Coaches' Fantasy


It had been an awesome game i'd scored a hat-trick and set two up we'd won 6-2 and were closer to the championship. Back in the changing rooms we were all getting in the showers when the coach come in to congratulate us and tell me he wanted to see me in his office when i was ready.   We were all well happy and I was one of the last to leave.   After saying goodbye to my teammates and my girlfriend who i had arranged to meet at my flat I headed for coaches' office. Once there i found the coach sat behind his desk reading what looked like a letter. When he saw that i had arrived he told me that it was a letter from a top scout who was willing to come and watch me play at the next home game after coach had advised him to.
I told the coach how grateful i was but he stopped me mid-sentence and told me that he may not play me. I couldnt believe that he would do that to me.   Coach was an ex-player in his mid-thirties who was once pretty good but broke is ankle and never recovered from it. Coach happened to be looking at me with a wry kind of smile as he asked what would the best player in the league do, or preferably do to him, to play in that game. I told him i didnt understand but i knew perfectly what he wanted me to do as i had done the same to get in the team, and that was to fuck him and let him fuck me. That was exactly what he wanted as i saw a bulge appear in his tracksuit pants as he stood up and grabbed his bag.
We left the office and headed to the car park where we got in his car. I knew exactly where we were going . His house lay on the outskirts of town and i knew his wife wouldnt be there she drank herself stupid in the bar in town till gone midnight on a friday night. So far i had hidden my true feelings from him but really i was willing and ready to taste his cum and feel his cock inside me once more.

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   At first i had found this disgusting but now i savoured the taste of what my girlfriend was unable to give me. As we arrived at his house he put his hand on my crotch and asked me if i was ready as he gave my cock a good squeeze. I nodded and we got out of the car i glanced around as he opened his front door but saw no prying eyes and i stepped inside. As soon as the front door was closed we kissed and the fifteen year age gap disappeared.
We moved upstairs to his bedroom where i began to strip seductively to him as he was already naked as i saw his cock become fully hard throwing my boxers to him. And there I was a twenty year old man stood infront of a 35 year old man not the most desirable but still with a magnificent cock and toned body. I grabbed the lotion of the table and lather his asshole up. I let him suck my cock to moiston it up before laying him back on the bed. I lifted hi s legs in the air as he put them over my shoulders. I positioned the head of my cock on hos asshole and waited he grabbed the shaft and thrust it in with his hand the feeling was immense. I began to thrust as his moans began firstly softly but i soon had him screaming my name as i buried my cock inside him. My thrusts were increasing as were his moans even more so when i began to spank his arse. Within minutes i was ready to climax so i pulled out and let him suck me off. His smooth bobbing of his head brought me to climax in his throat causing him to swallow the lot.
As i relaxed i spat and sucked his cock to get him wet before bending over his bed while he lubed up my asshole.

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   He positioned his cock ready while i guided it in and he thrust it in causing initial pain then the faster thrusting increased while i moaned outloud begging for it faster harder as his cock all 9 inches of it stretched my asshole around it my cheeks clenching around it causing him to moan aswell.
    He started to kiss and bite my back in a gentle seductive way causing my own cock to stir again finally his cock tensed causing him to shoot his load inside my asshole and he licked the rest out.
    To clean up we both got in the shower but I had other plans as he got in i thrust him against the wall and asked if i would be included in the team when he agreed i thrust my cock up his ass making him moan outloud before thrusting into as the water trickled down our bodies i continued while wanking him off and kissing his back. We were both in a state of ecstacy and he had soon cum into my hand which i licked clean off and my thrusting continued. He was fortunately smaller than me so i picked him up and lifted him against the wall powering my cock deep into him making him moan louder than ever as my cock delved deeper into his ass.   My cock finally could take no more as i spurted my load in him. I let him lck the rest of before rubbing myself down and getting out. I kissed him on the lips and got changed before heading to the front door. He rushed to me naked as i opened the door and begged for this to happen sonn again which i agreed on before kissing him one last goodbye and leaving.