Boyhood Fun


"Sure, why not? Or are ya chicken?? Bawk!""No, I'm not chicken, I just don't want to get caught!""Eddie," he said, "we are in the middle of nowhere. . . who the fuck is going to see us?"I guess he had a point. We were in the middle of nowhere and I was really hot. So what the hell? I stood up and started to remove my shorts and underwear. Jason saw me undress and he started to take off his clothes. I was naked and waiting for him to finish, so I sat down, forgetting about the hot metal seat. "Yeow! Damn!""What?" "I forgot the seat was hot and now my butt is hurting!"Jason looked at me and said, "awww, do you want me to kiss it for you?""Yeah, kiss my ass, Jason!" I started shaking my butt at him. "Go on, kiss it!"Well he didn't exactly kiss it, he slapped it with his bare hand and told me to consider it kissed. "Let's go man," he said, "into the water!"Jason jumped in the water first, and it made me realise as I watched him jump that this was the first time that I had seen him naked. Boy did he look good. He had a nice trim body, with probably a 6 1/2 inch cock with a thick bush of pubic hair. His butt was what impressed me the most, it was small and firm looking, no doubt it's never been used. Heck, his butt almost looked identical to mine, except for the small mole on his left cheek. I followed him into the water and soon we were swimming and splashing around.


   It was great to be able to skinny dip and enjoy it. I love being in the outdoors, especially if I can do it in the nude. I would go for a short swim and would love to feel the warm sun on my butt. I was treading water when all of a sudden Jason attacked me from behind and dunked me. He held me down for a few seconds then let me come back up. I then turned toward him and dunked him, held him down as far as I could. Then he left my hands and swam between my legs and came back up behind me again. Once again he attacked me from behind, this time around my chest, and I could feel his soft cock brush up against me. He didn't dunk me right away, first he grabbed my left nipple and twisted it hard, then he dunked me! This time I went between his legs, got a close look at his semi-hard cock, and when I came up behind him, I pinched his butt. "What was that for?""That's for twisting my nipple!""You always go around pinching guys' butts?""Only when they're cute ones!" I smiled. He looked at me with uncertain eyes and said, "Come here for a second. "I followed him to the boat and he climbed in and it was nice to watch his body muscles work as he climbed in. He motioned for me to get in the boat with him, so in I climbed. I sat down on the somewhat cooler seat and he sat next to me. Jason looked at me and told me to relax.

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   With that, he leaned toward me and kissed me on the lips. His kiss was full of passion, and I wasn't sure how to react so I kissed him back. He laid me down and climbed on top of me and continued to kiss me, this time a french kiss. His togue felt so wonderful, it made me wonder what else he had in mind. I was so wrapped up in the kiss, that I didn't realise my hands were rubbing his body and had made their way down to his ass. I was massaging his cheeks and then worked my way to his crack, where i slipped a finger between the fleshy pillows and reached his asshole. I slid the tip of my finger inside him and he moaned with pleasure, his kissing more passionate. He kissed his way down my chest, making sure to hit each nipple, then he continued down my stomach to my dick. He grabbed hold of my hard dick and looked up at me. "You want me to suck it?""Only if you want to, Jason. ""Ok, but I suck you, you gotta suck mine, ok?""Well, I don't know about that, but. . . well, okay. I guess I can try it.

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  "With that, he leaned forward and licked the head of my dick. He circled the head with his tongue and made his way down the shaft. When he got to my balls, he started to stroke my dick as he sucked on my nuts. He would put one in his mouth, then the other, then both of them. Finally he made his way back to my dick, and he opened his mouth and went down on me. I moaned as the warmth of his mouth surrounded my dick and I closed my eyes and enjoyed what he was doing to me. Jason continued to suck me, and the sun seemed hotter than ever, but I didn't care. I was enjoying my first blow job and didn't care who saw us. Jason then stopped for a second, repositioned himself, and when I opened my eyes I saw his fat, semi hard dick dangling in my face. "It's okay Eddie. Just open your mouth and suck on it. Trust me, you'll love it. "I was hesitant, probably because I just layed there staring at his dick. I was going to put that thing in my mouth? I didn't know if I could or not. Jason lowered his hips, forcing his cock onto my lips.

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   "Come on, open your mouth!"I hesitated, but eventually I opened my mouth and took his dick into it. "Yeah. . . there ya go. See? It's not so bad! Now suck my dick Eddie! Suck the cum right ouf of me!"Jason then continued to suck on my dick. He was pretty good at it, it kind of made me wonder what he practiced on. His dick kinda felt good in my mouth, the fleash of it rubbing against my lips. I couldn't move my head, so Jason started to move his hips up and down and basically fucked my mouth. A couple of times he pulled up too far and the head made a popping sound when it came out, and he had trouble finding my mouth sometimes. He would rub his wet dick all over my face before he found my mouth again and continued to fuck my mouth. I soon had a visual of his butt muscles getting a work out as he face fucked me, so I reached up and grabbed hold of his ass; it was nice and firm and I could feel the muscles contract every time he went down. A couple of times he went down to far and I gagged, but he quickly pulled up. My own cock and balls were feeling good, and I was close to coming. Once when his dickhead popped out, it gave me a chance to speak. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

  "Jason, I'm getting close to cumming. ""So?""Well I just wanted to warn you so you could pull off in time. ""Nope. I plan on swallowing your cum and you're getting mine!"He then forced his dick back inside my mouth before I could say anything more. He started to pick up the pace a little, and I could feel his balls hit me every once in a while. I continued to rub his ass, and I even slipped a finger inside him. That must have been what set him off. Jason moanded loudly and before I knew it, he was filling my mouth with his cum. The warm fluid rushed down my throat and it tasted pretty good. His cumming in my mouth set me off, and I could feel my dick explode in him. I heard some slurping sounds coming from between my legs and I could tell that he was trying to swallow every last drop. His fucking of my face slowed gradually as he drained his balls into my mouth, and then he stopped. He climbed off of me, turned around and laid back on top of me. We french kissed again, and I could taste my come in his mouth. We laid there for a few minutes, then headed back to shore.

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   It was getting dark with all the trees around the lake, so we didn't bother getting dressed. As we reached the shore, he motioned for me to get out and hook up the boat to the dock. I did, and he climbed out of the boat, our clothes in hand. He joined me on the shore and said to me, "Tommorow, we fuck. "He swatted my ass and we headed towards the house. I was looking forward to tomorrow, for I knew it would be a fun day. .