Boy's first time


Topic: Chapter 1Story based on fiction.
Been reading around on this site awhile. Figured I'd give it a shot at my own story, so any and all comments/input are very welcome! Now onto the story.
It was Friday afternoon just as we got out of school waiting to get onto the bus to come home. Justin walks up and says '' Hey man, we're still on for tonight right?'' I say to him '' hell yeah man, and you better not forget to bring those wireless controllers for the PS3 this time haha'' he replies '' Naw man, I got em in my bag ready to go''
as we parted ways to get onto our busses. The bus ride home was fairly long as my stop was one of the last, almost an hour ride from the school which was only 5 miles from home. I always daydream about various things on the bus ride home, but today was different,because today at school, while in the bathroom stall, I heard two guys talking about their sexual experience with eachother earlier that week. . . and it got my imagination and hormones flowing.
I had never messed with a guy or had any thought it until this day. Flashing back to the overheard bathroom convo, my mind began to wonder. . '' What if Justin was bi or gay? What if he had been having sexual thoughts about us on all of our friday night hang out / sleep overs?'' Hmmm. . .

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  my mind wondered.
I thought it may be a bad idea to come strait out and ask, so I decided to try it in truth or dare like we'd usually play once we had played all of our playstation games.
Fast Forward to 5 30 PM, Justin calls '' hey man, my mom is going to be home from work in 20 minutes and then she's bringing me over'' I replied '' Ok man cool cya then''.
I yelled to my parents about Justins soon arrival, then I quickly undressed and ran to the shower. Afterall, I was planning to see what I could get out of Justin tonight so I thought it be best if I atleast smelled clean and good.
As I stepped out of the shower drying off, I heard my mother yell out '' Justin's here! '' I quickly finished drying off, put on deodorant and some Axe body spray, got dressed and ran out to the living room.
'' Well hello sunshine, don't you look fresh as a daisy '' said Justin in a smartass funny tone, '' sup fool'' I replied. '' hey man, where's that ps3? Brought the wireless and a few new games'' '' oh its in my room , bring yo shit and lets go'' I replied.
I walked into the kitchen to grab a drink as he was gathering his things, and I noticed he was checking me out as I had bent over to grab a drink from the fridge.
I thought hell yeah, maybe he really is '' like that''. Now to give you an idea, I was 5'8 at the time, a little chunky, baby fat as most people call it. He was 6'0 tall, dark and handsome and kinda muscular, not a body builder, but enough bulk to where he got looks in tight shirts.
Anyway, at time of his checking my backside out, I was wearing my school gym shorts and a T shirt, barefoot and all. He seemed to really focused on the legs and ass, as I turned around I saw him staring it literally took him a few seconds to realize I caught him, but I didn't say anything, just enjoyed the fact that he was checking me out.
So we walk into my room, and he's still wearing what he was at school, blue jeans, t shirt.

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I start playing the game on ps3 and he goes to change clothes, he was standing behind me, guess he thought I wouldn't see him. But I could see his reflection in the TV screen. He was butt naked behind me going through his bag picking out an outfit. Seeing his naked reflection made my heart race,hormones rush and not to mention gave me a raging hard on which I couldn't hide to save my life due to the gym shorts .
He finally got dressed and sat down on the floor next to me, I'm pretty sure he saw my hard on through my shorts as I noticed him kept looking over at me.
Fast forward to 18 45 pm, we've played all the games we had, watched a few episodes of beavis and butthead and at this point on the edge of passing out.
'' Sooo'' says Justin, '' Soooo what'' I reply, '' Man, I'm bored as fuck now that we finished all of our games, we need to play truth or dare, get some excitement going in this place before I pass out'' '' for real'' I replied.
'' So, truth or dare bitch'' I said to him, '' truth bitch'' he replies. . '' hmm. . is it true that you have a tiny dick?'' '' fuck you jackass'' he replies with a laugh '' truth or dare'' he asks me. . '' dare'' I reply. '' I dare you to suck a dick'' '' yours?'' '' haha you douche bag'' I reply.

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   '' No seriously, I think we've both noticed eachother checking eachother out, I think its time we do more than look'' he replies.
Blushing madly, I reply '' yeah, I'm guilty of checking you out, I just never said anything because I didn't know how you would react'' He replies '' same here man! I'm so glad we got this out, maybe we can go further'' I reply '' yeah man, I mean, I know we both like girls, but also the thought of being with another guy seems good too'' He replies '' exactly, I just think the touch and feel of another guy would be better, of course a guy has no tits, or pussy, but an ass would be even tigher plus you can't get a boy pregnant '' he says with a laugh.
'' yup that's for sure, so like,who plays the boy role and the girl role'' I ask He replies '' well, I guess it should go by who is more fem or manly, and since your legs are pretty smoothe and mine are hairy, that makes you more fem'' '' so, I'm your girlfriend?'' I ask. '' if you want to be'' he replies. '' sure'' I reply. '' okay well I think we need to keep our thing a secret, it could cause problems at school and god knows where else''
'' that's what I was thinking, but as much as we hang out and all anyway, no one would notice as long as we don't do any PDA'' I reply. '' you got it boy'' he replies.
'' so come here '' he says with a demanding tone. I crawl over to him, he looks at me, while running his hands up and down my thighs, at this point I am trembling and almost shaking. He notices this and says '' baby calm down, its okay, I'm nervous too''
I look up at him for a brief moment, only to see he's already looking at me with a look of deep passion in his eyes.
I thought this was going to be purely sexual fun, but I'm beginning to think he's actually in love with me.
Next thing I know, he gives me a really deep kiss, better than any kiss I'd ever had before.
I was more turned on than ever before in my life, that shell was gone and I was no longer shy to touch him or anything.
I reached to his crotch and felt around on his dick, the first dick I'd ever touched and it was everything I thought it would be plus some.
His dick was so big, I didn't measure it, but I could barely fit it in my hand and it must have been atleast 8 or 9 inches long.

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I'm slowly passionately jacking him off while kissing him and rubbing and touching his body with a free hand, he moaned groaned and sighed with pleasure as I did my thing.
This went on for another 18 minutes or so, then I asked him to stand up and when he did, I pulled his shorts down and tossed them across the room along with everything else he was wearing.
 There he was standing infront of me, butt naked with that big fat cock inches from my face.
I reached up and grabbed his balls which were huge, I leaned down and licked and ran my tounge all over his giant balls, he moaned out loudly '' OHH FUCK YEAH BOY''
I kept going, further and further down to that area between his asshole and balls, ran my tounge from there to the head of his huge throbbing cock '' HOLY SHIT, YOU MUST HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE'' he says while gasping for breath
'' No daddy I haven't, just watched tons of porns, just doing what I saw them do'' I replied.
'' Damn, its so hot when you call me daddy, especially with my cock in your hands and that look in your eyes'' then I decided I'd suck on that cock for him.
I put the head in, sucked the head while flicking my tounge around on it while jacking him off. '' OH MY GOD, that feels so fucking awesome don't stop baby pleeaassee don't stop'' he said while breathing so hard and heavy you could barely make out what he was saying.
So I kept at it, jacking his cock faster and faster sucking the head harder and harder, he reaches down and puts both hands on the back of my head and pushes my head down '' Oh shit baby, I'm gonna fuckin cum ohhhhhh yeahhh'' he yelled outloud while pushing my head down further onto his cock.
All of a sudden '' Oh fuck, ohhhhh fuckkkk'' his hot load shot down my throat, must have been atleast 18 large spurts, and thick too, it filled my mouth up, ran out the corners of my mouth and down my chin and even onto my chest.
'' holy shit,I've never came much or so hard in my life, you are so great baby'' '' Thanks daddy, your cum tasted so sweet, I've tasted my own before, but yours is so much better'' I replied.
'' Come here boy, stand up for me'' he replied. I stood up and he kissed me again, and slipped his hand into my shorts, fondling my cock which was like steel, he ran his around to my ass, gave it a squeeze and said '' damn boy, that ass is awesome''
He then slipped my shorts down to my ankles and got on his knees behind me.
'' spread em and bend over the bed for me you little slut'' I did as told, and hearing that just made me even hornier which I thought would be impossible.
He drew his hand back and smacked my ass as hard as he could '' FUCK'' I screamed out, '' that hurt man'' I said. He drew back again and gave the other cheek the same smack '' Damn that stings like hell'' I yelled out.

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'' you'll be okay baby'' he said in a tough masculine tone as he ran his hands up and down my legs '' god your legs are softer than my girlfriends, I love them, and your ass is so much better than hers too''
'' thanks daddy, glad you like my body'' I replied. He then ran his hand from my ankle up to my ass, and in the crack, finding my asshole and rubbing it a little before insterting his finger.
'' Ahh'' I gasped. '' am I being too hard or aything?'' he asked '' No, just never had anything in there before,its not broken in yet you know''
'' oh it will be soon enough ''he replied, while licking his finger before putting it back in my ass. '' how's that?'' he asked. '' a lot better '' I replied. He continued his play time, for atleast a hour.
He then got up and laid on the bed on his back. '' come here baby, get daddy hard again'' he demanded.
I crawled up onto the bed, laid between his muscular legs,running my hands up and down them, and his chest, complimenting him on his body. '' thanks baby, I really like yours too, such a beautiful ass, fuckin hot legs and thighs and a mouth that's killer, not to mention your sexy baby like face'' he replied.
I lowered my face down to his crotch and began to fondle,lick,suck and kiss ALL over his glorius manhood. Just seeing his cock alone gave me chills, added to his body I felt like my insides were on fire.
I continued to lick and suck all over his huge nutsack and shaft, untill he took charge.
'' Get on your knees'' he demanded.

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   '' From now on, I'm your master and you are my dirty little whore, do you understand me?'' he said with authority.
I thought to myself '' holy shit, this is so fucking hot, just like in the porns''
'' Do you fucking understand me whore? You will only speak when spoken to, you will only call me Daddy. Got it?''
'' Yes daddy'' I said '' Good. Now do you want me to fuck you like the whore that you are?'' he asked
'' Yes daddy. Give it to me. But please remember, your cock is fucking huge, and my ass isn't, so go easy for a little while'' I said
''Oh don't you worry, you will get a short break in period, then I'm putting all 9 inches of this cock as far in your ass as I can get it'' he said
'' Now on your hands and knees slut'' he said.
I could feel him putting the lube on my ass and I knew my virginity was coming to an end.
He was to my side, and was having me jack his big cock off while he lubed me up '' yeah boy that's it, nice and slow on my cock'' as he moaned.
The bed shook as he crawled around behind me and got in position.
'' my god your ass is so hot, so nice, I can't wait to fill it up with this cock'' he said.
He drew back and smacked my ass so hard, multiple times.
'' Damnit! That fucking stings'' I cried.
He let out a evil laugh as he rubbed my ass after those violent smacks to it.
'' Damn!, you got bruises in the shape of my hand from earlier, haha'' he said.
'' are you shittin me?'' I asked.

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'' hell no , come here and i will show you!'' He said.
We walked into the bathroom where there was a full body mirror.
'' turn around and look'' he said.
Sure enough, I did.
'' haha damn, you gave it to me good daddy'' I said.
'' you bet your sweet bruised ass I did, and we really haven't even got started'' he said.
'' You know, I think you should see how fucking hot you look with my big fat cock in your throat, so get on your knees infront of this mirror and suck my cock'' he said
I returned to my knees, taking his giant cock into my hands guiding it into my throat, I could only take about 5 inches of it in my mouth.
He grabbed the back of my head, and face fucked me untill he had managed to cram all 9 inches into my mouth, and at this point his enormous nutsack was smacking my chin.
'' look in the mirror, look at your little whore ass with 9 inches of cock in you. God damn its so hot'' he said
'' Get your ass up and get to the bed room, ill be there in a minute, and you better have your head down and ass up!'' he yelled.
So I walk back into the bed room, get on the edge of the bed, with my ass up and head down.
Several minutes go by,with my mind and heart racing.
He walks back into the room.
'' ah, good little whore, all ready for daddy to make love to you'' he said.
He eases up to my ass, and puts more lube on, and fingers my ass a little.

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'' You ready for this?'' he asked
'' Yes daddy I am, pop my cherry'' I said lightly.
That was all he needed, he moved in closer, guiding his cock to my asshole.
He gently pushed and the head slid in '' OH FUCKKK'' I grunted.
He kept going, easily, untill he had 5 inches or so in, in and out for what felt like hours with the same 5 inches
He asked '' how is your ass feeling? Nice and broke in yet?''
'' it feels good daddy'' I said, trying to keep the screams inside.
With that he pulled it out except for the head, and literally RAMMED all 9 inches of it into my ass while holding me very tightly by the hips so I couldn't move from his grasp.
'' OH MY GOD'' I yelled with tears coming from my eyes.
'' Ohh Ohh Ohh ughhh god my ass! It hurts sooo bad'' I cried
'' Take it whore'' he replied,with authority in his voice.
Repeatedly slamming in all 9 inches for what seemed like an eternity.
I laid there, facing the wall, all I could see was the clock on the night stand and his shadow on the wall.
He fucked me for 2 hours just like that, and never missed a beat.
'' I'm fucking cumming ohhh my godddddd'' he yelled
'' daddy please cum on my face'' I begged.
'' next time baby, this is your first time, your getting your fucking ass filled with hot cum'' he said.
He had a death grip on my hips as he was getting closer and closer to his orgasm.
He reached up and grabbed my left shoulder to help pull me back onto his cock with his strokes.
5 minutes later he let out a very loud '' ughh huhhhhh ughhhhhhh ohhhh'' as I felt his cum shooting inside me.

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   It felt wonderful. I could feel it hitting things as it shot all inside me.
It felt like a volcano eruption inside me.
He reached under me and jacked me off untill I shot a giant load all over the sheets.
And then made me lick my cum off his hands.
After we had came, he pushed me flat on my stomach and laid on top of me with his cock still inside me.
I woke up several hours later, he was still on top of me with his now soft cock still inside me,his cum running out of my ass and onto my thighs, with his arms wrapped around me.
The end. Please all comments welcomes. First story I ever wrote.