Curious no more Part II


When Steve told me to get undressed I got pretty nervous all over again. I had just sucked him off, the first cock I had ever serviced, and when I come back from cleaning up in the bathroom he's nursing an enourmous erection with a bottle of baby oil on the table next to him. I knew what he wanted but didn't know if I wanted to go that far. I could barely fit my mouth around his thickness to give him a blowjob. I seriously doubted that it would fit my virgin asshole.

He clearly understood the expression on my face. „Are you worried? You don't have to do it if you don't want to. I promised that from the start and I'll stick to it. If it makes you feel any better, I fuck my wife in the ass every once in a while and she loves it!“

„I don't know about this. It took a lot of courage to taste your dick. I had trouble fitting it in my mouth. There's no way it will fit down there!“

„Trust me, if we go slow and use enough of the oil, it will fit. My wife's first time hurt her for about the first 3 minutes. After that, she said it was one of the most exciting sensations she's ever had. “

„Ok, but if I stay stop, then I mean exactly that. You have to stop.

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I took off my clothes and let them fall into a pile next to the coffee table.

„Wow, you have a really nice cock too huh?“

I was fully erect in anticipation of trying yet another first in my sexual life. Steve motioned for me to come over to him. At first I hesitated but then decided to comply. I figured I'd try it. If I didn't like it he promised to stop. Steve stood up, his cock bobbing around like one of those blow up punching clowns, and slid the coffee table out of the way to the center of the room. He turned to pick up the baby oil and motioned for me to come closer.

„Suck it some more for me. I love how you suck my big dick!“

I immediately fell to my knees and took him into my mouth for the second time that night. As I sucked him he gently, but firmly, pressed his hips toward my face driving his stiff cock an inch or two down my throat. Even though I choked on it I didn't ask him to stop. After a couple of minutes he said that it was time.

„Turn around and lean over the couch. I'll lube you with the baby oil then we'll give it a try Ok?“

I nodded in agreement and turned toward the couch.

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   I laid my upper body over the seat of the couch with my swollen dick up against the front of the couch. I braced myself with my knees against the base of the couch and spread my legs wide enough. I didn't want to look back so I closed my eyes and buried my face in the couch cushions.

Suddenly I felt the cool dribble of baby oil running down my ass crack. The sensation of the cool, slippery oil almost made me cum right then. I couldn't believe that my cock was so sensitive. I heard Steve rubbing his hands together and assumed he had oiled his hands. As he started to caress my ass cheeks I could feel the oil coat me skin. Steve spread my cheeks with one hand and slowly began pushing a finger up into my backside with the other hand. I flinched at first but did my best to relax and allow the penetration.

Steve began to slowly work a finger in and out of my ass, drizzling his finger with the oil as he worked me over. At first it hurt a little but after a minute or two felt absolutely wonderful. It felt as if it tickled slightly and massaging my glands instantly brought me to the edge of a cum shot. I had been fingered by a couple of women as they sucked my dick before so I knew what it should feel like. Steve began to shift his finger from side to side while keeping it pointed directly up my shute in what I guessed was a maneuver to loosen me up a bit.

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   I inadvertantly began to moan softly as he fingered my ass. Man this felt good!

Steve pulled his finger free and wiped it around my right ass cheek. He ran his hands firmly up and down my spine and rib cage. As he leaned forward I could feel the heat of his dick as he began to grind it up and down in the crack of my ass. As I looked back over my shoulder he again spread me open with one hand and took a firm grip of himself with the other. I instinctively spread my knees a little wider apart presenting him my ass. He took the queue and pressed his enourmous head against the opening of my canal. The heat from the head of his dick against my hole was exhilarating.

With a slow but firm push he began to enter me. I reflexively clenched my ass as his bulb strained to penetrate my virgin asshole.

He whispered, „Relax, it's Ok. I'll go slow. “

He retreated slightly, lined me up again, and for the second time began to apply the forward pressure. I did my best to relax to allow him access but I have to admit I was scared. At this point it didn't really hurt which suprised me.

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   The baby oil felt warm combined with the blazing heat of his dick head. He applied steady pressure and slowly but surely his helmet began to disappear into me. There was a stinging feeling and suddenly, with a popping motion, he was in. My ass burned as his head entered me and I continued to try to relax as much as possible. Steve withdrew slightly and slowly stabbed his cock into me again. This time a few inches found it's way up my butt and the pain hit. I let out a gasp and clenched the material of the couch cushions in my hands.

„Should I pull it back out? Are you Ok?“

„Yeah, go slow but don't stop. I think I can take it. “

Steve again slightly withdrew and then pushed himself forward once more. He was definitely in me now, probably about half to two thirds I guessed from the pressure. I couldn't look. I could only brace myself and hope that it wouldn't hurt anymore. Steve remained still for a minute or two allowing me a moment to get used to the feeling. I felt as though I was about to shit myself but had read that that is how it feels at first.

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   He caressed my back and shoulders trying to comfort me. Slowly the pain dulled and when it had disapated to near nothing I rocked myself backwards impaling myself on his magnificent dick a little further. At that moment he knew that I was Ok and forced himself the rest of the way in until his pelvis bumped up against my ass cheeks.

Steve took hold of my hips with both hands and began fucking me. Slowly at first, then every few strokes a little harder and deeper. I could feel his balls swing up and slap against my own nuts with each thrust. The pain had subsided and I began to enjoy the feeling of a man abusing my ass. As I arched my back to give him a better angle he began to jab me even harder. God I was loving it!

„Oh, ah, ah, mmmm, oh fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me now! Just do it! Fuck me! Oh Steve, please fuck me like your wife!“

The violation then took on a whole different feeling. He knew now that I wanted what he was doing to me. He wanted what he was doing to me. I felt him edge a little further forward. Hi reset his grip on my hips. Then he started fucking me in earnest. The slapping sound of his pelvis against my ass cheeks was getting louder, almost violent.

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   His balls would bash against mine with each slam of his cock. He was completely filling me. I guess that's the best way to describe it. Getting fucked didn't hurt anymore but there was a strange sensation of being full. I reached back and started to furiously jack myself as Steve continued pounding himself up my ass. He was panting and sweating as he blasted himself back and forth. I suddenly had the most intense cum shot of my entire life as my own cock spit several times against the front of the couch. I squeezed the base of my dick as hard as I could but there was no holding it back.

Steve began to grunt louder and I guessed he must be getting close to unleashing his own explosion. He was fucking me really hard and incredibly fast now. I wondered how much longer I could hold out having a huge cock ripping my ass open with every thrust. Then it happened!

„Aahhh, aahhh, unghhh! I'm cumming! Oh fuck! I'm cumming!“

I could feel the head of his cock explode as his sperm filled my canal. He continued to slam me which caused a squishing sound as his cum leaked out around the seal my ass had on his shaft. It sounded kinda gross but the heat and the sensation were absolutely amazing. A few more long, quick stabs of his dick and my first fucking was over.

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Again I looked back as his cock slumped from where he had just had it buried. I instantly felt his cum leaking down my nuts. I was kindof glad that I had blown him about half an hour ago or else he may have pumped a whole hell of a lot more inside me. He slumped down over my back panting. After another two minutes or so he stood up and stumbled back to his chair. I just lay there bent over the couch for another few minutes before moving. Slowly I got up and went to the hallway bathroom to clean up again. There was a dull stinging feeling that felt like it reached as far up as my lungs but the pain wasn't as bad as I had expected. I knew that it would be sore as hell the next morning though.

I didn't care though. I finally knew what it was to be a bitch. And I think I like it.

When I came back to the living room I quickly got dressed and said goodbye. As I turned to leave, Steve asked me when I could come back again.

I just smiled and said, „See ya tomorrow night!“

I drove home fantasizing how it would be tomorrow.






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