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We all have our secrets, if we didn’t we would all be the same. Some people have secrets that are small, like they cheated on their mid term, others have big secrets like that are stealing thousands from where they work a year. My secret falls in the middle, for the past few years I have been wanting to have sex with another girl. It started back in middle school when I was online late one night. I accidental went into the wrong chat room, there were girls saying that they were naked, or touching themselves, when I was asked if I wanted to see someone’s webcam, I knew I shouldn’t have, but I clicked accept, and there was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen completely naked with a dark purple dildo in her pussy. I watched as she began to go faster and faster. I thought I had heard my dad coming so I had to close it. Later that night I got my hairbrush with a long handle and used to the same way the girl from online did. It hurt really bad but felt good at the same time. The way it would go farther in each time, it would hurt, and then it would fell great. I found myself waking up in the middle of the night so I could get online, I loved to watch girl finger themselves or read lesbian stories. I also found myself looking at the other girl in my locker room. We were only at 18 so we all had about the same body small lumps where our boobs were starting to grow, nice firm asses. I often dreamed about having my way with the girl in my class. But I lived in a small town; there are only 120 in my whole school. I tired to keep myself under control by fucking my hairbrush and downloading porn, but I know it won’t last.

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I was in high school before I knew it, and that’s when I fell in love with Katie. She is so beautiful with long red hair down to her very tight ass, just barely a B cup, but they were so firm she didn’t need bra. I knew I had to have her, but I don’t know how I can do it. I can’t ask her because when she says no, the whole town will know about me before night fall. So I decide to think about it long and hard. One night at a football game I noticed she was normally the last to leave the locker rooms. I went in and heard her in the shower. I looked around the corner and she saw me. “Oh hey, I didn’t hear you come in Jaci. ” I told her sorry grabbed something I didn’t really need from my locker and left. I didn’t see much, just her leg sticking around the shower stall. I figure that the locker room would be the place. She walked home from the school so no one was waiting for her. The next football game I went into the locker room and hid inside my locker. I only weigh about 98 pounds and I’m 5’1 so I can fit inside my locker with some room to move around.

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   I was able to watch the whole cheer squad strip and harm up. I got so wet I had to finger myself while the game was going on, it was just enough for me to wait for my chance.
When the game ended I was able to watch the cheer squad strip again, and leave all except Katie, I watched her go to the shower and start the water. She came back for her towel. I slowly unlatched my lockers door. I read online that if you hit someone in the back of the head just right they will be knocked out and you don’t need to hit them very hard. I slowly came around the corner into the shower area and followed her clothes to her stall, she was still getting everything ready with I saw a plastic bat next to the teachers door, I grabbed it, and kept coming closer to her. I was right behind her; she must have known someone was there because she started to turn. I hit her in the back of the head before she could see me, and she went down fast. I couldn’t believe what I just did, as I looked at her laying naked on the wet locker room shower floor. I felt myself dripping down my leg. I slipped out of my jeans and knelt down beside her. I reached out and touched her side and see acted like she was going to wake up. I looked around and saw her panties near by; I grabbed them and shoved them in her mouth. I then went into her bag and found a clean pair of knee socks.

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   I used one of them to cover her eyes, and the other to tie her hands. I stood there minutes watching her come in and out of being awake; I took some pictures on my phone of her laying there.
 When I noticed she was out again I rolled her over, and there they where, her bear breast, they were so cold from the wet floor, her tiny dime sized pink nipples were standing straight up. I leaned forward and took her left nipple in my mouth and started to suck on it. She moaned softly and arched her back a little. I nervously put my right hand on her bare pussy. She shaved but by the looks of it, she didn’t have much hair there anyways. I used my middle finger to tease her hole; going in little circles I felt her getting wetter every time my finger completed a circle. I finally worked a finger inside her. She moaned raised her head, and her eyes slowly opened under the tube sock, but she slowly lowered her head and closed her eyes again.
I began to finger her harder and faster, soon her body was moving with me. Her back was arching and she was actually slamming her body down on my fingers. I felt her body start to shake harder and harder, then her legs pushed her body weight onto her shoulders and then she fall back to the floor. She was breathing so hard I was thinking about using her phone to call 911 and leaving As I pulled her panties out of her mouth  she began to calm down after a few minutes. I moved my finger to her mouth and whispered in her ear to suck on it.

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   I was surprised that she did. I got enough wetter and I watched her suck her own juices off my finger.
I stood up and lifted my shirt, and threw it to the side, as I unhooked my bra I felt my breast bounced when they fell out of my bra. I didn’t have really big boobs, only a 34 B, just one size bigger that Katie’s. I tossed my bra on top of my shirt, and dropped my socking wet panties to the floor and stepped out of them. I slowly went to the locker room door and opened it just enough to notice that there was no one there.
    I then went back to Katie who was still lying on her back naked in the shower floor. I stood over her a knelt down over her face, my pussy just inches above of mouth. I lifted one side of the sock that was over her eyes, and noticed that she was still out. I lowered myself down on top of her month and I felt her warm breath hit my pussy, I felt myself begin to drip my juices on to her month, and she actually opened her month by herself and began to suck on my pussy lips. It felt so good; it actually took my breath away, as I was frozen in pleasure.
    I had began to hump her face slowly when I reached down and held her month open, she stuck out her tongue to try and get my to let go, when she did I drop myself on top if it, felling her tongue slipping in and out of my pussy made me moan and hump her face harder, she was licking deeper and faster than I thought anyone would be able to do. I placed my hand on the top of her head and held her face in place as my orgasm began to grow, I was screaming at this point as I finally felt myself get over that huge mountain and was able to orgasm. I just rolled off of Katie and just laid there next to her on that cold floor. I slow crawled my way to the benches and was able to get myself on my feet.

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       I walked over to the door, and looked out and again, we were still alone. I was glad because of all the screaming I had done. I took a few more pictures of her on my cell phone, like me licking her pussy, me on top of her again; I untied her hand and was able to make it look like she was fingering herself. I rolled her into her shower stall and turn the water on a little more, I saw that she was coming threw and I had to act fast. I soaped her foot and left the bar of soap next to her foot and went and got dressed. I heard her moaning as she was waking up.
    I went over to her.
    “Katie…Katie…Katie! Are you okay?”
    Her eyes opened, and as she held the back of her head as said.
    “Jaci?. . . . what…. . what happened?”
    “I forgot my phone in my locker and I saw that you were lying on the floor, it looks like you slipped on your soap, and hit your head.

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    She said that she could fell a bump. Then she thanked me for finding her, and she asked if I could help her get dressed and go home. I found it fun to help her pull up her panties and hook her bra. As I walked her home with one arm around her to help her walk, she said that I couldn’t be sure but she thinks that she has came not to long ago. I asked her if she ever masturbated at school, and to my surprise she said yes. I told her that she must have came right before she fell. I told her dad that he needs to get her check before she should go to bed. He took her to the doctors and she told me at school the next day  that the doctor said it looks like she did fall and that she would be ok. I think about what I did to her every night with I lie in bed and play with myself, and I have the pictures on my phone to help me. I just hope that the next time I need to have another fix, the other girl will actually be awake.