Willing Hostage Part 3


John busied himself at the grill asking over his shoulder how I liked my steak.
“Medium,” I mumbled, my head still spinning, trying to make sense of the situation. I’m being held against my will by a monstrous sized ogre and a pack of killer canines, yet I’m being treated like a guest at an informal get-together. Paula said she got here the same way I did. Is she merely play-acting while planning her own escape, or has she succumbed to some variation of “Stockholm Syndrome?” I had so many questions.
Paula was flitting about, laying out food and setting the table. The smell of the steaks made my stomach growl noisily anticipating the much needed meal that sizzled on the grill. Paula heard my stomach growl and said, “You poor thing, you must be starving. Go ahead and start on a salad until the food’s ready. No need to wait on us. ”
“Yes Gina,” John chimed in, “Make yourself at home, we don’t stand on formality here. ”
I filled my salad bowl and topped it with a vinaigrette dressing and croutons and ate ravenously, all the while contemplating the events of the last twenty four hours. I’ve been kidnapped and all indications are that I will be turned into a sex slave for this freak of nature with an obvious thyroid condition, yet with the exception of the slap across my head in the garage, he has been nothing but kind and gentlemanly. I had seen porn movies about sex slavery and B&D but I have not, so far, been given any reason to believe that John had any intentions of binding me with leather straps and violently ravaging me. Lord knows he had the opportunity to do so in the garage but instead, had gently brought me to orgasm. And Paula? Didn’t she willingly go to John’s bedroom with a smile on her face and anticipation in her eyes earlier? From the sounds coming down the hall, she sure didn’t sound like she was being taken against her will.

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I was lost in thought and absent-mindedly reached for a second helping of salad when Paula spoke, breaking my chain of thought. “Dinner’s just about ready Gina,” she smiled. “You may want to save room for the main course. ”
As she spoke, John approached the table with a platter of grilled T-bone steaks, shrimp on skewers, and baked potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil. Paula went into the kitchen and returned shortly with a bamboo steamer containing a mound of asparagus and a gravy boat with melted cheese. It was a meal fit for royalty and I couldn’t help but imagine that I was being fattened up for the kill. John forked a nice sized T-bone onto each plate along with a skewer of shrimp and a baked potato. Paula offered the bamboo platter and I helped myself to a generous portion of asparagus and topped it with the cheese sauce. I sliced open my potato through the foil and topped it with butter and a dollop of sour cream.
“I guess you don’t worry about your weight. ” Paul said lightly, the perpetual smile plastered on her face. “I have to work out constantly to keep the pounds off. ”
“Well,” I offered curtly with sarcasm dripping in my voice, “I’m scared as hell and have no idea what you people have in mind for me. When I’m scared, I eat. ”
Paula started to reply but John made a motion with his hand for her to let it go.

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   Paula deftly switched subjects, speaking instead to John about her rose garden. As they conversed, I ate my meal in silence.
Worry about my weight? Hell, I’ll get so fat that John will turn me loose in disgust, I lied to myself. Actually, I’ve never had problems with weight and could eat to my hearts content without ever worrying about gaining an ounce.
As I cut into my steak, it suddenly dawned on me that I had a very sharp knife in my hand. I glanced over at John who was busy cutting the bone out of his steak and seemingly paying me no mind. I measured my chances of driving my knife into his chest and freeing myself from my dilemma when, as if on cue, John said, “Here Buster” and launched his steak bone in the direction of a dog curled up on the deck just a few feet away. I was so lost in thought that I hadn’t noticed it’s presence. The Doberman snatched the bone cleanly out of the air and immediately snapped it in two in his powerful jaws.
As he lay on the deck gnawing on the bone, Paula piped in, “Oh Gina, don’t bother trying to feed the dogs. They will only take food from John. ” “Buster there," she motioned with her head, “is very protective of his master. ”
I took what she said as a warning, or a veiled threat, whatever the case may be. The thought of driving my steak knife into John’s chest faded as quickly as it had surfaced. I was in no mood to become the main course for a pack of Dobie’s.

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We finished our meal and John rose from the table and started to collect the plates. Paula made an attempt to help but John motioned to her that he would take care of it. “Why don’t you take Gina upstairs and get her settled in. ” John said nonchalantly. Paula smiled at me and offered her hand. I took it and she led me into the house feeling like an eight-year-old being led to the playground by her best friend.
We passed through the kitchen and into the living room where I was suddenly made aware of the enormity of the place. The living room was twice the size that I could see from the kitchen with an almost equal sized dining area adjoining it. The whole place was exquisitely furnished and even had a feminine touch to it. As if reading my mind, Paula offered that she had a hand in the decorating. She led me through the dining area and into a large foyer at the front entrance. The floor was marble tiled and a gorgeous chandelier hung from the ceiling. I looked at the front door and pulled up short with thoughts of making an attempt to escape. Paula tugged my arm and said, “Don’t bother Gina. There’s as many Busters out there as there are out back.

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She led me up a wide, plushly carpeted staircase to the second floor. At the top of the staircase was perched a beautiful baby grand piano. “I’m learning to play. ” Paula said absently as she led me down the hallway. There were four doors standing open, all bedrooms. “What?” I asked sarcastically, “is he planning a harem?
“John didn’t plan any of this. ” Paula snapped defensively. “I’m sorry. ” She said genuinely. “Look Gina, I was kidnapped too and have experienced all the emotions you’re feeling now. “Fear, anger, confusion, the whole nine yards. John means you no harm. If anything, he’s going to make you see what life can be like when you give and receive without strings attached. How happy were you Gina? You were a bitch with very few friends and even fewer relationships.

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   You used your looks and that beautiful body of yours to play men like puppets on a string. ”
My jaw dropped open as I listened to her tell me the truth about myself. “How do you know about…” I started to ask. But Paula wasn’t through.
“Well Gina, now you’re the puppet. But if you’ll open your eyes, you’ll see that John isn’t pulling your strings. He’s offering you a life that every woman wishes for. Now let’s go pick out your room. ”
Paula showed me all of the bedrooms including her own. All of them were huge and beautifully decorated with large bathrooms, over-sized tubs and Jacuzzis. Each had sliding glass doors that opened onto balconies where one could sunbathe or simply sit and enjoy the view, which was breathtaking from every vantage point. Paula commented that she had decorated the bedrooms but offered that John would redecorate to my specifications if I desired.
I chose the room with a southern exposure and told her it was decorated just fine for now. I sat down on the bed and motioned for her to sit down next to me. As she sat down I asked her.

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   “What’s this all about? Tell me about John and tell me how you know so much about me. He mentioned a woman and prison. ”
“In a nutshell,” Paula began, “John is rich beyond our wildest imagination. How he made his money, I don’t know. Ten years ago John fell in love and married a beautiful woman named Meagan. The marriage went well for a short time until he discovered that she was cheating on him and John filed for divorce. She had signed a prenuptial agreement and since there were no children, she could have walked away with a one-time payment of a million dollars, but she got greedy. One night she burned the house down around him as he slept. He woke up surrounded by flames and as he tried to make his way out of the house a burning timber fell on him burning his face, side, and pubic region. He was able to get out from under the beam and eventually out of the house where he collapsed on the front lawn. He spent several painful months in the hospital recovering from his burns and many more months going through reconstructive surgery. The doctors did all they could for him and you’ve seen the result. An investigation determined arson as the cause of the fire and his wife was eventually prosecuted for a number of felonies including arson and attempted murder. John actually felt sorry for her because she rejected his love and chose to use her looks and body for the wrong reason. He only showed up for the trial so the jury could see the extent of the damage she did to him.

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   The jury found her guilty and sentenced her to forty years with a chance of parole after 30. John became a recluse and built this little fortress to live out his life alone and raise Dobermans. It wasn’t very long before John got tired of his self-imposed exile and decided to try dating again, but no woman would give him a second look. So he concocted this plan. But John didn’t grab just any woman off the street. No, John wanted a woman who, like his wife, was misguided in her quest for love and a meaningful relationship, so he chose me.
“You!” I interjected. “You’ve got to be the most compliable and submissive woman I’ve ever seen and your almost nauseatingly chipper and cheerful.
Paula laughed lightly. “You should have seen me before John snatched me up. You think you’re a bitch on wheels? Hah! I would have made you look like Red-Riding-Hood. "
“How do you know about me?” I asked.
Paula looked at her watch and told me that would be for another time. “We’ll have a lot of time to talk. Right now I need to get you ready for John.

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   He may or may not come for you tonight. ” She left the room and returned shortly with scissors, electric hair clippers, and a can of shaving cream. A towel draped over one arm. “Take off your robe and lay back on the bed. ” She said cheerily.
“What for?” I asked, knowing damn well what was coming next.
“John likes it shaved,” she replied acting surprised at the question while casually flashing her own shaved pussy in my face.
“I’ll do it myself,” I replied curtly. “In private if you please. ”
Paula laughed. “Girl, the first time is quite an undertaking to get rid of all the hair. It’s better to let somebody else do it. After that you can just run a razor over it every couple of days, and if you have any inhibitions you may as well shed them right now. That silk robe your wearing is about the extent of your wardrobe and it leaves very little to the imagination. Especially the way your built.

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I rose from the bed and removed my robe. I could see Paula admiring my body and asked sarcastically, “Are you sure this is for John and not you?”
Paula laughed. “Gina, if you don’t mind me saying, I thought I had a great body but yours is absolutely gorgeous. I’m jealous!! If I was a guy I’d be all over you right now. I’m surprised that John has been able to control himself. ”
Paula motioned for me to lift my ass so she could slide the towel beneath me. As she went through the motions of laying out the equipment and plugging in the clippers I noticed that her nipples were hard as a rock and I could see moisture on the lips of her pussy. I was surprised that she was able to control herself. She turned on the clippers and I closed my eyes and spread my legs. She was very gentle and deliberate with the clippers, at times letting the vibrating little machine subtly rest near my clitoris causing my pussy to moisten and my nipples to become hard and erect. I experienced a light orgasm and a soft moan escaped my lips. When she turned the clippers off I ventured a peek at my now swollen mound. In place of my well landscaped bush was darkly shaded stubble. She pressed down on the top of the can of cream and I watched as a mound of foam formed on the tip of her fingers. I closed my eyes again as she applied the cream to the stubble, wiping the excess on the towel.

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   She began to slowly shave my pubic area, careful not to nick me, starting from the bottom and working her way up the sides leaving the swollen mound on top for last. The sensation of the razor on my pubic area coupled with her occasional contact with my pussy lips and clitoris sent shivers through my body and caused my skin to break out in gooseflesh. She went to the bathroom and returned with a warm, damp washcloth to wipe away the remaining shaving cream then leaned back to admire her handiwork.
I raised myself onto my elbows and looked at my bald swollen vagina. Paula smiled at me and rubbed my baldness. “Like a new born baby’s butt,” she giggled. She suddenly slipped a finger into my vagina. Then another. I felt my legs quiver and a shiver worked it’s way up my spine causing my whole body to spasm. Paula crawled up on the bed like a cat and pushed me onto my back. She laid on top of me mashing our tits together while grinding her pussy into mine. I felt the moisture from both of our vaginas lubricating our hairless pubic areas. Paula kissed me softly and whispered that she hoped I’d like it here. She kissed my neck all over with her soft lips, working her way down to my rock hard nipple and swollen breast. She nibbled on my nipples and ran her tongue around the areola causing the little bumps to harden.


   As she sucked on my aching tits I felt her run her soft, dainty hand down my body and over my stomach to my vagina. She inserted three fingers into my sopping wet pussy shoving them deep inside then running them in and out. I gyrated my hips to keep time with her strokes, my chest heaving, my breathing quick and shallow. I felt another orgasm coming on and thrust my hips against her hand trying to make contact with my clitoris. Another small orgasm racked my body and I shivered again wanting to explode. Paula pulled her fingers from my pussy and I let out an exasperated sigh. She took her lips from my aching breasts and ran her tongue down my body tracing the course her hand had taken moments earlier. I felt her tongue lick my pussy, tasting my flowing juices. She teased me by licking and nibbling the lips, darting her tongue inside, probing it’s soft, silky, wetness. I felt her hands pull my lips apart and felt her lips sucking on my hardened clitoris, her tongue dancing around it’s base. I was grinding my hips into her face, my body trembling in anticipation. She took her lips from my clitoris and started flicking her tongue across it. An explosive orgasm overtook me again racking my body with pleasure. I was writhing on the bed and moaning loudly as wave after wave of ecstasy caused my body to spasm uncontrollably. Paula slowly and mercifully stopped licking my clitoris.

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   I was spent and couldn’t take any more.
Paula raised her head and smiled at me, her face wet with my juices. “Thanks,” I whispered. “I needed that after everything that’s happened over the past twenty four hours. ” Paula shook her head in understanding. “Why don’t you get some sleep and I’ll tell John to give you some time to get comfortable in your new surroundings. I’ll take care of him tonight so you can get some rest. He’ll understand. ”
Paula got up and went into the bathroom to wash her face. As she headed to the door she turned around and said, “If you need anything, I’ll be right next door. ” She exited the room and I could hear her dainty feet padding down the carpeted hallway. I heard her yell down the stairs that she wanted to sleep in her room tonight. John replied that he would be up shortly.
I went to the balcony and opened the sliding glass door allowing the night air to waft into my room. I crawled into bed and pulled the comforter up to my neck.

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   Paula poked her head into my room and asked me if I wanted her to turn off the light. “Yes, please. ” I responded.
“Don’t do anything stupid tonight Gina. ” Paula said pleadingly. “I really like you and I think you’ll like it here. We’ll talk some more tomorrow. Good night. ”
“Good night, Paula” I responded. “And don’t worry, I’ll be here. ”
I heard her go to her room and then I heard John’s footsteps coming down the hall. He knocked softly on my door and then opened it without waiting for a reply. “Good night, Gina. ” John said, hesitating, waiting for me to answer. “I really hope you come to like it here.

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   If you get hungry there’s food in the fridge, help yourself. You have the run of the place, just don’t go outside at night alone. ”
He hesitated a moment as if he had more to say and then started closing the door.
“Good night, John” I said softly. He hesitated a moment longer and then softly closed the door. I lay in the darkness thinking about all that has happened. I still can’t make heads or tails out of the whole situation. I hear muffled voices through the wall and then Paula’s unmistakable giggle. I smile in spite of my situation. The voices are soon replaced by moans, soft at first and then gradually getting louder. I hear Paula say, “not tonight big fella, I’m riding you,” and then the creaking of the bed as Paula makes good on her word.
Good for her, I think to myself. She was horny as hell when she left my room. The moans are soon replaced by muffled cries of “yes, my god, yes,” as Paula reaches orgasm and are soon followed by the low guttural sound of John unloading his seed deep inside her.
I finally fade into sleep feeling totally frightened, sexually satisfied, and with a disquieting feeling of anticipation.

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