After Jane came Jack.


Topic: A boy meets a man. I was 18 and I masturbated frequently. I had a girlfriend for a while and she let me fuck her and we both had great times fucking each other. Her parents were moved so I lost her and I haven’t found another girl yet who will go that far with me.
This day I was wanking myself in a park and it was dark. I had pulled my pants right down and was laying back really enjoying the feeling I was giving myself as I stroked my cock skin up and down and it really felt good. I was imagining that I was fucking Julie again as we did often.
I was so engrossed in doing things to my cock I didn’t hear somebody come up behind me. I first realised somebody was there when I heard a movement and when I turned around there was guy about 30 standing there naked doing the same thing I was only his cock was longer than mine.
I said shit I didn’t know you were there you frightened the shit out of me.
He laughed and said I didn’t think you knew, anyhow we both seem to enjoy the same thing, do you mind if I join you. I said if you want to and I moved along the seat and he sat next to me. He asked me how often I did it and we talked a lot about what we did and what we liked and as we talked we continued to wank ourselves. He and I really enjoyed talking about sex and fucking and wanking and pretty soon we were good friends. He asked me if I would like him to use his hand on me and I said my cock isn’t a s big as yours and you might not like it. He said I like all cocks and he put his hand over and took over from me wanking myself and it felt really good with him doing it for me.

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   He said how good it felt doing it to somebody else and loved the feeling of another guys cock in his hand. I said I had never wanked another guy off and could I try it with him. He agreed but said wait until I get you to cum then you can do it for me.
He stroked me and squeezed and touched my balls and it only took me a couple of minutes and I knew I was going to cum. I said I am almost there – do you want to finish it or do you want me to do it. He told me to stand up and he put his hand behind me and up between my legs and wanked me off till I spurted everywhere – the feeling of his arm forcing the cheeks of my ass apart as he pushed my balls up as he stroked me was amazing – I had never felt anything like it before. It was possibly the best cum I had enjoyed ever. His hand was great and he knew exactly how to hold my cock as he pumped my cum out and finally squeezed the last drop out of it. Then he got his finger and took the last drop of my cum off the end of my cock and licked his finger clean. He said that tastes great – next time he wants me to cum in his mouth. By now my cock was fairly soft and I said let me do it for you now and I got in front of him and stroked his cock like I do it and then he got me to change the position a few times and grip his cock in different ways. It was only then I realised he had no hair around his cock and I said what happened to it and he told me he shaves it all off as he likes it better like that.
The feeling of his cock was great – it is bigger than mine and thicker and after I got used to doing it the way he liked and changing the way I stroked him I really felt good and my cock got hard again as I stroked his. I hadn’t felt this worked up since I used to fuck Julie. Then he said he was ready to cum and how did I want to do it for him when he spurted.

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   I got into a position and it felt nice and I jerked him off and watched as he spurted about 5 times long spurts that went a few feet each time he spurted. It was fantastic, I had never done it to another guy and this felt great. When his cock softened a bit I was fascinated and got down close to look at it. He was circumcised and I am not and I thought his looked beautiful and I told him how much I liked the look of it. As I looked and touched it I had this amazing sensation that I wanted to put his cock in my mouth and without saying a word I just went down on him and took his half hard cock into my mouth – the first time I had done that too. I had sucked Julies cunt and she had sucked my cock but this was the first time I had sucked cock. .
I could taste a little bit of cum taste and it was just like mine as I had drunk my own cum a couple of times before when I came when I wanked myself. As I sucked he moaned softly and his cock got hard quickly again. I was really enjoying the sensation of sucking him and I started to play with his balls with one hand, stroke him with the other as I sucked on him, like Julie had done for me. His cock was big and about the size of a thick sausage and the feeling of my tongue rubbing on his cock head felt great. I just kept doing it and after a few minutes he said I am going to cum to you want to spit or swallow.
I gathered that when he came you just swallowed all the cum, I had not heard of spitting, so without taking his cock out of my mouth said in a muffled sort of way – swallow.
I sucked for another few seconds and I could feel him get tense and then I felt the warm feeling of his cum spurt in my mouth and once more he spurted a lot and I had to swallow some before he had finished cumming.   
I had never had so much cum in my mouth before and it felt awesome – I loved the sensation and swirled it about and then swallowed it all, I had never done that with my own I just swallowed it.

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   I was still sucking and trying to get it all out of his cock as his cock got soft again.
When I took his cock out I said that was awesome – I loved it.
He was so happy that I had done it for him. He said I will do it for you now and I sat down and he sucked my cock for me. He slid his mouth up and down and I could feel him rubbing the rim of the top of mine with his tongue and it felt great. He kept going for a few more minutes before I came too. He did what I did and let me cum in his mouth and he drank my cum like I had done to him. It was a great feeling, It felt different to how Julie did it to me but I enjoyed it all and it didn’t matter how he did it I was so happy that he did it for me and I could feel how good it was.
When he finished he asked me how did I like it and I told him it was the best ever. I hadn’t told him till then Julie had done it for me a few times and he was a bit surprised when he learned it wasn’t my first time getting sucked off. I said it was the first time another guy had sucked me off and he seemed happier with that. He asked me about fucking Julie and what we did and he was surprised at the number of different ways we had tried fucking and I told him Julie had a book of ways to fuck and we did a lot of them.
After this we both stood up and he pulled me to him and hugged me, it was the first time I had hugged another guy and it felt good, but not as good as with Julie because she had tits, and I could feel them and she liked me doing it. By then I was completely naked as I had taken my shirt off earlier as it felt better when we were both in the nude.
He wanted to kiss me but I said no, I wasn’t prepared to kiss another guy yet.

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   As he held me to him he asked me if I would like to fuck him up the ass. I had never done that before and I was a bit reluctant but after he talked to me and told me how much he enjoyed it and he thought I would too seeing I had fucked a girl.
After a couple of minutes of talking about it I agreed I would do it to him.
He went back to where his clothes were and bought them and a back pack with him to where. He took a tube out of the back pack and he told me to rub some of it around his bum hole and got down on his hands and knees and exposed his bum for me. When I asked what it was he said lubricant to make it easy to get your cock in.   I had heard of KY but never used it.   After I wiped some on him and my cock I pushed it into him – it went in really easy with the jelly on us. Once I got my cock into his ass it felt good, not as good as Julies cunt but it wasn’t too bad. I fucked him for about 18 minutes I suppose before I came and I shot my cum up his bum and he loved it when I did it inside him.
When I pulled my cock out of his bum I was surprised it didn’t have shit on it. He told me he always has a shit before he goes out – just in case he can get some other guy to do it for him up his ass. He gave me a tissue to wipe my cock which was covered in cum and jelly.
After that I was tired – I had cum about 4 times that night and my cock was a bit sore from all the wanking so I said that was all I could do.
He was happy too and said if I liked we could meet up again and do it all again.

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   I said I would and we made a date for he following Tuesday night here in the park.
We met regularly after that and wanked and sucked each other off and I fucked his bum.   After a couple of weeks I finally agreed  to let him fuck my ass. He used the KY on himself and my bum. He told me the first few times it would hurt a bit. The first time was hard getting his cock into me as I kept tightening my ass hole up each time he tried, but eventually he got his cock into me and it did hurt.   The first time I was sore for 3 days afterwards. He did it a few more times before I was really comfortable and enjoyed it, now I don’t hesitate and he goes straight in without a problem.
I don’t know if I am a real gay or a poofter but I still believe if I got the chance to fuck another girl I would take it. I let him kiss me once but I hated it and wont do that with him again even though we fuck and suck each others cocks etc.