Can I See?


    Tom has always been my best friend, so it was no surprise when I asked him to sleep over. It had been a while and I got my room re-done over the summer so this would be his first time sleeping on my new carpet. My mom was sleeping over her friends house, so my grandma said yes when I asked if he could sleep over.
    A while ago I asked Tom if he wanted to jerk-off with me. He was un-sure and in the end he said no. Now i'm not gay but I was anxious to see if he was bigger than me. This sleep over was a couple of months after that.
    I get horny very easily if I even think of a girl I get hard. I still wanted to know if he was bigger. So I grabbed my video camera and told him I had to go to the bathroom. I tried to hide that camera everywhere where he wouldnt notice it.

I eventually put it in the closet. He went in to change. When he came out I ran in and grabbed the camera. I told him I'd be right back.
    I went into my moms room and put on the tape.

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   It showed him changing but he was weraring boxers to go under his pj's. We went to bed. He slept on the floor and i slept in my bed.
     I thought of where to put the camera overnight. In the morning, I woke up, put it on the toliet bowl, and covered it with a towel. I knew he would have to go to the bathroom, especially in the morning. When he came out I ran in and grabbed the camera. Again, I told him I'd be right back.
      I put the tape on in my mom's room and I saw it. It was pretty big just a little bigger than mine. I started to get hard. So i jerked off with the tape playing in the background. Afterwoods, I felt horrible. I had betrayed my best friend. I went into my room and told him everything.

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   I told him how sorry I was and I gave him the tape. I told him I would understand if he never wanted to speak to me again.
       The first words he said, with a smile, were " You wanna jerk off with me right now?" I said "oh yeah" We jerked off to some lesbians eating each other out on the internet. But every once and a while we would glance over just to see who's cock was bigger.