black attack


Topic: this story is fictionalhi my name is james and this is the story of when i was raped, it was a normal day and i got up went to school and on the way home i sore two black guys and they stared at me as i walked past i thort nuthin of it, as i was getting ready for my night jog i had a shower, got changed and grabbed my ipod after jogging around the park i sore the two black guys i sore that morning and they were about 18 yards away so i kept jogging then when i was jogging past 1 swung out his arm and closed lined me to the floor i hit my head and was dizzy the other black man jumped on me and punched me in the face i blacked out, the next thing i sor was a wooden roof and i was tired to a 4 post bed so i couldnt move then i spotted the two black men they were sat having a drink the sore me looking and one said to the other "he's awake" they then drank their drinks and walked over i try to call for help but i was gagged very hard only little muffeled noise's came out when the men came into the light they were both naked and had rock hard cocks they must have been 9inch's long each the one man said to me r u a virgin i nobbed he just smiled the other man had now nelt inbetween my legs and was rimming me i start to go hard the other man began to suck my cock after a couple of minutes of them rimming and sucking my cock they stopped and the one man sat on my chest and rammed him cock in my mouth i tryed to take it but i just cuddnt he soved the hole off him cock in a was sick but the man still carried on until my throat was sore the other man had now got his cock and was proding my ass then with one hard thrust he shuved his cock into my ass and it brort my to tears he pounded on and on util my ass started to bleed i was in a mess they then stopped and swapped ends i had blood in my mouth and spit in my ass they then started to moan the first man shot his load into my mouth and said dont swallow it so i just kept it in my mouth the other man then shot his load in my ass then said push it out so i did he licked it up then walked around to my face and kissed me so i had both loads in my mouth he then said swallow it now so i did he then kissed me again and shuvbed him toung into my throat i was neily sick again he then left the room and the other man followed him over the next couple of hour they would come bak into the room and fuck my ass and i wud just take in this went on 4 about 4week until my ass was no longer tight and they dumped me on the road side and left me. the end