Wife Learns A Lesson


I’ve been married several years now to the woman of my dreams. She’s 5’ 6”, 110 lbs, blonde, green eyes and has a dynamite body. I’ve been noticing for a while though that she has been developing quite the superior attitude. Yes, we’ve done well with the nice house, car and country club membership but I’ve been embarrassed at times over her treatment of service people: waiters, cashiers, house cleaners etc. I don’t know what has prompted this behavior but I could tell that she wasn’t well liked by the hired help.
Late one Monday night I was startled by a sound next to my bed. Just as I was waking up I felt a strong hand cover my mouth and I detected the smell of chloroform. My last thought was of my 28 year old wife, Kim lying next to me. Then, everything went black. When I came to, my hands and feet were tied and I was gagged sitting in the corner of the room. I was more than a little self-conscious because I sleep in the nude. But that feeling quickly became the least of my worries when I saw the two men sitting on the bed with my wife between them. She was blindfolded, gagged and had her arms tied behind her. Judging from some red marks on her face she had fought at first before being overcome by these two big strangers.
“Hello Mr. Worthington.

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   My name’s Frank” said the largest man in a faintly Australian accent. He appeared to be about 6’4” tall and obviously worked out.   “And this is my partner Tom” pointing to his slightly shorter but equally muscular friend. “Your little Sheila here put up quite the fight but I think we’ve come to an understanding now. ”
“You don’t know us but we see your wife around the club all the time. She knows she’s a knock-out and she acts like she owns the place; strutting around in her skimpy bathing suits all the time, bossing the staff around and generally being a bitch to everyone. Tom and I have worked there the last few months and have put up with her shit the whole time. Well, not any more. We’re leaving the area tomorrow and wanted this opportunity to put your stuck-up wife in her place. We’ve talked about this for weeks and even placed a few bets about what’s under those designer suits. We might even have a few other wagers in mind” he said ominously.
“We waited on you to come to because we wanted to make sure you got to watch. You might even learn a few things about your pretty bird. ” Holding up a knife, Frank said: “don’t even think of yelling or trying to get away. We wouldn’t want to have to do anything rash now would we?”
They stood Kim up and Tom said: “Let’s start the competition.

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   First, this nightgown has got to go. ” The one called Frank used his knife to cut the straps and the gown slipped to the floor baring my wife’s trembling breasts and g-string. “My, my, my” said Tom, “those are beauties; they’re “D” cup right?” Kim was silent until Frank put his knife to her face. “Remember our deal Mrs. Worthington, do what we say and your pretty face stays that way. ” Kim nodded meekly, the fight gone out of her. “That’s one for me” gloated Tom. “D” cups, no padding in those swimsuits!”
“Yeah, well that’s one for me too” said Frank. “See those tan lines? I knew there was no way she would bare those titties to the sun or anyone’s eyes. And I get another point for those huge nipples – I said they’d be bigger than a silver dollar. ” I could see Kim’s embarrassment at these analytical comments about her body . . . she’d do more than blush later on.
“I suppose you’re right” said Tom, lightly circling each nipple with his finger until they became erect.

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   “But I get another point because they’re pink, not brown. ” Then, standing behind her he grabbed Kim’s tits in his hands and roughly massaged and squeezed them several times. “These feel firm but definitely natural, that’s another point for me. Plus, she’s wearing a g-string like I predicted so that’s 4 – 2 for me. Now on with the show, lose the undies. ”
Again, Frank used his knife and the now-useless material joined the nighty on the floor. “Looks like we’re tied” crowed Frank. “She’s got a landing strip . . . and the carpet matches the drapes! A real blonde” he commented as he stroked the small patch of hair. “That’s 4 – 4. ”
For a moment I naively thought we were going to get off easy with these two jerks and their juvenile betting game, but looking around the room I quickly realized that was not to be the case. Frank and Tom had been busy while I was out. The beam in the ceiling now had a large hook screwed into it and on the floor I noticed some strange looking harness.

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   This was going to be a long night.
Once Kim was stripped nude and the preliminary bets were tallied Tom reached over and picked up the harness. “Step this way Mrs. Worthington” he commanded in a sing-song voice, and together Frank and Tom fastened several straps around my wife and then lifted her into the air to attach her to the hook. Looking like an x-rated, buxom Tinkerbell, Kim was now hanging face down horizontally about three feet off the ground – her breasts hanging free. With another warning about not screaming, the blindfold and gag were removed.
Stuffed in the corner, I could only watch in shock and amazement at what followed.
After running his hands over my wife’s body from head to toe; kneading her breasts, caressing her flat belly and nicely rounded ass, Frank said: “Let’s see how she likes a little tongue action. ” By yanking on some straps attached to pulleys at various points on the S&M contraption, Kim’s legs were forced to bend underneath her body until she looked like a Christmas turkey trussed and ready for the oven. It also fully exposed her pussy to all in the room. “Very nice” murmured Frank. Then he kneeled behind Kim and started to lick her pussy. Kim tried to struggle at first but when Frank slapped her ass, the welts in the shape of his big hand reminded her of their bargain and she stopped. The only sounds were her breathing and the lapping of Frank’s tongue. I was never very good at oral sex and Kim didn’t seem to like it much anyway, but Frank was evidently quite accomplished.

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   He expertly alternated plunging his tongue deep into Kim’s cunt, licking her labia, and flicking his tongue all around her now-engorged clitoris. Although unquestionably against her will, I could tell by Kim’s super erect nipples and quickening breathing that she was getting aroused. Kim squeezed her eyes shut and I could see her fighting her growing excitement but after about ten minutes of Frank’s undivided attention, Kim’s body shuddered uncontrollably and she let out a few moans as she experienced a major orgasm. Frank continued his relentless licking assault and a short time later Kim’s body betrayed her by rewarding him with two smaller climaxes.
“Dammit” said Tom. “I didn’t think there was any way you could get this ice princess off that quickly . . . and I sure as hell didn’t think you could make her cum multiple times! You’re killing me here. What’s that, 6 to 4 now?”
“’Fraid so. I guess she’s never had a real tongue-man before” said Frank grinning and winking at me as he stood up. “Now let’s see how she handles something a little harder!”  Kim was still recovering as Frank unbuttoned his jeans and let out the largest hard cock I had ever seen. This thing was porn star sized – at least 9” long and very thick. Frank raised the harness until his cock was even with Kim’s pussy and then he pushed just the head inside. From my vantage point in the corner I heard Kim let out a gasp.

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At that point Tom moved to the front and said he would help out. He then reached down and grabbed both of Kim’s free-hanging tits in his hands and used them as handles to start rocking her back and forth on the hook. With each swing, Frank’s huge cock was pushed further inside Kim’s pussy and Tom got to fondle my wife’s spectacular breasts and pinch and pull her nipples. Luckily she was already wet from her previous orgasms because after a few tugs on her breasts, Tom had Kim moving far enough to bury Frank’s cock to the hilt with every swing. After about 50 of these “thrusts” Frank let out a groan as he shot his wad deep into my wife. I couldn’t believe it but Kim had another orgasm too. As he pulled out, Frank said: “I guess we’re at 6 – 5 now; I didn’t think there was any way she was going to take me all in. Now it’s your turn. ”
As Tom unzipped his trousers he leaned down and whispered in Kim’s ear. “Remember our deal bitch. You get to keep your pretty face as long as you cooperate. ” Then he pulled out his cock, which was nearly equal in size to Frank’s and put it near Kim’s mouth. “You know what to do. And see that you don’t spill a drop!” Resigned to her fate, Kim parted her lips and began to go down on Tom’s huge member as best she could.
Returning Tom’s earlier favor, Frank grabbed Kim’s ass and began to push her deeper onto Tom’s pulsating cock.

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   Kim gagged at first but gradually began to take the whole prick in with each push from behind. Watching my wife being forced to give a blowjob to some huge stranger was oddly exciting. Even through my terror and anger I felt myself beginning to get a hard-on. After only a few minutes Tom blasted his load into Kim’s mouth . . . and she swallowed every bit. “Shit” said Frank, “now we’re tied again, 6 – 6. I didn’t figure there was any way the snooty bitch would swallow. Oh well, I guess nobody wins. ” By that time my more modest 7-incher was at full attention.
As Tom pulled his softening dick from my wife’s mouth he looked over at me in the corner and let out a laugh. “Look, Mr. Worthington is sporting wood. What should we do about the poor man?” Frank replied: “I know just the thing.

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   Let’s let hubby do something I’m sure he’s never done before. I know you’ll enjoy watching this” Frank said to Kim as he turned her on the hook until she was facing the mirror on the wall. Then, he walked over to my corner and lifted me to my feet. My hands and legs were still tied so Frank picked me up and stood me behind Kim. “Here” he said, “She normally walks around with a stick up her butt, let’s let her try out the real thing. ” With that, Frank grabbed me by the waist and shoved my cock into my wife’s ass. Kim’s eyes opened wide and she let out a squeal as she stared helplessly in the mirror. Frank was right; I had never done this before! With Tom pushing the swing from the front and Frank guiding me from the back, they were literally fucking Kim up the ass with my dick! After only a couple dozen strokes I spurted all over the place but Tom kept the swing going as long as I was still hard. “Just want to make sure the little lady enjoys the whole experience” he sneered. Oddly enough, I felt Kim cum for the fifth time that night while my cock was being pumped in and out of her ass against my will.
After dumping me unceremoniously back in the corner, Frank and Tom had apparently recovered sufficiently to each have another go at Kim. If I could have detached myself from the situation it would have been strangely hypnotic watching these two well-endowed men powerfully fucking the woman in the swing. First one and then the other took their turn slamming their cocks home. With each thrust their balls would slap against her and my wife would swing forward in the harness with her tits rhythmically following, only to pendulously travel back to meet the next powerful ram. It was a mesmerizing show of sexual prowess that seemed to last an hour – and certainly exhausted Kim.


After their tag-team gang bang it was getting light outside and Frank and Tom started picking up their things from around the room – it looked like our ordeal (especially Kim’s) was finally over. As they finished cleaning up, Frank came over to me and said “We’re finished mate but I’m really not convinced your arrogant princess wife has learned proper respect for the hired help. If human nature holds true and your daily planner in the kitchen is correct I have no doubt the lesson will continue. ” 
“What the hell does that mean?”  I wondered. Then Frank dragged me to the closet and checked to make sure I couldn’t move and that the gag was still firmly in place. “You be a good boy now” he said and closed the doors most of the way. I could just see out to the middle of the room where my wife was still hanging in the swing in her very vulnerable position. I watched Tom put the blindfold and gag back on Kim and he and Frank walked out of the room.
About an hour later there was a knock at the door. Surely we were about to be rescued! A couple minutes later I heard excited whispering voices in the bedroom just out of my sight. “Holy shit, look at Mrs. Worthington all tied up in that swing” exclaimed a young sounding voice, “should we, untie her?” 
“No fucking way! You read the sign on the door. It said ‘horny lady in bedroom needs attention. ’ And she can’t see us anyway. ”
“Yeah, but she’s all tied up and she can’t talk” said a third.

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“Good, that means she can’t be a bossy bitch to us either! Besides, look at those tits and that pussy just begging for attention. We’ll never get a piece like that at school!” One of the guys moved into view and I recognized the neighborhood teenager who takes care of our lawn. He reached out and tentatively began rubbing Kim’s pussy. “Come on, you know you want to” he called out to his two friends.
Kim tried some feeble attempts to communicate and wriggle free but this only seemed to embolden the schoolboys to act on their testosterone-fueled desires.
One by one the boys gathered around Kim. It was mob mentality as they ignored their consciences and worked themselves into a fucking frenzy. As the first boy continued massaging Kim’s labia the other two got down on the floor and started stroking her tits and sucking her nipples. After the intense mauling her breasts had received during the night these new hands and mouths couldn’t have felt good. Nonetheless, from my view in the closet I could see her now-purple nipples harden once again. After only a few minutes the first boy quit rubbing and began thrusting his cock into Kim’s cunt. Unlike Frank and Tom before, it didn’t take long for him to get off. But as soon as he was finished the second boy took his place, and then the third. Being young they all recovered quickly and soon had another turn. One kid was apparently a budding sadist because with each stroke he would slap Kim on the ass until her cheeks were covered with his handprints.


   Another acted like my wife was some sort of amusement park ride – he mounted her by jumping up and holding onto the main strap, using his legs to wrap around her and get maximum penetration. Then his friends swung the two of them around the room like an out of control tetherball. It was horrific and somehow comical at the same time to see the two bodies zoom into view with each rotation, the kid yelling with pleasure and gyrating his cock into Kim. The bastard who mows our yard managed to get it up a third time and he very inventively pulled the hope chest over so he could lie underneath my wife. Then he squeezed her tits around his cock and swung her back and forth in the swing until he got off with an upside down titty fuck. Afterwards they told each other they would never get caught as long as they kept their mouths shut and they quietly snuck out of the room.
Tuesday evidently was a busy day for visitors at our house. I never realized we had so many callers during the day. Next, the pool cleaner stopped by, then an appliance repairman and finally some guy selling life insurance. After some initial apprehension by each, to a man they couldn’t resist the opportunity for a sure thing.
It was obvious that some had unpleasant memories of past calls. “Am – I – still – an –  in­ – com – pe – tent –  jerk –  Mrs. –  Wor – thing – ton?” commented the pool man in cadence with each thrust as he pounded his dick into her cunt. “I guess I’m smart enough to get this right aren’t I” said the appliance repairman. “Will you be calling my supervisor now” he whispered while slapping Kim’s swollen tits back and forth.

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   The insurance salesman who called at 11:00 was as depraved as Frank and Tom; removing the gag, he forced Kim to suck him until he was hard then stuck his cock into her ass repeatedly until he shot his load.
After being fucked silly for nearly ten hours by eight different cocks in almost every conceivable fashion, the ordeal finally ended when a neighbor lady came in, shrieked in horror and called the police and an ambulance. Kim’s tits were practically black and blue from the intense man-handling and her pussy was so swollen she couldn’t sit for days but she eventually recovered.
Frank and Tom were never found and some of the other court cases will probably go on for years. But my wife is definitely nicer to people.



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