Coming out as a teen


Topic: Coming out of the closet to my mom. . . Hi,
I am a 18 year old boy that has been bi-curiuos for a few years now, but known I am bisexual for about 6 months.   About 2 months ago my feelings were getting really strong for some guys, and I just needed to tell somebody I was bi before I exploded.   I spent awhile trying to figure out if I should go for my friends, family, or who.   I realized one saturday that I always watched America\'s Next Top Model and similiar shows with my mom.   We would talk about fashion a lot, and she has caught me trying on some womens clothes before, but I quickly would respond saying I was looking for a costume for a party or something.   I figured I would come out to her, and see how that went.
I got up the next day on Sunday and knew it was the day.   My stomach was churning the whole day, but I finally got a moment when i was alone with her.   I asked her if we could talk.   We sat down, turned off the TV and got right to it.   I came out plain and simple and said I was gay.   Not bi, not curious, just gay.   She didn\'t say anything so I continued on.

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    I told her how I really wanted to be very feminin and what not.   I explained how the girls clothes made me feel nice, and I loved to wear skirts and think about guys in sexual ways.   She still looked stunned so I started to get up and leave, but then she asked me to sit back down.   She asked if I was sure, and I told her i have been sure for the last few months.   Next she asked if i have ever had gay sex.   I said no, but have thought about it a lot.   She then took it remarkably well and told me that if thats how i feel then she will support me.   She even took me over to get some thongs for myself.  
We keep this as our little secret until I want other people to know, but she has set me up on a date which I thank her for.   She works with somebody that has a 19 year old open son, and although she didn\'t like the age difference she still went for it.   I had a wonderful time, and lost my virginity to him, mom doesnt know yet, but it didnt work out for the best. Anyway, my mom and I still shop and she even gives me some of her skirts, high heels, and she bought me a few bras to wear.   I really am glad I opened to her because we talk about guys and sex a lot now, and it feels so comfortable.   She still thinks I am completely gay, so we have even seen some playboy and that stuff, which I loved.  
My advice to anybody that questions it is start subtle and just watch the fashion shows and that with mom, and who knows, you may have a best friend that helps you out.

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PS: I am still not open to anybody but my mom, but she does know I have had sex with my ex.   She even gave me some sex advice on how to please guys :).
email me at partycorey@gmail. com if u liked.