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She was beautiful. At 22, she had the perfect body. Her chest filled a B cup to the brim, threatening to burst out at any moment. Her skin was baby soft all over her body, down her smooth, defined back, over her round firm ass, down her long trim legs.
She stepped into the apartment after fighting with the door. Her damn key never works for her; it's a stupid copy of the original and it sticks in the lock after you open it. She pushed the door shut behind her and began walking up the stairs. She was home from work, which was a plus, but her legs were pumped and sore from standing all night. Her calves burned with each step up the stairs, causing her to take her time. She hated her job, she hated the town she lived in, she couldn't think of one thing she enjoyed in her life.
She reached the top of the stairs and looked around for her fiance or the puppy. Neither were in site, so she stepped toward the bathroom to wash her hands and get ready for bed. She nearly made it.
He grabbed her shirt from behind and pushed her against the wall.

He demanded that she face the wall. She began to turn to protest, but he only pressed her harder and repeated the demand. 

   She let herself sink against the wall under the weight of his hand, but remained when he removed it. Her bra became unnoticable around her body as he deftly unhooked it through her shirt. His hands grabbed the bottom of her shirt in the same moment, and pulled it and her bra over her chest to her arms. He easily hoisted her arms up in the air and ripped her shirt off.
He commanded her to keep her tits against the wall. She complied, hating how hard her nipples got pressed against the cold exterior wall. He ran his fingernails down her back, slipped them into the back of her jeans and pulled her hips towards him, using his other hand to keep her chest against the wall. She couldn't help the chills run through her body as his fingers dragged roughly against her displayed skin.
    Ripples of nervous energy seemed to eminate from his fingers, and find their ways her cold nipples and tingling pussy.
    His arm reached around her and undid her pants as she stared at the blank wall. He slid his thumbs into her thong, and pulled it down along with her pants, slowly revealing the smooth, round, firm ass that I previously described. She felt the cool air of the room announce itself on her pussy with another chill that ran through her body. He slowly pulled her pants down to her ankles, lowering himself with them until he had her pussy right in his face. He could see the glimmer of her juices on her pussy. He instructed her to lift her right leg to pull her pants off, and she complied, spreading her legs ever so slightly to.

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