Willing Hostage Part 1


I’m being held hostage, but not against my will. I know that sounds funny and maybe I should start at the beginning.
Not trying to sound obnoxious or self-absorbed, I’m drop dead gorgeous. I’m not bragging, it’s a fact. I am of Spanish and Italian decent. I’m 5’5” tall with straight, shiny, black hair, almost to my waist. My skin is a light olive color, my eyes almond shaped and a deep emerald green. My facial features all compliment each other to perfection. I have 36DD breasts on a small frame that measures about 24” at the waist.
You would think that a girl that looked like me would have the world by the balls but that was not the case. I quit college after two years because I was bored and felt I could catch the man of my dreams on looks alone. I entered the work force and got a job as a legal secretary at a prestigious downtown law firm. You would think that being around lawyers I’d be able to snag a great husband, but I was so beautiful and self-absorbed that the men who weren’t too afraid to asked me out would soon tire of my self-centeredness. Soon enough, word got out in legal circles that I was a stuck up bitch not worth the time of day. Even my fellow secretaries avoided me.
I had very little social life, and when I got horny I would hang out in the bars of fine downtown hotels hoping to meet a successful business man, or at least have a one-nighter with one.

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About a year ago, I was working late and decided to hit a bar and see if I could get lucky. I hadn’t been laid in almost two months and I was hornier than hell. I left the office a little after 8pm. It was late September and already getting dark. I got into my Honda Accord and cruised a few blocks to the Four Seasons. I found a place in the lot just a short walk from the hotel and shut off the car. I was checking my make-up in the mirror when a conversion van parked in the space next to mine. It was white with gold pinstripes and the windows were darkly tinted making it impossible to see inside. It was almost full dark now and nobody exited the van, making me nervous. I slid over to the passenger side and exited through the passenger door so my car was between me and the van. (Better safe than sorry) I looked at the van and detected no movement. I spun on my heels and half walked - half ran to the hotel.
I made my way to the bar and, damn the luck, it was almost totally void of customers. The only patrons in the place were two old codger business types who barely took the time to ogle. I sat at the bar and ordered a screwdriver.

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   I told myself to take it easy as it looked like I would be driving home tonight. Maybe one more after this and then get something to eat. I hadn’t eaten since noon and I was famished.
I asked the bartender to turn on the news channel and removed my jacket and hung it on the back of my chair. About half way through my drink I noticed out of the corner of my eye that somebody else had entered the bar and was standing one seat away from me. He ordered a scotch on the rocks and told the bartender he would like to buy the young lady a drink if she would accept.
I heard him order and thought he might be drunk as his speech sounded slurred. The bartender stood in front of me and conveyed the man’s desire to buy me a drink. I accepted. When the bartender set my fresh drink before me I spun my stool around to thank my benefactor.
I drew in a sharp breath as I raised my glass to the stranger and our eyes met. He was a big man, about 6’4” tall with broad shoulders and a barrel chest. He was nicely dressed but he was hideous looking. His head was badly misshapen and bald reminding me of that character Shrek. His face was scarred on the right side causing the corner of his mouth to droop on that side.

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   His right nostril was almost completely shut and his right eye was red and watery looking.
I was able to maintain my composure as I thanked him for the drink and then turned away from him to watch the news. After about ten minutes, I heard the stranger ask for another drink and offer to buy another one for me. I was only halfway done with my present drink and didn’t want to feel obligated to converse with this hideous creature, so I spun on my stool and told him I had to go after this one, holding up my half finished drink to show him I wasn’t ready for one anyway. I then excused myself and headed for the restroom area.
When I got into the ladies room I laughed quietly out loud. Imagine me and Shrek out there hooking up, I snickered to myself. What a Beauty and the Beast story that would make. I was warming to the liquor and didn’t really want to leave, but there was no way I was going to spend the evening talking to that ogre. I would drive closer to home and have a couple more drinks nearer to my apartment. I checked my make-up in the mirror and ran a brush through my hair. Perfect, I smiled to myself and exited the ladies room.
I went back to the bar and hurriedly finished my drink. I shrugged into my jacket, nodded to the stranger, and offered another mumbled thanks before exiting the bar. As I made my way through the hotel lobby my head started to swim.

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   I must have drank that second drink too fast I thought to myself, remembering that I hadn’t eaten since noon. I exited the hotel and made my way through the parking lot to my car. My head was swimming and my eyes were having a hard time focusing. I reached my car and fumbled in my purse for my keys. Damn, you should have had them in your hand already, I admonished myself. I found my keys but couldn’t seem to get one into the lock. I dropped them and bent over to pick them up. Suddenly the world went black and I could feel myself falling backwards. The last memory I had was a pair of hands catching me before I hit the pavement.
I don’t know how long I was out, but when I came to I was lying on my back and we were moving. I waited for my head to clear and realized I couldn’t move my arms. I raised my head and noticed a thick leather belt around my midsection, my hands manacled to it at my sides. My legs were spread eagle and fastened to the sides of the van, a piece of duct tape over my mouth. Unable to move, I tried to scream. All that came out was a high pitched hum behind the tape.

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   I heard a voice from the drivers seat say rather casually, “Relax, we still have a way to go. ” The voice sounded slurred and recognition came to me in a rush. I had been kidnapped by Shrek. I struggled against my bonds but it was no use. I couldn’t move any of my extremities more than an inch or so. I tried to see out the windows but saw nothing. No trees, no buildings, nothing. I couldn’t even tell if it was night or day because of the tinted windows. Again my memory came rushing back. The van in the hotel parking lot!
I lay there asking myself why. Did somebody pay to have me kidnapped. Not too many people liked me, but would anybody go this far? Was it random? My stomach growled from hunger and my throat felt dry. How long has it been since I left the bar? I dozed off again. I don’t know how long I slept but I woke up when I felt the van stop. I heard a creaking noise outside and tried to scream again.

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   Another high pitched hum. The van began moving again and then stopped about a minute later. I heard the driver get out and then the back doors opened. Sun poured in and I squinted my eyes. Daylight!! How far had we driven and where the hell was I?
He freed my ankles, then grabbed them and dragged me out of the van until my ass was at the tailgate. He grabbed my shoulders and sat me upright. I was right. It was Shrek. “Welcome home,” he said with a lopsided smile.
We were in a garage with the overhead door wide open. There was a beautiful home about a half a mile away surrounded by a well manicured lawn. The house seemed to be perfectly centered on the lawn. The property was surrounded by a wall which was surrounded by woods on all sides. I saw animals in the distance running about the property. At first I thought they were horses but then realized they were dogs.

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   Dobermans! About a dozen that I could count. It all seemed so peaceful.
I was pulled from my reverie by his slurred voice. “My name is John,” the Shrek thing said, stepping in front of me. “I’m going to take the tape off of your mouth in a second. If you scream, no one will hear you, and your reward will be a new piece of tape. Do you like the taste of duct tape?” he asked.
I shook my head no.
“Good, let’s see how well you listen. ” He grabbed a corner of the tape and ripped it off.
I felt a terrible sting as the tape was ripped from my mouth. “”You lousy son-of-a…“ WHACK, the side of my face went numb and my head rocked backwards.
“You’re in no position to get ugly young lady, you will learn manners and obedience. What’s your name?”
“Gina” I spat out, tears running down my cheeks.
“Very good Gina.

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   Pleased to make your acquaintance. ” He helped me to my feet and led me to a work bench in the garage. “Do I need to manacle your feet Gina or are you feeling cooperative?”
“I’ll cooperate,” I replied, not seeing any other option. He opened a drawer in the workbench and pulled out a very sharp looking knife with a six inch blade. I froze, tears running down my cheeks. I begged him not to kill me.
“I’m not a killer Gina,” he said cordially. “Now stand real still so there isn’t an accident. He bent over and I felt the blade of the knife against my skin as he shoved it under my pant leg at the ankle. I closed my eyes and heard a soft tearing sound as he slit my pants from ankle to hip. He went to the other side and did the same. My pants fell to the ground leaving me in the red silk panties I had worn in hopes of getting lucky the night before. I felt a blush rising on my skin but he didn’t seem to notice. Two quick flicks of the knife blade and my panties joined my pants on the floor. He pulled my blouse out from under the thick leather belt and unbuttoned it.

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   A couple more cuts with the knife and my blouse floated to the floor behind me, joining my pants and panties. He finally cut my bra straps and pulled it from my chest. My tits sprang forward in all their glory.
He stepped back, my bra still in one hand, the knife in the other. He looked me up and down and whistled. “You are probably the finest young woman I’ve ever seen outside of magazine. ” he said admiringly. He dropped the bra and took one of my breasts in the palm of his hand, hefting it as if trying to guess it’s weight. He circled around behind me and gave me a gentle shove between the shoulder blades forcing me to bend forward. In spite of all that had happened, my body was betraying me as I felt a drop of my own pussy juice running down my leg. His hands were probing my ass cheeks and then I felt one of his long thick fingers push easily into my sopping wet vagina. He moved his finger out and in a few times and my body quaked with an explosive orgasm. My knees buckled and I felt his hands go to my hips, holding me up.
“Why are you doing this and what do you want with me? I asked, my voice quivering.
“I like to make love to beautiful women,” he replied.

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   “Unfortunately, beautiful woman no longer want to make love to me because of this,” he said, pointing to his face. “Ironically, it was a beautiful woman who supposedly loved me that caused my disfigurement. She’s rotting in prison for the next forty years but that doesn’t give me my looks back. I have taken you as my bride. ”
“You mean your sex slave. ” I interrupted.
“You can call yourself my wife, my sex slave, or my hostage. I don’t care. I am going to remove the belt now and release your arms. It is useless to try and get away, though I don’t doubt you’ll try it at least once. ”
He undid the leather belt from behind and my arms fell forward under the weight. He pulled a key from his pocket and undid my wrists one at a time using his knee to support the weight of the belt. When I was freed I rubbed my wrist to get the circulation going. He opened a small refrigerator that was sitting on the workbench and handed me a Snickers bar and a can of Diet Pepsi. “This should hold you until we can get some food into you.


   I hungrily gobbled the candy bar and drank the Diet Pepsi down in huge gulps. When I finished he put his huge hand on the back of my neck and said simply, “C’mon. ”
We walked out of the garage and he turned to shut the overhead door. Seizing the opportunity, I made a beeline for the house screaming at the top of my lungs. I was hoping somebody would be there to save me from this maniac. John let out a shrill whistle and I was immediately surrounded by a dozen growling Doberman’s. One nipped at my thigh puncturing the skin. I fell to the ground and curled up in a naked ball expecting to be torn to shreds. When I opened my eyes, to my amazement, the dogs were sitting quietly in a circle surrounding me.
John came forward laughing. He walked through the circle of Dobermans and picked me up by the waist as if I weighed no more than a rag doll. “Rule number one Gina. When I’m on the property I need only whistle and these dogs will bring anything to bay, man or critter. If you freeze or drop to the ground, they will simply surround you and wait for my command. If you had continued to run, they would have brought you down.

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   And Gina, just so you know, if you’re outside the perimeter of the house when I’m not around, they will tear you to pieces. ”
“Now let’s get to the house. By the way Gina, you were running in the right direction. That house is mine, and yours too now. You are welcome to enjoy all the amenities and live the life of Riley or you can fight it and be miserable. It’s your choice. ”
“My thighs bleeding,” I said, holding up my leg for him to see.
“That must’ve been Buster,” John said nonchalantly. “He gets a little overzealous. Let’s get to the house and Paula can take a look at it. "
So we continued on to the house. John leading, me in all my glorious nakedness, following.



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