Brian and me round 3 a true story


I knew Brian wanted me to meet the friend of his that he told about our 1st encounter and was sure he must have told him about our second time at his house on Saturday so I decided on Monday night to call him to talk.
When he answered the phone I asked him if he could talk or if his parents were around he said no it's cool I'm in my room. I asked him how school was and he said great. Then I slipped in did he talk to his friend again to which he said yes. I then told him I was jealous since I was out of high school and couldn't see him during the day and he said why don't you come by in the morning before school and we'll talk and I agreed.
I was a freshman in college at the time and Tuesdays were afternoon classes for me with the morning off so I went to his school about 7:15 a. m. to say hi. When I got there I parked by the entrance to the driveway away from where the buses entered and waited for him. As soon as he saw my car he jumped in and said hey what's up to which I joked me and he laughed.
We were talking when Brian saw this kid getting off one of a bus and he said there is the guy I was telling you about that I talked to about us again assuring me that he didn't mention who I was or where he knew me from. I looked up to see this little guy with long black hair who looked rather as much a girl as a guy said is that him pointing to this guy and he replied yes.
The School bell rang and he had to go so he asked me if I was doing anything around 2:30 that afternoon since his parents both worked and didn't get home until after 6:00 and both his brother and sister both wouldn't be home until after that. I thought about my classes but couldn't resist meeting him again so I told him I'll be there.

About 2:40 I rang his bell and he came to the door and came out to see me very softly he said Bob that friend you saw this morning stopped by to see me to talk about a school project we were doing together and I will understand if you want to leave, but if you want to stay I will get rid of him as quick as I can so I said yes I'll stay.
We went inside and Brian introduced me as a friend of the family I believe his name was Nelson or something like that.

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   I said hi how are you and noticed how cute this kid was, he was only about 5'  3" or 4" and a slight build. He answered good thanks and we had some small talk for a bit I asked him what grade he was in and he told me third year high, would have been his last but he stayed back early in grammar school because of being sick a lot. I then said how old are you he answered will be 18 in 6 weeks.   
About a half hour went by and I must have been getting excited trying to sneak peeks at Brian while they worked on their project because when I turned once I saw Nelson staring at my shorts looking at my hard dick popping up under them, I turned away as fast as I could then got up and went to the bathroom to compose myself.
When I came out before I turned into the living room I could hear Nelson asking Brian is he the guy you've been telling me about and Brian said no it's not him. Nelson told him he thought he was full of shit and he saw the look in both of our eyes the minute he let me in the house and knew for sure when he saw my stiff cock while I was checking Brian out but he told him no I wasn't.
After about two or three more times of him asking I went into the living room and said what if I was to which he replied he would be happy for us since he and his boyfriend broke up a few months ago and it was nice to see two happy guys together. I then told him it was me and that I was sorry that his relationship had ended, he said the only bad part is he had no time to find someone right now and all he had was his own two hands.
Brian was looking at me when Nelson said I see you want to be alone and for some reason Brian looked at me and asked if Nelson could join us at which time Nelson smiled and looked to me for an answer. I thought about it for a minute and said he could watch if he wanted and he said sure very quickly.
The three of us went to Brian’s room and he and I got undressed, for some reason I did it real slow like a strip tease. When we were naked Brian knelt down and started to suck my cock, I saw Nelson out of the corner of my eye checking out my little cock and I said you like and he nodded I grabbed Brian’s head and pulled it off my dick and told him to bend over I wanted his ass.
    While Brian was getting up on the bed I could see Nelson unzipping his pants and getting naked I was amazed he was bigger than Brian almost 8" and about 6 1/2" in girth I couldn't take my eyes off it which he saw and then started to jerk himself off and smile.
    I rammed my cock Brian's ass harder than ever as I watched Nelson and then I blurted out Brian I want to suck his cock, Brian laughed and said we knew you would, I was set up.
    Nelson came up to me and put his cock in my face and said suck it please, I then licked the shaft up and down and then swallowed it all.

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       I couldn't fuck Brian and suck him at the same time just didn't have the coordination so I stopped fucking Brian and kept sucking Nelson. I looked at Brian and he said that's ok I want to watch so he then sat in a chair in the corner watching me suck his other friend. After a few just when Nelson was ready to cum he said Brian open your mouth I want you to taste my load which he did.
    The next thing I knew Nelson was asking to fuck Brian’s ass and I said only if I can do yours at the same time so that’s what we did him mounting my Brian and me mounting him all at the same time. I could hear Brian moaning for more and Nelson pumped harder. Nelson then said Bob just before you’re going to shot your load take it out I want a taste which made me pump his ass harder. Just before I would cum I took it out and he opened his mouth and took my load swallowed and then said Brian he tastes as good as you told me.
    I then got under Brian and started to suck his cock while he was being fucked by Nelson, Brian and Nelson both came at the same time.
    We then got up got dressed since it was a little after 5:30 and Brian’s parents would be home soon. Nelson asked if I could give him a ride home and I said sure.
    The story of Nelson's ride home with me will have to wait.



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