A Sinking Feeling


Even Alan,(their boss), who at 52 looked every bit as hot as his young crew, found humor and titilation in my antics. He is 6ft. and about 160 lbs. , of sinewy muscle that was sculpted from the sweat of his brow. He has big feet, I'd say a size 11, long slender fingers, sandy blond hair, piercing light blue eyes framed with long eyelashes, and the sexiest soft-spoken voice I have ever heard. I dialed the number and Alan answered. "Hello, Done Chores, Alan Langton speaking, how may I hellp you?" "Alan, Pat Grant here, I have a leaking faucet that needs looking at,"I said. "I bet you do, but I'm a married man,"he chuckled. "Sorry, which faucet. " "Ha,Ha! The kitchen faucet, and because it's right beside my doorless bedroom, I haven't hotten one minute of sleep, all night. " "I know it's only 7am, but if you don't mind me coming over this early, I can take a crack at it now; otherwise it may have to wait til tomorrow. " "Come right now! I couldn't stand that dripping for one more night ," I said. "As long as you don't mind me getting breakfast and dressing in front of you. " "You mean like you usually do?,"asked Alan. "Careful or I'll have to ask you to strip while your here,"I teased. And with the temperature already at 90%, that wouldn't be a bad idea.

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   "Now let's not get dirty, behave yourself,"scolded Alan. I could just picture the boner he must have sprung. Alan is a religious man, but even so I got the distinct impression that he was more interested in me than the rest of his crew. And I hoped to find out. I got breakfast out of the way, and getting everything out from under the sink, I unlocked the door and hopped in the tub. In ten minutes, the doorbell rang. "Come in, the door is open!," I yelled. I had purposely left the bathromm door open at the top of the hall stairs, and I got out of the tub, just as he topped the stairs. "Well, looks like someone is fresh and clean, this morning. " "I always try to look good for all my men,"I said with a grin. He blushed, but I caught him glancing downward at my rising penis. "Oh, I always thought you looied fine with your clothes on," he jibed. "Now where is that pipe. " "Right this way," I walked ahead of him, frying my buttocks as I walked. I stood to one side.

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   "Looks like you got everything all ready for me," he remarked, that was nice of you. " " I always aim to please. " And right now my hardon was aimed directly at him and dripping. Alan had on a short-sleeved jumpsuit, a faded green workers one, that zipped from neck to crotch. He tugged the crotch up, as he squatted into a sitting position, laid a mat under the sink that over hung onto the linoleum, for him to lay on. He slid under and layed back, legs sticking out from under the sink, bent at the knees. I stood at his feet, knowing he could look between his legs and check out the view. I finished drying myself with the towel . slowly rubbing my chest , then belly, then, cock and balls. He was shutting off the water and unscrewing a pipe , stopping from time to time and staring at my growing member. I turned around and bent over to wipe my ass carressing across my loe over and over again, til I heard Alan clearing his throat. "Is there something I can help you with, Alan?,"I asked nonchalantly. "This pipe is really stuck, can you help me give it a yank?" "Sure,move over so I can slide under,"I said. "Shouldn't you get dres. .

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  . ," he started, but I was already part way under. "I'll push,"said Alan, " and you pull. " We tugged and tugged, and just got hotter and sweatier. "Aren't you roasting with all those clothes on?", I asked. "As a matter of factm I am. I'll unzip the top on this thing. " He started to reach for the zipper, and stopped part way, realizing he had gunk on his hands. "Let me get that for you,"I said, and pulled the zipper all the way down with one yank. "You didn't have to pull it all the way to my crotch," he stated , "Part way would have been fine. " "Oh, I'll pull it back up if. . . . ,"I started.

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   "No that's okay I'm fine," he sighed, "Now, the only way to gain enough leverage is to have you climb on top of me. Don't worry about putting your whole weight on toop of me. Ten you can reach up and pull down on the wrench while I push up on the other one, okay?" "Sounds okay to me. " "Before you do that," said Alan, as his arms slid out of the jumpsuit," When I lift myself up, would you pull this jumpsuit out from under my shoulders. " "Sure. " He lifted his body, and seeing my chance, with one quick long steady pull, had him buck naked with his suit aroun his ankles. "Not all the way, I said just. . . " "On top of you like this,"I interrupted, moving my legs straight out between his open ones, dropping onto him cock to cock , belly to belly, and chest to chest. "Now, say when. " "Now ," he groaned with effort as we both pulled to exhaustion, finally turning it loose. "Pass me that new section of pipe, " he said. I slithered my body across his as I reached over for the pipe and back again, sliding in our mutual sweat. He groaned as our cocks made contact again.

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   "Sorry. " "That's alright," he sighed. "Now I'll hold it in place, while you screw it on tight, with the wrench. " I pulled and pulled on the wrench, my body and cock rubbed from side to side across his , with each turn. I finally had it tight. My hard cock had slid under his balls and was nestled between his ass cheeks. I looke down into his eyes , and recognized the look of lust. I slowly wriggled upl and down, making his butt twitch with each poke of the head of my cock against his sweaty crack. "Don't! I can't do this, I um-m-m I Oh hell!", he moaned, pulling my mouth down onto his in a deep soul kiss, as his legs came up to wrap around my waist, the work boots digging into my ass. He pulled back thrusting upwards. "Fuck my asshole! Please Pat! Fuck me , fuck me now. . . God I want your cock in me! I spit into my hand and wiped it across his hole, and with one thrust had my cock in to the hilt. "A-a-r-rgh! Yea-a-h-h-h! That's it Pat, make me yours.

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       Fuck me til I cum!," he growled. As I piston-fucked him, I slathered my wet tongue in his ear, making him moan, I felt his whole body quiver and tremble with each thrust of my stiff rod, as I opened his virgin asshole, wider than it had ever been stretched before. When I opened my mouth ever his, swallowing his tongue , he went into overdrive. Alan grabbed my ass and pulled me harder against him flattening the globes of his tight butt, as my cock erupted. "Oh-h-h!. . . . . Oh-h-h!. . . Ohhh-h-h!. . .

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      I'm gonna sho-o-ot!," I hollered. "Yes! Yes! Fuck Yea-a-ah! Shoot it, Pat, fill me with fuckjuice!, he groaned. "Cum, baby Cum!" "Yee-e-a-a-a-a-a-h-h-h-h!. . . Fuck, Ye-e-e-a-a-a-h-h!" My cannon shot off round after round of amunition up his love-tunnel, setting him on fire. The last shot up onto his chest, as he pushed me out of his ass. "Open wide, you fucker! Your gonna get what you've been asking for!," he sneered as he grabbed my head , impaling my throat with his 18 inch monster, I felt his hot seed splashing against the back of my throat and flooding down into my gut. He pulled out during the last three spurts, coating my tongue with the thick wads of cream. I savoured it in my mouth for a moment, enjoying the taste of him, and then fed him back his jism in a fevered kiss. "M-m-m-m!. . . eating my . .

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      . yea-h-h-m-m-m!F. . . cum," he sighed enjoying his first taste of spunk,even though it was his own, I think that knowing he was eating his own cream, turned him on even more. "Let me clean you up," I said, lifting his legs in the air. I looked at his raw, overstretched rectum, oozing with my steamy load, and dove in for the kill. "Yu-u-u-m-mm! Slurp, slurp,. . . . mmm!. . . " I liched and swallowed and licked some more, the sound of soft growling, from Alan egging me on.

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       I planted my lips on his rosebud, in a sealed vacumm and sucked as hard as I could, getting every droop of cum I had shot, except for the two globs on his chest . I put his legs down and licked my way up his torso, andtook the puddles of jism into my mouth and fed them to Alan with my tongue. "M-j-j-m-m-m-jism. . . your. . . cumm. . . mmm", he stuttered as he sucked on my tongue , long after the cum was gone, he was savouring the taste of his own asshole on my tongue. The phone rang. "Hello. " "Pat, this is Tom from Alan's crew.

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       You haven't seen Alan around there this morning, have you?," he asked. "Me, seen Alan?" I looked at Alan, he wasn't there. I turned around only to see he had taken off his boots and socks and was stretched out on his back, on my bed. He was sheking his head no. "Um-mm, gee I haven't seen him in a while," I lied, Alan was writing something on the notepad by the bed, which I took and read. "He did call this morning though, and said if you showed up here, to tell you and the guys to take the rest of the dayoff. " "Yeah, sure," he said with disbelief. " I'm serious. " "Why did he think Id be showing up over there," he questioned. "I had a leaky pipe, but I think it's alright now. " "I better come over right now and take a look," he said,"It might get worse if I don't fix it now. " "What !," I exclaimed,"You're coming over to fix the pipe?" I looked at Alan He just smile and pointing his stiffeninf rod at the phone, shook his head yes. "Why, is there some problem with that?" "No. That will be just fine. I'll leave the door unlocked, as I might have my hands full.


      " As the receiver clicked, I turned and Alan was back under the sink, motioning for me to join him. Boy, I thought as I sat down on Alan's cock and rested my head on his shoulder, is Tom in for a surprise. And we waited, and then ten minutes later, smiled as Tom opened the door and we heard his footsteps on the stairs. .