Camping with Rich


Topic: In the TentMy friends Rich and i decided to go camping one weekend with his family.  We were driving down to the camp site.  Him and i were in the back seats and his father and sister were in the front.  His sister was probably the most beautiful girl in the world.  Just absolutely gorgeous.  Now i would fuck her in a second.  And i and totally into chicks, but that night, i experimented something new.  
 That night him his family and i all had dinner by the fire and then hit the sacks.  Him and i stayed in a tent together, his parents in another, and his sister and her friend in another.  I told him i wanted to see his sis change into her nighty and he punched my arm and told me how disgusting that sounded to him.  he then hesitated and told me how he has always een very attracted to her and wouldnt mind catching a glimpse.  I couldnt blame him.  She was a babe.
 We went over to the tent and peered in.  She was taking off her clothes just as we arrived.  She was down to her panties and bra.

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    her friend was doing the same but she was kinda fat and didnt put on as much of a show.  His sister finally took off her bra revealing her sweet perky tits.  Great sized.  Perfect 10s.
 We went back to our tent when the show was over and i had a huge boner.  we laid on our sleeping bags and he said to me, "Nice hard on. "  now i always thought he was gay but it never bothered me.  I didnt know what to say so i thought id go with it.  I looked over at him and said "same to u".
 "Yeah dude i gotta blow this load after seeing my sis like that"
 "Yeah same here.  Guess ill have to wait till i get some privacy"
 "Well i mean. . . u can do it here. .

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  . i wont look. "
 And from that it grew into a game of truth or dare.  somehow.  You know show me yours ill sow u mine.  at first it was through picks that we would take on our cell phones.  Then we actually showed eackother our penis'.  Then he dared he to wank it for lik 30 seconds.
     i dared the same.  Then dared me to hump the air while i wanked it and i dared the same.  Finally he dared me to wank him for a while and i was hesitant but i did.  Then he did the same and the next thing you know it, we were jacking each other off.  
     Feeling so bad and free i couldnt help but say , "I dare you to suck on my penis. "  He took no time getting his head down and sucking me off.  It felt so amazing.

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        He sucked like he was trying to get something out of it, which i guess he was, but it was an amazing feeling.  after a while he dared me to blow him.  I felt it was only fair so i got down and put his cock into my mouth.  I sucked on it for ages.  I was such an experience.  I loved the way it was hot in my mouth.  The way it was so firm yet alive.  It was absolutely orgasmic.  
     The game had ended and it had turned into just having fun.  He got on his knees and told me he wanted it in his ass.  This was a bit much for me but i couldnt stop here.  I put it in him and pumped him as he squealed and moaned from the pain and the pleasure.  Finally i couldnt help but blow my load into him and i collapsed onto his back, him and i naked, with my penis still in his butt, and we fell asleep that way.  It was a secret night that i wouldnt forget.

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