A young boy, and an older man...


I am what you might call “Sexually Confused”, I didn’t know weather I was straight, or bi-sexual. One thing I did know though was that I loved cross-dressing. Every time my mother left me alone in the house I would run into her room, completely strip off and try on her lingerie, or her dresses, and skirts. Thankfully, I was only 13, so I didn’t have hairy legs which meant that these dresses and skirts didn’t look too bad on me.
After a few weeks of cross-dressing, I decided I really needed someone to see me, to fulfil my fantasies. As I had recently been wishing I was a young girl, and I had a burning desire for older men. After my mother had left me alone at home for the sixth night on the trot, I did what I usually do and I paid a little visit to mum’s wardrobe. After getting slightly bored of getting myself off the usual way, I turned on the computer. I entered a chat room, and immediately got talking with someone who claimed to be a 38 year old straight man, however he was curious about the opposite sex. I told him I was the same, and I told him my age. He was okay with it. We exchanged MSN addresses, and chatted to each other quite regularly, he told me he lived in Derbyshire, which was close to me as I only lived in Nottinghamshire.
Three weeks went by, and we started talking as if we where best friends, his name was David, and he had one child and was divorced.

We exchanged pictures, and watched each other do things on web-cam. He said I looked very pretty dressed as a girl, and he suggested that we meet up. As my Mum was away almost all the time, she wouldn’t notice if a man was staying in my room, so I accepted and I gave my address to David.

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   We arranged for him to come around my house on the 16th of July, which happened to be a Friday.
The day came round quicker than what I expected it too, and at half 2 in the afternoon there was knock at the door. I opened the door, and David stood there. He was just as handsome and sexy as he was on his picture. He stood at about 6’3” tall, and was broad shouldered and slightly tanned. He smiled, and I noticed a full set of pearly white teeth. His blue eyes twinkled in the sunlight and his brown hair fell elegantly below his left eye.
“How lucky am I?” I thought.
I had managed to get a man interested in me who was much better looking than any I had ever seen. I quickly invited him in and sat down. I told him I’d be right back, and I sprinted up stairs and dressed into a French maid outfit I had found in my mothers draw, I purposely left my underwear off, and I ran back down the stairs. I entered the living room to find David sitting on the chair, fully naked.
“Mike, I’d like you to give me a lap dance. ” He demanded with his smooth, manly voice.
I turned on the hi-fi and put a slow song on, and started to dance like the many women had in the porn videos I had seen on the internet.

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   I moved closer and closer, I kneeled down and placed my hand on his muscular, hard thighs. He could see my small hard cock, and he grabbed his and started to massage it. I moved his hands away, and slowly started to lick the tip of his penis. Steadily I began moving my mouth around the edges of his long hard member, and I then began to move my head forward as if swallowing his dick. I sucked for several minutes, his hands massaged the back of my head and I felt a sudden warmth in my mouth. He had cum, I tried my best to swallow all of his cum, and then he put on a condom and pulled me up.
“Mike sit on my lap. ” He ordered once again.
I stood up, and put a leg on either side of him, he put a hand on each of my ass cheeks and I slowly began to nudge myself forward, I felt his dick enter my tiny hole, and I moaned. It hurt to start with, but after several seconds the pain subsided and was replaced by pleasure. I moved up, and down moaning and groaning like the little girl I wanted to be. We ended up on my mother’s bed, him pumping me hard and fast. He was lying on top and me on the bottom, my legs wrapped around him tightly.
“Yes, whoa, mike, you sure this is your first time with a guy?” He whispered in my ear while pumping my ass.
“Yes, it is my first time” I replied.

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   “Call me Michelle from now on please. ”
“Only if you call me Daddy. ” He said.
Part II Coming soon…