Wife Violated


Like all married men I have a regular fantasy about the idea of watching my wife being fucked by another man, and sometimes when we me and my wife are having sex it's this thought that I use to stimulate me during the sex session and drive me to fuck her hard, especially when she was in one of her just lay there and take it moods!

Anyway, it's my fantasy and so it remained for a long time as it was hard enough to get her interested in sex with me, she would never ever consider sex with a stranger so there seemed little point in bringing it up. But my luck was to change on a night while out in her home town of Liverpool. Helen (my wife) and I were over for a few days staying in a city centre hotel, to enable her to catch up with old friends.

I should tell you more about Helen, before I continue the story. . . . . . . . . . . . she is 49 years old, 5ft 9 with black shoulder length hair, dark brown eyes and has an Italian skin complexion, which makes her look olive skinned and tan very easily.

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   We have been married for nearly 18 years and went for wild sex to next to nothing. Helen was still very fit for her age with an average and quite firm build, pert 36D breasts with very long dark coloured nipples that grow to about 2Cm's long when aroused. Down below she had large pussy lips although it was often difficult to see them, as she had taken the natural look a bit to far!. Her stomach was still relatively smooth and flat, and she had a very ample yet sexy ass, which sat out and formed a beautiful shape when she wore trousers or tight fitting skirts. In fact, when we met this had been the first thing that attracted me to her as it is beautifully rounded and fantastic to get hold of when she was on top during sex. I had long since given up on fulfilling my ultimate fantasy which would be to fuck her ass and cum inside, as like I said sexy she was, imaginative she wasn't

Back to my story. . . . . . . . . .


  . . . . . . later on the first evening we went out with her friends to the main city centre area for a meal, a drink and onto a club. Helen was dresses in a silk blouse with tight fitting black trousers on and heels, underneath she had chosen some fairly conservative white underwear, with full panties. This was one of our rare nights out and for me was a hardship as I had little time for her friends or their conversation. During one of my frequent visits to the toilet, an excuse to go walk about and admire the young and seemingly scantily clad women in the club I walked in on a little deal taking place in the toilets. A trio of youngish guys mid twenties where in the middle of a transaction for a drug that a later learned was known as the date rape drug, which when administered through a woman's drink can make her do everything from lose her inhibitions to pass out. Plus with the advantage that there is little recollection in the morning of what happened

Realising a better cool their concern over me interrupting their deal, I asked them if their was any interesting action going down as I was on a boring night out and in need of a little extra fun or a pick me up! The atmosphere chilled following this and on exiting the toilet I sat and had a beer with the guy who seemed the principle dealer about what was on offer, that's when I learned about the date rape drug

Sensing an opportunity not be missed I asked him more details about how much is required, the effects, how you slip it to someone and what it would cost. When he asked me if I had someone in mind in the club that I wanted to use the drug on, I explained about my wife and my fantasy and the little thought I was having about using this drug to have some fun. This seemed to really interest and he asked me to show him who my wife was so he could get an idea of the quantity required to have the maximum effect to release her inhibitions.

Having given her the once over and sensing his interest in my sexual fantasy, he offered me a proposition.

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   In return for a sachet of drugs (enough to give me complete control over her) he and his friend again early twenties and built like a tank, wanted to have the opportunity to use her for my entertainment! Sensing I was now moving on to dangerous ground but with a growing cock pressing into my stomach I agreed, giving them details of our hotel and agreeing to meet for 11. 30pm in the hotel bar where they would provide the drugs and I would administer them into Helen's drink when we had a night cap and then they would follow us back to the room.

Excited at the thought of the rest of the evening, I found it even more difficult to listen to anything that was being said to me and felt my self just looking at my watch in anticipation of what was to come. Finally it was time for everyone to depart and we headed back to the hotel, as the taxi pulled up I suggested a night cap in the bar to which Helen readily agreed. As we entered the bar Chris (dealer) and John (the muscle) were sat waiting for us. They smiled as we entered the room. . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . it was one of those knowing smiles!

On entering the bar, Helen said she needed the toilet and promptly disappeared to the ladies, this gave me the chance to order the drinks and pick up the sachet of drugs from Chris. By the time Helen, arrived back I was sat at a table, with her Brandy and Lemonade plus its little extra ingredient. I offered a toast to the evening and watched her slowly start to finish her drink.

It didn't take long before she clearly was starting to feel the effects. She relaxed noticeably and we even enjoyed a laugh together for the first time in ages. Her eyes were glazing over and I could see she was starting to lose her train of thought and her speech was becoming a bit of a ramble. Chris indicated to me I better take her back to the room before she got worse!

I said lets go to bed, to which she giggled and getting her to her feet proved quite difficult as she was very unsteady by this point. To observers in the bar, they would assume she was drunk. With Chris and John following we went up to our room on the fourth floor, and having just got her in and laid her on the bed, the two guys walked into the room!

By this point seeing Helen laying prone on the bed semi conscious, and knowing that two twenty something strangers where going to fuck her, I had a cock that was literally bursting to get out of my pants for some urgent release

I sat in the chair, while Chris approached the bed to check that Helen was sufficiently drugged, but still of a level of consciousness that would let her respond physically. Once he had checked and reassured himself and me, he called John over and I watched as they both began to run their hands over her clothed body feeling the outline and shape of her body

Chris then began to undo the buttons on her blouse exposing her breasts held firmly in her white bra, while John undid her trousers and started to slip them down off her waist pulling them down and off at the ankles. Seeing my wife laid semi naked on the bed in white bra and panties, with her blouse lying open and two young built guys with clear bulges in their pants touching her body, I had to release my cock from the constraints of my pants and began to massage it. I was little of a distraction to Chris and John who released Helen's 36D breasts from her bra and together began roughly massaging both of them.

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I could hear Helen start to moan gently as the two guys first felt her breasts and then played with her gorgeous nipples making them grow hard and long. While Chris began to in turn suck and bite on her nipples, tugging at them with his teeth, John moved down to start stroking her pussy through her panties. I could see that she must be responding to both the attention on her breasts and her crotch as there was a damp spot growing between her legs

By this time, I had shot a load of cum all over my belly and shirt, and was slowly massaging my 6. 5" but thick cock back into life.

With me watching on, John grabbed the upper seam of Helen's panties and ripped them down and off, exposing her hairy crotch and engorged pussy lips. Chris meanwhile was busy removing his clothes and within a few second was stood naked by Helen's head at the side of the bed with his 7. 5" cock proudly stood rigid with a spot of precum glistening on the head.

John had begun sliding his finger along the line of Helen's pussy lips and I could see the wetness on his finger as he teased her clit and slowly pushed a finger inside. Helen was moaning and moving her hips slightly off the bed as John's finger probed her pussy. Turning to Chris he said this bitch is ready for a good fucking and then proceeded to strip his clothes off releasing a far more impressive 8 inch cock, which looked to be as thick as a mans wrist

Without any further thought for me, they dragged Helen's naked body into a position where she was laid across the bed with Chris stood by her head and John between her legs knelt on the bed. First Chris grabbed her by the hair and tilted her head back over the edge of the bed. Laid with her mouth open and neck extended I watch as he lowered himself down and pushed his cock to her lips rubbing his cock head across her face and over her lips, before guiding it into her warm and waiting mouth. Holding her head and neck tight he slid his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth and I watched as her gag reflex kicked in as this intrusion tried to push into her throat.

While this was happening, John was rubbing the large thick purple head of his 8" cock up and down her pussy lips slowly starting to push forward and open her up. I watched intently as the head of his cock pushed inside a little further each time.

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   As he withdrew, I could see that the wetness from her pussy had coated his cock helping to ease the access to her inner sanctum with each gentle push. Re positioning himself and lifting her legs up and apart John, put his full length into Helen's pussy with a sharp thrust that made her grunt. I watched mesmerised as his fat cock forced all the way into her pussy until his large balls slapped against her inner thigh.

Now with both of them in position, I watched on and stroked my cock as I watched Chris fuck my wife's mouth and throat, being careful not to choke her as she gagged, and John rammed his thick cock hard into her pussy. Helen moaned and tried to move in response to the onslaught but her body was powerless to stop it and simply let her down by trying hard to respond to the pleasure being generated. The two guys seemed to last for ages until first John grunted hard and shouted fuck Yes!!! as he began to fill Helens pussy full of his warm sticky cum, this was quickly followed by Chris who was releasing a huge mouthful of cum into the back of her throat and massaging her neck so she would swallow it all down. When they had both finished and wiped their wet and sticky cocks over Helen's face they dressed, thanked me and quickly left me alone just looking at my used and unknowing slut wife

Having cleaned off the second load I had shot from my hands, I thought I better clean her up and so fetched some water and towels from the bathroom.
    Having washed down her front, I turned her over so that I could clean John's cum that had run down from her pussy to her ass. I watched her bum jiggle as I rolled her over and felt my cock twitch into life as I realised that finally here was an opportunity to have that ass I had always wanted.

    Rubbing, the now cold wet cum left by John with the tip of my index finger, I slowly slid my finger to her puckered virgin asshole. Feeling this tight little treasure I slid my finger over the entrance each time pushing a little harder until I felt my finger slide in. It was heaven, and I felt like I was about to cum there and then. I headed of to the bathroom to get some of Helen's face cream and squeezed a handful out into my hand and began to massage my cock. Moving her body into a better position I slipped a pillow under her stomach to raise her ass in the air. Positioning myself behind her I lowered my cock head to her anus and gripped her ass cheeks as I started to push the head in.

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       I could feel her body tense as I continued to push and she let out a low squeal.

    Pulling her cheeks apart so I could see everything I pushed harder and felt the head of my cock pass the point of no return and start to slide into her anal passage. Forcing my cock all the way in I began to pump her ass hard and deep until my balls were slapping against on her pussy, watching her buttocks jiggle wonderfully as each thrust opened up her virgin ass. Unable to stand it any more and with the cum building deep within me I grabbed her ass cheeks and pushed as hard and as deep as I could into her ass, releasing my load on the down stroke so it was deep within her shit hole. As I came I could see tears on her face and a look of pain, which turned me on so much I think an extra load quickly followed the first.

    Having satisfied my fantasy's and with a sore and aching cock I quickly set about finishing the cleaning up process and getting Helen tucked up in bed. Once this was done and I was showered I sat on the end of the bed and finished my Whisky. Having finished my drink I realised I was suddenly feeling very groggy and unsteady, to my horror I wondered if there had been something in my drink as I found it impossible to keep my eyes open and quickly passed out

    The next morning both of us awoke tired and aching and neither new why, but assumed that maybe we were coming down with a cold. As Helen got up to go to the bathroom for her shower I watched her ass jiggle as she walked across the room and thought one day I am going to get to fuck that lovely ass!.



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