An Unexpected Date


When I was 13, I considered myself bi. I didn't know why 'til I went to the mall.
My name is Branden. I'm 13, 5'4", blue eyes and normal build. I was at the mall's food court because I was going to see a movie. Within 5 minutes of me eating a complete stranger walked up to me and started talking. I learned his name was Tom, but nothing else. He gave me his numbr and walked away.
After the movie was finished I gave Tom a call.
"Can I speak to Tom?"
We talked even longer and set up a date for the next day. I show up at noon at met him at the theater, thinking we were going to see a movie.
"You ready?"
"ready for what?" I asked reluctantly.
"You make over"
With that my heart dropped. We went to the salon and I got a french manicure. along with pink lip gloss, blue eye shadow, mascara, and i also got my ears peirced.
We went back to his house and put everything on.

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   That is where I learned that he was 22 years old. I walked over to him as sexy as possible. He quick stood up and got me on my knees. His dick must have been 8 inches.
"You ever sucked before"
"No, but I've thoguht about it"
"Then this is gonna be hot"
I started sucking his cock when I felt my cock getting hard. Now, at 18 a 5 inch cock large. I started stroking when I realized that he was gonna cum in my mouth. I quick released and got cum all over my face.
"That's hot. Wash up and we'll continue"
As I washed my face I saw him grab a box of condoms and I slowly reapplied my make-up.
"Since it's your first time I'm gonna let you bounce on my cock without a condom"
I walked over to him and kissed him on the lips.
"Don't go easy"
And with that he was off. I had a massive cock pounding at my ass and a cock that was about to blow
He soon after came in my ass and lifted me off. We layed there for a bit when I heard a door open and close.
"What was that?"
"My boyfriend.

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   Maybe he wants to join"
He told me to go in the bedroom and get ready for a 3-way.
I layed on my stomache on his bed when I saw his boyfriend, Chris walk in.
He was already naked and had a 7 inch dick. He walked over and kissed me on the lips with as much tongue as possible. He soon put on a condom and walked behind me Tom also walked in front of me. He eased his cock in my mouth while Chris rammed his dick in my ass.

    "You like being a bitch don't you Branden? If you do, you'll be happy to know that I have woman's clothing and you are now my girlfriend"
    "Can't I just become a woman?"
    "Sure, but not until you do a dog, let us piss and shit on you"
    "I'll think about it, but do you have a dog?"
    "Yes, I'll get him after I cum"
    Then, Simultaniously, They came in me.
    I got up and saw this beautiful Golden Retriver named Lucky.
    I got on my knees and felt giant cock stick against my ass and force it's way in.
    The Dog part was crossed off and soon agreed for them to pee on me.
    I didn't like it though. I asked if the shit part of the deal could be erased and he agreed.
    I am now a woman. 21 years old long brown hair, and married Tom. I have now had more cum in me than an actual cock

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