by another guy. I took hold of the corner of his belt line and started to slowly pull his zipper down with my other hand. As his slacks started to open his cock slipped free protruding outward through the open zipper. Man he was big! He hadn't embelished his emails at all. Even in the dim light I could tell that he was easily 8 ½ and fat, just like he had claimed. I was happy to see that he was shaven. There was no pubic hair around the area at the base of his dick or on his balls either. I've deposited my share of hairs in women's mouths over the years and knew how annoying that was.

Steve kicked his shoes off to the side as I began to tug at his pants. He lifted his ass slightly off the chair to make it easier. As his pants slowly slid away I could see that his thighs weren't very hairy but were quite muscular. Even though he was totally aroused his balls weren't pulled up against the base of his dick like mine do. This was probably because of the size of his nuts. They were very large, about the size of a small orange, and I guessed they must be pretty heavy and able to shoot tremendous loads. That worried me a little but I had started and was going to finish.

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I tossed his pants to the side as he pulled his polo shirt over his head letting it fall on top of his pants a the side of the chair. He didn't have any six pack or anything but he was pretty lean and smooth. He reached over to turn on a reading lamp next to the chair and everything came into perfect view. His cock was massive with a bulbous purple head and veins bulging around his shaft like parking blocks. He was pretty smooth without much hair and I was happy about that. His balls were very large and hung heavily between his legs stretching the skin of his sacks downward.

I reached and ran my hands slowly up his thighs towards one of the biggest dicks that I had ever seen. Steve sighed queitly as my fingers inched closer and closer to his gorgeous meat. My right hand had reached his engorged cock and I gripped the base sliding my left had further up his thigh coming to rest on his hip bone. I looked up at him to see his reaction. He was staring at me with a look of anticipation and excitement. Then I took the plunge.

I leaned forward to run my tongue from the base of his dick all the way to the tip of his piss hole. He drew a breath between his teeth making a slight hissing sound. As I ran my tongue around the rim of his helmet he moaned and arched his back a little.

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   I continued my tongueing of his shaft up and down and all around. When his entire mass was glistening with my spit I stretched my mouth open to take his head into my mouth. I had always heard that dick was slightly salty tasting. I wouldn't so much describe it as salty, it was in a way, but more of an iron taste like when you like a cut that's bleeding slightly. I knew that I liked it though.

As I took my first suck of his beautiful tool I scraped him slightly with my upper teeth.

„Owe, mmm, careful!“

„Sorry, it is my first time, I'll try to do it right for you Ok?“

Steve nodded his head and smiled. Again I stretched open my mouth to take his thickness and began to suck that huge dick. After a few strokes I got the hang of not scraping his delicate cock skin. Judging by the sounds, a deep gutteral moaning, I was doing it correctly. With each stroke I tried to take a little more of his length but it was difficult. The first time his knob bumped the back of my throat I gagged a little. This seemed to really turn him on as he pushed his hips forward to penetrate my struggling mouth even further. I tried to take him but it was just way too big. I gagged regularly as I attempted to allow him access to my throat.

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   He was in deep but I just couldn't get it in past my tonsils because it made me choke. I felt his hands caressing the back of my head as I increased my speed and sucking action. I was bobbing on him like there was no tomorrow in a throw of passion. I loved the feelilng of my lips passing over his rigid veins and the slight elastic pull of his dick skin as I sucked my mouth up and down his length. He began to gently buck his hips in rythym with my motion and applied a little more pressure to the back of my head.

„Oh my god that's good! Mmmm it's so good! I can't hold out much longer, tell me what to do?“

As his cock head popped free of the grip of my lips I caught my breath and huskily grunted, „Cum in my mouth, just do it! I don't know if I can swallow but you can definitely cum in my mouth!“

I immediately went back to servicing him in a trance like state of submissive cock sucking. Then he swelled slightly and with a twitch fired his seed into the back of my throat. I recoiled slightly at the pulse of hot fluid filling my mouth and tried to swallow. It at once made me both sick to my stomach with shame and europhoric that I had finally fulfilled a long time fantasy of properly servicing a stud. I continued to suck as Steve groaned and nearly screamed from pleasure. A second burst of his filth violated my mouth and I again attempted to swallow as much as I could. There was just too much. He must have been saving up for weeks leading up to our meeting tonight. I could feel the dripping down my chin as some escaped but I continued to suck. I had about 3 inches of his dick still in my mouth as the third, but much smaller shot, leaked from the tip of his swollen head.

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He was finished. I had done it! I had actually done it! I kept a grasp on the base of his dick gently squeezing and tugging on his dick meat as it began to slump. I gave hip another lick where the skin is stretched to a point on the underside of his head. His cock glistened with a mixture of my spit and his sperm. My hand and face were beginning to feel sticky as his juice began to dry. I wiped my face and licked my hand drying my palm on the thigh of my jeans.

„You know what? I don't know if it's because this is an all new experience, or if it's because you're just a naturally awesome cocksucker, but that was by far the best blowjob I have ever had in my entire life!“

„Well, I don't know exactly what happened but a feeling just took over and I actually loved sucking your dick. I think I would definitely do it again if you want?“

„I'll tell you what. If you can suck cock like that every time, I'll give it to you every day!“

„Steve, I don't know about every day, but I'll do it for you as often as we have time for as long as we don't get caught. Ok?“

He smiled, nodded his head, and I went to clean up in the bathroom we had passed in the hall coming in. When I returned to the living room, Steve was still sitting in the chair and was massaging yet another raging hard on. On the end table next to the chair was a small bottle of baby oil.

„Dave, get undressed. It's time for round 2. “

I did as I was told and new this was going to be a great night.

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   The rest will be in part 2.




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