a four some to remember


this is a big fantasy of mine that im hoping comes true some time in my life.
  One night at my apartment after one of my college classes got out i decided to go for a jog.   It was pretty cold out but i figure once i started running id warm up some.   So i went up stairs to my room and changed in to some basketball shorts and put a sweat shirt on.   I then finally went out the door to start my jog. i didnt want to start the jog right off so i set a mark to wear id start i set it then once i got to it started my jog.
  As i was jogging my mind started to think alot but i never go very far with the thinking and it just changed to when should i stop to rest or get something to eat real quick. i figured id jog on down to a fast food place and get something to eat and go to the bathroom. as i went in to the bath room i see and open stall i take , i like the stalls because its ur own little place to do your thing.   i finished up my bussnis and went to the sink. Next to me stood a nice looking guy he was about 5\'9 black hair and looked to be avarge build.   Ive been with a man once but that was a long time ago but since then being with a man or two came across my mind a couple of times.   I told my self hey whats the harm to see if this guy will get with me tonnight and maybe a friend of his. I quickly though of something to bring up but before i could say a word he said "out for a night jog"?  Yes i am figured it was a good time to start I told him. "how is it tiring"? I figured if he kept asking me qustion the closer i might get to having this man in me with a friend or two.   Yes it is but it keeps me in shape.

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    "I can tell you look very hott from this view. "
 Well thank you i said, are you hitting on me? i said this as i turned to him and walk toward him. I got closer enought to him where i just reached out while looking in to his eyes before and could respone to me and rubbed the top of his jeans where his cock was starting to get hard.   He didnt back away or hit me or anything so i figured he liked it. now i move a little more foward and whisperd in his ear "would u like to fuck me" while still rubbing his cock threw his pants he mumble out a yes with a little groan. He told me he probley cant tonight because him and 2 friends were heading back to house coming from a party. this is where i get very excited! Well you know im will to have three dicks in me this got him very hard I could feel it threw his jeans. I tell you what to show u im not joking or playing a parnk on you here. I then bent down slowly unzipped his pants reached in and felt a nice warm hard cock he was about 7 inchs as it came out i looked up at him and licked the head of his dick then swirled my tounge down the shaft as i slid it in to my mouth.   He let out a groan and then i pull it out and put it back in.   How was that for a little tease? I asked him.  "OK sounds so fucking good let me tell the guys ill be back. "  After a little bit he came back and said they agree and could use some action.
 I followed him out to his car and met the two other guys. they were both also hott.

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   One of them was 28 years old and the other two were in early 30s and me being 18 made them want me even more.   I got in to the car and said hi and ask them their names. The 28 year old was named john. then there was rick the one i teased. and the last one kyle.  i sat in the back with kyle rick was driving as we drove i looked at kyle and he looked at me i smiled and touched his leg.  I moved my hand closer and closer to his crotch i can see he was gettgin hard as i moved closer.   befor ehe knew it i unziped his pants in the back seat put my hand in his pants and grabbed on to his nice soft and trimed cock it was just alittle bigger then  Rick  i instantly took it in my mouth and licked it as i stoped at the bottom of his cock. i grabed his balls and played with them as i sucked him off in the back seat. this got the other to very turned on. we finaly got to Ricks house and i took kyle out of my mouth and zipped him back up.
 we walked in to the house and Rick told me to go in the living room so i did.   the other two followed me. we all three sat there waiting then Rick finally came out he brought lube and drinks. i didnt care about the drinks.

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   i got off the couch and looked at all three of them. i told them to all take there cloths off and they did first the shirts then the pants then there underwear.
    i walked over to kyle and got on my knees in fron of him. I grabbed his ice still hard cock and stroked it. i told john to come over and i took john in my mouth as I stroked kyle Rick knew what to do he came up behind me and i could feel him play with my smoothed shaved 18 year old ass he put alittle lub on my hole and pushed in a finger in me then two then three i was loving all of this.   I had two dicks in front of me and a guy behind me about to fuck me i was in hevan. iturned around and told Rick to put his dick in me and i wanted to feel all these cocks in me. I turned back around and had two dicks in front of me and I went back and fourth to them both. I felt Ricks cock head at my hole i pushed back a little bit i knew some paint was coming but i was willing to fight it. His head popped in me and i let a groan out on kyles dick.   He slowly slid it deeper in to me and pulled back out and pushed it right back in me. i started thrushing back on his dick to show him to fuck me harder i wanted to feel his balls hit me soon enought they were. Rick was so turned on by this he couldnt stand it any longer i could feel his warm throbbing cock swell up a bit his thrusting got faster and i could feel his hot cum fill me up.   He must of squirted aot i was dripping out my hole i wasnt done yet. kyle moved behind me and with out wasting anytime pushed his cock right in to me.

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     kyle let my ass go to waste he was a great fuck his ball slapped me the whole time he fucked me pushing me in to johns cock. he had a firm grasp on my ass he watched his cock go in and out of my ass. i felt kyle swell up and then he thursted two more tims and pushed as deep as he could in to me and sparyed his hot load all in me as well.   As for john he was almost about to cum but i took him out of my mouth pushed him on the couch and stradled him and grabed his cock i teased him a bit i asked him if he wanted to fuck me as well to make this last longer for me i jerked him off below my cum filled hole he then begged yes so i sat down on his nice cock and rode him hard for him. I grabed on to his shoulders and moved up and down he sucked on my nipples and grabed my ass and took over he thursted in me as fast as he could then told me he wanted to cum in my mouth i got off him and quickly put him in my mouth and sucked him dry. He filld my mouth as much as he could with his jucise warm cum i swallowed it all. after our sex session we all took showers and i asked if i could spend the night.   They agreed and the rest of the night i got fucked 3 more times and i slept in Ricks room where i sucked him dry for a bed time treat.   The End



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