Big Brother


I was in 6th grade when my brother John, who was already in 9th grade and who I thought was the coolest guy in the world, came up with an idea that involved me and my total lack of experience in anything to do with sex.   This was before the Internet and the free love sixties and I had no idea what went where and when.   I'd heard the term "queers" and "homos"  but had no idea what they meant.
My brother and I often took a shortcut through some woods by our house to both get to school and go to a small store that sold milk and bread.   Anyway we were on an errand to that store on a sunny Saturday morning in April for my mom.   In about the middle of the woods  John stopped and asked me, "Hey, do you want to try something I heard about at school?".   "Sure, I answered," flattered that he actually want to do something with his baby brother instead of the crowd he normally hung out with.   "O. K. " he said,turning and facing me,"let me see your dick. "  Me and my buddy Mark had already played around with each other by showing our dicks to each other because we knew it had something to do with sex, but had no idea what.    "There's guys at school who are always saying, 'suck my cock and you cocksucker' so I want to see what they're talking about. "
Well, that seemed reasonable to me.   I started to unzip my khaki's when John explained that it would be better if I just dropped my pants and underpants.   After carefully looking around, I loosened my belt and unhooked my waist and pushed my pants and underpants around my ankles.

  Since I wasn't very old and don't remember ever getting an erection before, I was suprised to see my dick starting to rise up  and stiffen.

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    I don't think I was embarrassed but only curious as what was going to happen next.    I kinda knew what John wanted to do but was still suprised when he went down to his knees and cupped my hairless balls with one hand and directed the head of dick toward his mouth with his other hand.   "Nice", he said and I thought that was pretty cool that he liked my dick.   Well he then took me in his mouth, I'm sure he was able to fit in all 4" of my mighty erection and his lips ran all the up to my then hairless abdomen.   I remember that it felt very interesting but I also remember that I didn't think this had anything to do with sex.   I changed my mind when he started bobbing his head, running his lips and tongue up and down on my cock.   I started to get this electric type feeling in my stomach.   I didn't know I was starting to cum so when I did ejaculate into John's mouth I think we were both suprised.    He let the me cum in his mouth until I stopped thrusting my hips .   He then spit out my cream and asked me how I liked it.   "Wow", I told him, "that was something. "
"Now it's your turn", he told me.   I pulled my pants and underpants up over my now limp dick as John started to undo his pants.
      I've always been kind of skinny with lank blonde hair and blue eyes while John's always been stocky with curly reddish hair and green eyes.   I'd never really seen anyones cock before, except Marks, and I'd never touched another guys cock before, let alone thought of putting one in my mouth.

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        But heck, John did it for me so I guessed it was only fair that I return the favor.    One look at my brother, however, gave me second thoughts.   Although only three years older he already had an adult's growth.   He was huge.   His fat dick stuck straight up out of a clump of reddish  hair and must have been 7" long.   Reluctantly getting on my knees I followed the same course of action that John took when he sucked me and cupped his balls with one hand and pointed his cock toward my puckered lips with the other.   Taking the spongy yet firm head of his cock into my mouth I was only able to get it about half way in and then had to use my fist around the base of his shaft to limit how far it could travel.   Apparently that was good enough because with John's hands on the back of my head and his hips thrusting, he soon sprayed  a stream of cum into my mouth and face.
    After picking up the items my mom asked for, John commented, "I've got some other ideas. " But that for another story!