Willing Hostage Part 2


John led me around to the back of the house. There was a raised deck and as we climbed the steps I noticed that it extended the entire width of the house. As we reached the top I could see that it was a double tiered deck with an in ground pool at the bottom. There was a huge gas BBQ grill near the patio doors and I could see heat ripples emanating over the top indicating that it was lit. My stomach growled even though I didn’t smell anything cooking. Near the rail at the edge of the upper patio was a table with four chairs where one could eat while enjoying the view. There was also a bench swing near the wall of the house where one could sit on a warm evening and enjoy the solitude. On the lower tier were several lounge chairs facing the pool. Had I not been drugged and kidnapped, I would have felt like I was merely the first arrival at a pool party.
I didn’t see her at first, but at the sound of our footsteps a cute little blond girl, who was sunbathing naked, rose from one of the lounge chairs and slipped into a short, white, satin robe that barely covered her bottom. She climbed the three steps to the upper level, not bothering to tie the robe, and smiled at us.
She was absolutely gorgeous but not in the modeling sense. She was about my height with short blond hair done in a Princess Di style. Her body was slightly thicker than mine but taut and well proportioned with slim hips and perky tits with large pink nipples. I noticed that her pubic area was shaved clean and detected a hint of moisture on her pussy lips. She had bright blue eyes and an infectious, disarming smile.

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“Hi John,” she said with a bubbly tone in her voice. She walk over to us and offered her hand to me. “Hi, I’m Paula. What’s your name?”
“Gina,” I replied, shaking her hand politely.
I was at a total loss. Here I was, buck naked, standing in front of this perfect stranger who was welcoming me like a new friend. Didn’t she notice? Didn’t she have any questions? Wasn’t she wondering where I came from? What was this all about, I wondered, my eyes darting about looking for any avenue of escape.
Paula turned her attention back to John. “Will you be wanting me John?”
“Need you ask?” John replied with a smile on his face. “But I need a shower first and I also need you to take a look at her leg. ” He said, pointing at my thigh where the dog bit me.
Paula looked at my thigh and asked casually while shaking her head, “Buster?”
“Yeah. ” He replied. “Damn dog. I’d get rid of him but he’s my favorite.

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  ” As he talked he led me by the elbow to a large oak kitchen table and gently pushed me into a chair. He left the room while Paula dabbed at my wound with a damp cloth and sprayed some disinfectant on it. He returned shortly with a length of chain with a manacle at each end.
“Is that necessary?” Paula asked as she applied a small round bandage to the tiny puncture.
“She’ll get herself killed if I don’t. ” He replied as he slipped a manacle on one of my ankles. He ran the chain around the thick center leg of the table and snapped the remaining manacle on my other ankle. “The last thing I need is for her to get herself torn to bits out of her own stupidity. ”
“Who are you people and what do you want from me?” I demanded in an angry voice. “Why are you doing this to me?”
John rose, satisfied that I was securely chained to the table and began massaging my shoulders from behind. “I told you Gina, I have taken you as a wife. ” Until…
“Do you always chain your wives to the furniture?” I interrupted sarcastically.
John continued, ignoring my outburst. “Until you understand the rules and the consequences for breaking them Gina, I think it’s better that you not be left to your own devices. Everything will be explained to you in time.


With that, he offered his hand to Paula and said, “C’mon. ” She put her dainty little hand in his gigantic one and allowed herself to be lead from the room. I watched them disappear down a hallway and heard a shower come on. I was left alone with my thoughts.
I looked down at my shackles and decided that struggling against them would be useless. I would only cut my ankles. The table was solid oak, and heavy. With all my strength I couldn’t get it to budge. Even if I could tip it over and work the chain from around the base, I couldn’t imagine even getting close to the door before he came running. My cheek still stung from the slap he administered to me in the garage. I would continue to cooperate and not anger him until I could figure a way out of my situation.
I relaxed in the chair and surveyed my surroundings. The house was beautiful and exquisitely furnished. From my seat at the kitchen table I could see a huge stone fireplace in the living room. All of the floors were hardwood and glossy and I could see a tasteful Persian rug centered beneath the furniture.


I heard the shower go off and waited for one or both of them to return to the kitchen, but neither appeared. After a few minutes, I heard a muffled moan, followed by another louder one and then, “Oh John, yes. Oh god, yes, yes, yes. ” Paula’s voice, filled with pleasure, floated down the hall and I heard the unmistakable sound of two bodies slamming together in the act of lovemaking. The bed creaked slightly.
I leaned forward resting my boobs on the table and noticed that my nipples were hard and erect, my pussy dripping moisture on the padded chair. I put my hands over my ears to block out the sounds. “Oh my god!!!” Paula screamed. Her voice filled with ecstasy. “Cum inside me John. I want to feel your cum inside me. ” she screamed. I heard one last “Oh yesssssssssss” and then silence.
I heard a giggle and then the patter of Paula’s dainty bare feet coming down the hallway.
    As she entered the kitchen I again demanded, “What do you people want with me.

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      ” I noticed that she was still flush from her recent orgasm.
    Paula smiled at me and said, “I got here the same way you did Gina. It’s going to be up to you to make of it what you want. I’d advise you to cooperate. John can be a gentle loving man, but don’t anger him. There is no escape. I’ll explain it all later. John will be in shortly to undo your ankles. Are you hungry?”
    “Famished. ” I replied, thinking about the snickers and Diet Pepsi having been my only sustenance since lunchtime yesterday.
    “Good,” John’s voice boomed from behind me. “I’m an excellent cook and pretty good on the BBQ too. ”
    I jumped at the sound of his voice and turned to see John entering the kitchen wearing only shorts. His body was a huge mass of muscle. His arms and chest were massive, his stomach a washboard.

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       As he bent over to undo my ankles I could see his back muscles ripple. Had this been any other time and place, and had John not been so damn ugly, I’d be throwing myself at him. I had leaned back in the chair to give him room to undo my ankles and my legs were spread. As he undid my ankles he looked at the puddle under my crotch and smiled.
    “I have steaks ready to go whenever you are John. ” Paula said over her shoulder while fussing in the refrigerator.
    “Put them on the grill Honey,” John replied. “I’ll be out in a moment. ”
    “Don’t be too long, you know I’ll burn them. ” Paula said, smiling at me as she made her way out the patio door.
    John knelt in front of my chair, his stomach resting on the front edge, keeping me from closing my legs. He took his thick middle finger and inserted it into my dripping pussy. I tried to wriggle away and look disgusted but my body again betrayed me. My juices were flowing and my body involuntarily quivered as he stroked his finger in and out of my hungry vagina. John cupped one of my breasts in his other hand and gently massaged it.


       My nipples were rock hard and stood erect, responding to his gentle touch. My skin broke out in goose flesh. I felt my hips gyrate against his hand wanting the orgasm which was building inside me.
    John used his other hand to stimulate my throbbing clitoris and I exploded in orgasm, my hips thrusting to meet his plunging finger stroke for stroke. Wave after wave of pleasure engulfed my body. I closed my eyes and bucked my hips faster. I heard a satisfied moan escape from my throat and my breasts heaved as my breathing quickened. I felt a flush of satisfaction engulf my body and my breathing evened as the orgasm subsided. I felt John pull his finger from my vagina and almost cried in protest. I opened my eyes and John was smiling at me. His grotesque features pulled back by his grin.
    “I think you’re going to be alright. ” He said, and leaned in and kissed me on the forehead. “Come,” he said softly while getting to his feet. “Let’s get some food into you and then Paula can help you settle in.

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       She’ll explain the rules to you later. ”
    He went out on the deck and I followed. Paula flashed me a knowing smile and handed me a white silk robe that barely covered my bottom.



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