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Sean went into my parents’ room & pulled Dad's pornos out from his sock drawer. We had checked them out before so he knew where they were. He went into the bathroom for a bit while I leafed through the one that I had picked out. The pictures seemed to come alive before me. Never had the naked bodies looked so hot. I was getting harder and hornier than ever before. My friend came out of the bathroom and sat back on the couch. I couldn't take it anymore, just sitting there staring at the pictures. I had to play with myself. So I got up and went into the bathroom. I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet, staring at the cocks and pussies, stroking my shaft. After a while I started getting worried that my friend would figure out what was going on, so I got dressed and walked back out to the living room, holding the porno over my crotch to hide my hardness. I turned the corner and got the shock of my life. Sean had his pants zipped down with his briefs pulled under his balls. He was looking easily at his mag and stroking the biggest penis I had ever seen (later we measured it and it was 8"). Now I had seen Sean in the showers at school and I knew he was big.

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   Probably twice as big as me soft, but I never really looked that much. I was afraid I'd think about sex and end up walking through the boy's shower with a hard on. I could imagine the taunts, and while the thought strangely turned me on, it also frightened me terribly. I was a tiny person, 5'5 and only 95 lbs. , easy enough to pick on without being known as a fag too. I sat down on the chair, looking over at him, mesmerized by his cock. He beat off different than I did. I would just hold on and yank up and down; but he just pulled down, sliding his hand down over the head, stretching the skin to the balls and repeating. "Don't just watch me", Sean said smiling. "You don't have to hide in the bathroom, you know. " I undid my jeans and pulled out my dick, running my hand slowly up an down. I tried to look at my magazine, but my eyes kept wandering over to the couch. To the beautiful cock, helmet straining downward with every stroke. He knew I was looking and I was embarrassed, but I couldn't stop. "Lets go play a game", he said, getting up off the couch without bothering to button up, and walked to the stairs ad up to my room.

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   I followed him as if in a trance, wondering with growing anticipation what exactly the game could be. My room was basically the attic of the house with the stairs coming right up the middle of it. I got to the top and saw Sean on my bed, pants off now with just his t-shirt on. His cock was hanging hard sticking straight out as if pointing at me. "Ok. Here's what we'll do", he said, getting up and walking over to me. "Take off your pants. " I did as I was told and stood in front of him. He took my hand and told me to grab his dick, taking mine in his other hand. I obeyed again. He put the heads of our cocks together. "Okay. Now we push the heads together and whoever's dick bends first is the loser", he said. I looked at his cock and mine next to one another. His was big, thick and hard as a rock, while mine was only 5" and slightly bent.

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   We pushed them together and sure enough, mine started to curve, then popped off his head. "I think you're gonna lose. ”, he said, pulling back and forth on my cock, "Loser licks the other's balls. " He put the heads back together and we pulled again. My cock bent more this time. It was obvious that I was the loser. "Ok. You lost now lick 'em. " He let go of me and stood back spreading his legs a little. All I could do was stand there looking down. There was nothing more I wanted than to taste him, but I was afraid. "Oh hell", he said, "like this. " Sean knelt down, pulled up my cock and flicked his tongue across my balls. "Your turn, but since you made me, you gotta stick em all in your mouth. " I knelt down, looking up at his tool.

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   It was absolutely humongous from this angle, like some huge spear with a large mushroom head. I leaned forward, head tilted back, and took his ball sack into my mouth. They tasted slightly salty and nearly filled my mouth. "That's good. Now roll them around on your tongue. " I obeyed and he started jacking off in his odd way, pulling down from the head until his fingers brushed across my nose. "Suck on em good now. ", he said, stroking a little faster I flicked his balls with my tongue first one then the other. His fingers were now hitting my nose with little punches on each stroke. "That's good. You like that don't you?", he said in a more husky tone. "Mmm-hmm", I mumbled. Talking with his balls in my mouth turned me on so me that I started stroking my rod. He pulled his balls from my mouth and they made a small popping sound, grabbed his shaft and pointed the beautiful head at my mouth. The slit where he pissed and shot his come from seemed like an eye, staring at me.

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   "Open your mouth now", Sean said almost tenderly. I parted my lips and leaned forward taking the head in my mouth. I licked the tip thinking about the juice that would spurt out. Sean put his hand around the back of my neck gently pulling me towards him. I felt the hard shaft slowly filling my mouth. His helmet slid along my tongue toward the back of my throat and my nose inched toward his pubic hair. I had as much as I could take. My friend started rocking his hips back and forth, pushing the cock into my mouth as he held my head. I could feel the little ridges under the skin rubbing up against my lips which I had instinctively drawn over my teeth so I wouldn't scrape him. Sean let out a soft moan and sped up a little. His belly button rhythmically get closer then further as he fucked my mouth. I could taste him almost salty yet bitter as his pre-cum oozed out of his cock to mix with my saliva. I was lost in a dream on my knees, feeling my first buzz and taking my first dick in my mouth, when I got the next shock of my life. The door downstairs shut and I could hear my father's voice. He was very strict and even though I was in high school now, I still had a bedtime.

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   He came to the bottom of the stairs and yelled, "What are you boys doing up?" Panicking, Sean jumped in the bed and covered up and I quickly got in my sleeping bag. "I'm turning off the light. Go to bed. ", my father said gruffly, and the room went dark. We just laid there for a couple of minutes afraid to make a sound. I started jerking my cock ferociously, thinking about what had just happened, about my mouth being filled with my friends manhood and almost being caught. Evidently Sean was doing the same cause soon he said, "I'm gonna cum. Want a taste?" I got up out of the sleeping bag moving carefully over to the side of the bed. I could see Sean's magnificent cock in the moonlight. When I reached the side of the bed, Sean grabbed the back of my head again, pulling me toward his crotch. His hand was moving faster now and his breaths came heavily. When my face was about a foot from his cock Sean moaned and his first shot of come gushed straight up. It fell back on his hand. He pulled on the back of my neck so I was right above him. The next shot hit my cheek.

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   It was hot & wet. I wanted to open my mouth, but I was scared. More cum oozed out the top of his dick and he wiped it on my lips. I went back to the sleeping bag and we laid there quietly. I ran my tongue across my lips, silently wishing I had let him shoot off in my mouth. But that was for another day. .



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