Wedded into Slavery, Part 2


Topic: Wedded into Slavery, Part April awoke when she felt the clasping of something around her neck.   She struggled instinctively, but was pinned down under Bruce’s “Good morning, whore,” he said with a calm and content smile on his countenance.   “I have some special treats for you April heard a click and felt a pulling sensation against her neck.   Then she realized, she had been collared and leashed, and Bruce was tugging at “Come on.   Let’s go down to the basement. ”  He removed himself from on top of her, pulling himself to his feet, naked in front of her.   She, too, was naked.   He instructed her to follow on hands and knees.
April was led into the basement, and was instructed to stay on her hands and knees in the center of a mat in the center of the room.   Next to it was a wheeled silver table with various instruments which she could not discern from her near-ground level.   She trembled in a combination of cold and fear, and even some excitement.  She both worried about and looked forward to the deeds that Bruce was going to administer to her supple April heard Bruce shuffle some of the things on top of the metal table, looking up at “Don’t fucking look at me.   Look down. ”  She did so quickly, hanging her head Bruce wheeled the table over as he came behind her body.   He bent down, sliding the handle of her leash over his hand and onto his wrist so both of his hands would be free.   Both of his palms found the globes of April’s beautiful ass, rubbing them outward slowly in circles, giving him brief glances of her asshole and slit.

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    Her beautiful hairless cunt and tight ass drove him mad.   She was humiliated, just thinking about how crudely she was being displayed.   He groaned softly, feeling blood rushing to his dick, engorging it.  
“Oh, yeah,” he whispered, pleased by the presentation and manipulation of her ass.   His movements became more exaggerated, her pussy lips also separating as her cheeks parted.   She was wet, he noticed from the light smacking sound that came when his inward-moving circles closed her ass cheeks and pussy lips.   “That’s it, whore. ”
On an outward-moving circle, Bruce moved forward, slipping his cock into April’s pussy.   She immediately groaned, “Oh, yes. ”
“How do you like that, slut?” inquired Bruce as he playfully pumped her cunt a few times, not with much vigor at all.   It wasn’t like he was going to fuck her pussy and be over with the ordeal.
“Mmmm, I love it, master,” she responded, shifting her hips from side to side.   “I love your cock in my pussy.   Please, can you fuck me harder?”
He gained a bit of leverage by placing one hand on her ass.   “Not yet, baby.


    We’re going to work you up.   You’re going to be at my mercy for quite a while today. ”  He had to maintain his composure so he didn’t end up balling the bitch.   He wanted so badly to cum already, so aroused by his slut that he had to fight himself.
“Yes, master,” she sighed, a bit disappointed, but also a bit relieved, wanting the pleasure to extend, yet feeling so horny that she just wanted to orgasm as soon as possible.
Bruce retracted his cock from April’s pussy and rubbed the head along her slit a few times to gather moisture, then slowly started to press it against the rim of her ass.   She moaned in protest, and he pulled the leash roughly to tell her to stop her bitching.   He pressed in all the way, giving a few slow pumps, just as teasing as with her pussy, but, of course, more painful.
He gave a series of more powerful thrusts after teasing and stretching her a bit, forcing himself to suppress the overload of sensations along his cock.   He relished in her tight ass, mainly because it did feel extraordinary against his dick, but also because he knew April was in great pain.   She moaned and groaned, and he continued to roughly pull back on the leash, but he couldn’t stop her verbal protests.   It wasn’t as if he minded, really.   He loved to hear her in pain.
He gripped tightly onto her ass cheeks, pulling them apart so he could get a good view of his cock penetrating into her tight hole.   It was already becoming inflamed, he noticed.

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    Where it had been pink before, it was becoming a bright red.   It was swelling against his cock, making her even tighter than before.   Her ass cheeks were clenched in pain, accentuating the tautness of it.
He pulled out of her for a few seconds, keeping her cheeks spread wide, looking into the gaping but gradually shrinking hole of her ass.   “Oh yeah, baby, you’re so tight.   Ready to take it back in?  Here it comes. ”
His dick slipped back down into her pussy, to her relief, and he started pounding into her with a rhythmic, moderate pace.   He tightened the leash around his hand, pulling her head up and holding it taut.   His free hand smacked the swell of her ass, making her groan.
Gaining leverage off of the small of her back, he began thrusting harder, his breath becoming more labored, along with hers.   “Do you like my dick slamming into you?”  Fuck, her pussy was tight, too.   And so very wet.   Every time his cock went to the hilt, his nuts would make a meaty thwack against her wet slit, and dribbles of her juices would trickle down into his ball hair.
“Uh-huh,” she grunted, her voice guttural from primitive desires.
His hand slid down her back, returning to her ass cheek, which he gripped viciously before smacking it again, maintaining his rhythm, which certainly wasn’t one that would allow her to cum, just one to keep her wanting more.

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“Oh, god,” she groaned, starting to push back against his cock, making him smile evilly.   Even if it was torture for him, he wanted to torture her, as well.   He was going to build his whore up before releasing her from the strains of her arousal.   He gripped her hips to steady her so she couldn’t move against him, then he stopped suddenly, making her whimper.   “Please, don’t stop. ”
He slowly, torturously pulled his cock back from her pussy.   He lay down on his back, tugging lightly at her leash, instructing her to look at him.   “Mount my cock, bitch, facing me. ”
She did so, her feet resting on either side of his hips.   She groaned when his cock sank into the depths of her pussy.
“Lean back.   Use your arms as leverage.   I want a view of your tits. ”
She carefully leaned back, hands on the floor on the sides of his legs, displaying her front to him.
“Ride my cock.

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She slowly started pumping her legs, running along the length of his enormous erection, her perfectly molded tits swaying beautifully in front of his eyes.  
He put some slack into the leash, which he had kept taut so she would face him, allowing her head to dip back as she moaned in pleasure.
She continued riding him for several minutes, gradually picking up speed and intensity, and he gripped her tits roughly when he felt her pussy spasm with impending orgasm.   “I’m gonna cum,” she groaned.   “Holy shit!”
Just as she was reaching her orgasm, he reached up and wrapped his arms around her back, slamming her forward onto his chest and off of his cock, depriving her of the sensations in her pussy.   She cried out in agony, breathing heavily, searing hot from not being able to get the release she wanted.   She writhed on top of him, nearly weeping.   In fact, tears did course down her cheeks in utter frustration.   As she writhed, he relished in the feeling of her nipples grinding into his chest.
“No,” she whimpered.
“Yes,” he barked, rubbing circles on her back as he waited for her to come down a bit.   He knew she was at a painful high right now, and that it would pass.   It wasn’t easy on her, but he was willing and able (eager, really) to prolong her torture, no matter how difficult she found it to be.   “Calm down.   It’s okay.

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    The longer we prolong this, baby, the better orgasm will be.   For both of us.   I know you’re hungry for my cock, but you’re going to have to learn to be patient.   Hell, maybe we can even keep you from cumming for a couple of days.   Just keep you on the edge like this. ”
She nuzzled her face into his shoulder in dismay.   “Please don’t, master. ”
He gently lifted one hand to her brow line, pushing sweat saturated strands of hair off of her forehead.   “Shhh, baby.   Master is going to do what he wants to your body, remember?  I love when you beg, baby, but the ultimate decision is mine. ”
He waited for her breathing to slow to normal, then unhooked the leash from her collar.   “You have to be a good girl, or it’s going back on.   You understand?”  She nodded.   “Now, baby, hands and knees again. ”
She swiftly got into position, her rump swaying back and forth enticingly, wanting him so badly to fuck her delicious twat.

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Bruce put his bulbous cock head at April’s slit, gathering juices.   This bitch didn’t even need lube (although she could have disagreed) for penetrating her ass.   He put his dick in line with her pink star and moved in slowly, painfully, stopping momentarily when his mushroom head popped through.   She cried out.
“Oh, yeah,” he groaned once she cried, being spurred to start pumping her ass.   “Fuck me, bitch. ”  He put a hand on her back, using a rhythm he knew she could fuck back to.   She began to time her thrusts, although excruciating, against his.   “Yesssss. ”
She would hesitate periodically out of pain and exhaustion, but he would get her back on track with sharp smacks to her rump.   And he also would give her words of encouragement:  “Yes. ”  “Come on. ”  “Fuck yes. ”  “That’s it, whore. ”
Every smack, every filthy word out of his mouth turned her on, and he knew what effect it had on his slut.

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    Her pain was lessening, her pleasure mounting.   She didn’t know what was happening to her or why it was happening.   It all seemed so surreal.   She was in terrible, excruciating pain, yet she was actually enjoying being taken up the ass.   “God damn, baby.   I’m so glad I’m the first one in this tight little ass of yours. ”
“Fuck it,” he continued.   She groaned, dipping her head down.   “Oh, yeah.   This ass is mine.   I may share the rest of your body, but I promise, baby, only I will fuck your asshole. ”
Her bowels clenched with sudden fear.   What?  Share her?  She was obviously upset by the prospect.   She didn’t want to fuck men she didn’t know.   She was already fighting with herself to accept her current situation.

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He smiled cruelly, having predicted such a reaction.   He knew that she would respond with disgust and fear, and he knew what effects it would have on her luscious body.   When she clenched her bowels, an incredibly sensation rippled along his cock.   “Oh, baby,” he whispered as they continued to fuck each other.   He kept fucking into her ass at a steady pace with a reasonable amount of force, and she kept fucking back onto his cock each time he plummeted inside of her.
He leaned forward a bit, whispering into her ear, “Scream for me. ”  He then began pounding her roughly, each hit downward nearly knocking her to the floor, but he followed her body’s every move, lest she try to get away.   Her lips opened, her eyes squinted, and she let out a loud scream of agony, her ass clamping down on his cock, but he managed to fuck through the resistance.
“Cum for me, baby. ”  She was so relieved to hear those words.   Bruce reached underneath April, roughly and suddenly pinching her clit, making her cum immediately.   Her juices trickled down her legs and onto the floor.   She cried out, slumping down after her orgasm.   He stayed in her ass, still hard, but not moving for the time being.
He laughed briefly at her.

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    “What a little whore you are.   All I had to do was pinch your clit, and you came all over the place. ”  He reached down, caressing her thighs, picking up juices to smear along her ass cheeks.   “Oh, man, what a slut.   But we’re not done yet, baby. ”
He smacked her glistening globes.   “What do we say when master makes you cum, or when master fucks you?”
She took in a few deep breaths to try to gain her composure before she was able to speak at a reasonable level.   “Thank you, master. ”
“You’re very welcome, slut. ”  His hands traveled back to her thighs, moving upwards along their inner sides, up toward her pussy.   “You want some more?”
“Mmmmmmhmmmm,” she responded, circling her hips as both of his hands found her pussy, spreading the lips apart.   Her slit was exposed fully to the cool air, which made the plane of her groin tingle slightly.   She wanted his fingers inside of her, though.
“That’s not how I want you to speak to me,” he growled at her, smacking her on the ass as hard as he could, eliciting a yelp from April.   “I’m not going to punish you this time because you’re such a new slut, but you’d better wise up.


“Please, master, I want some more,” she responded, almost robotically.
“That’s a good girl,” he whispered, slapping her ass once again, just for good Bruce pulled his erect cock from April’s ass, loving the sound of its exit, as well as the sight of her hole gradually pulling tight “Come on, slut,” he ordered, pulling himself away from her, walking over to a long silver table on the far end of the basement, wheeling the small portable one behind him.   She followed behind him on hands and knees, the sight of which made him smile as he turned to make sure she was He patted the large table top, signaling for her to get on it.   “Come on, slut,” he repeated, patiently.   She got on top of the table with minimal effort.   This put her at about his chest level when she lay down on her “Good girl.   Scoot to the edge, now,” he spoke softly, coaxing her so that she inched her pussy toward him.   “Spread your legs, little April splayed her legs, grounding her feet on the edge of the table at the corners, spreading her pussy to his view.   He was pleased with what he saw, and Bruce took a few moments to take in the beautiful sight before him.   He saw the glistening of her juices along her twat.   He moved forward so that his torso touched the edge of the table, standing in between her He gently patted her saturated pussy, lightly slapping it over and over, certainly not enough to hurt April, but enough to make her want April shifted her hips a bit, trying to get more friction working on her pussy, but Bruce just continued the light patting.   She wanted more, and he was just torturing her, over and over.   Why couldn’t he just fuck her pussy Bruce used his other hand to spread her labia apart so that the patting would now be concentrated on April’s engorged clitoris.   After just a few gentle pats, she started to breathe heavily.   Her clitoris was extremely sensitive at this point, causing her body to jump slightly at every touch of it.

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    It felt so good, but too subdued for her to be anywhere near the brink of orgasm.   “Oh, He stopped the light beating of her clit once she spoke, swiping a finger down the length of her slit, hooking it into her asshole.   She groaned, bucking her hips.   He slapped her hard on the pussy, the wetness making it sting more.   “Don’t fight it, She cried out in pain, but forced herself to remain calm.   She didn’t want to be smacked When Bruce saw her struggle to behave, his anger subsided, and he smiled at her lustfully.   He watched her face contort in pleasure when the index finger of his other hand hooked into her twat.   He swiped the inside of her walls, corkscrewing his fingers in her ass and pussy.   Both holes clamped down on his fingers.   “Such a tight little pussy and He straightened the finger in her twat, but left the one in her ass hooked.   He started pumping finger in and out of her pussy, soon affixing another finger to his penetrative April rhythmically contracted the muscles of her ass and pussy on his fingers, massaging the invading digits.   “Good girl,” he A third digit made its way in, and every few penetrations, he would curl his fingers up, clawing delicately at her g-spot, making her arc her back off the “Is it so bad being my little whore?  Doesn’t master take good care of “Yes, master,” she groaned, writhing with the pleasures he was bringing her.   “But I don’t like to be He continued to molest her vaginal walls, meeting great resistance by her incredibly tight and contracting pussy.
      “You’re getting used to it, baby.   You’ve already responded favorably to some pain.


        And you’ll get more used to it, and eventually pain will just become another source of pleasure for She whimpered softly at hearing of her fate.   But he was right.   Some of the pain had become “I have a lot left in store for you tonight,” he spoke as if he weren’t fucking her twat with his hand, as if it were an everyday conversation.   “You’re going to be in a lot of pain tonight, baby.   But right now, this is getting unbearable for She looked up at him, seeing that he did, indeed, look tortured by overwhelming lust.   In fact, he hadn’t even cum “I’m sorry, baby, but the pain is going to have to wait.   I need to fuck you so badly.   Oh, baby, I’m going to cum in your She was so relieved that she let out a huge sigh of relief.   He removed his hands from her body to fiddle with mechanisms under the top of the table, dropping it down to a height so that he could align his cock with her pussy.   He pressed the head to her sopping cunt and pushed forward slowly, relishing in the He began pounding into her with a fury, grabbing onto her thighs, pulling her feet off the table and into the air so he could fuck her deeply.   She groaned, throwing her head from side to side.   He grunted at her between thrusts, “Come.   On.   Cunt.   That’s.

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        It.   Although he was intent on orgasm, he remained well aware of April’s levels of arousal, not wanting her to cum from the fucking he was giving her.   So, as soon as he felt his orgasm coming on, he didn’t try to stop it, knowing she wasn’t near enough to cum herself.   His thrusts became more staccato as he felt himself climax, sending his seed deep into her cunt.   When he felt spent, he thrust in one last time as deeply as he could, then stood still.   When she tried to move against him to get friction on the plane of her pussy, he pinned her hips down with his When he pulled out of her, she looked worriedly at him, making him chuckle.   “Don’t worry, April.   I’m going to let you orgasm before we get to the pain.   I want to see you Bruce reached to the portable table and pulled off a purple ribbed glass dildo.   Carefully, he ran it along the length of April’s slit a few times, circling and crushing her clit every time it came into contact with it.   Soon, she was moving her hips up and down, trying to gain more friction.   When she wasn’t expecting it, he thrust it deep into her pussy, looking up to her face briefly to see the pleasured April inhaled sharply, letting out a loud, prolonged growl of pleasure on the exhale, her eyes flipping shut, her mouth gaping wide, and her head dropping “That’s it, slut,” said Bruce huskily, starting to unleash a relentless barrage of penetrations into April’s cunt.   He watched her intently as her arousal mounted.   Her breasts started heaving with her heavy breathing (and he used his free hand to squeeze them in succession).   She was moaning and thrashing her head from side to side.

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        And finally, she began to cum, and he watched her pussy spasm and unload another gush of fluids.   After her orgasm ceased, he pumped her a few more times, then pushed it deeply insider of “You’re going to have to hold that in for me, whore.   It’s staying in while I administer the painful treatment you’re going to be April took a few moments to register what he said through the haze of her post-coital bliss, but then she looked up at him silently, awaiting directions, obviously scared of the oncoming treatment.   “Thank you, master,” she “Get on your hands and knees and spread your legs for me, cunt. ”  He rummaged through the contents of the portable table, finding everything he needed as she got situated as he ordered, the dildo still in place in her tight pussy.   “That’s it, cunt. ”  He gently rubbed her ass cheeks to try to relax her, as he could see she was very “Now, baby, you’re going to get an enema in your ass.   It’s going to be extremely painful.   You have to pay close attention to what I require of you.   Are you listening, “Yes, master,” she said “This enema is very large.   It contains about three quarts of water.   The water is very cold and will cause cramping of your stomach.   Do you understand, “Yes, “You must retain this water inside of you for thirty minutes.   You may not let any of it drip out of your ass.   Do you understand, “Yes, “You must also retain the dildo inside of you.

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        When the thirty minutes are finished, you may expel and take a shower, unless you have disobeyed me.   At that point, you will be punished severely.   Got “Yes, “Okay, we’re going to get started here. ”  Bruce took a jar of petroleum and unscrewed it, adding a generous dollop of it to April’s asshole.   He closed the jar and replaced it on the table, returning his attention to her so he could rub the substance into her ass.   Without even thinking about it, April’s ass began to perform for Bruce, rhythmically clenching and unclenching in an enticing manner.   “Look at what a little whore you April moaned, trapped somewhere between humiliation and abject pleasure.   She stirred a bit as Bruce inserted the nozzle of the enema into her ass.   She groaned in protest and he smacked her ass, laughing a bit.   “Bitch, this is just the nozzle.   What you’re about to get is much, much Bruce started to empty the enema bag into April’s bowels, watching her the whole length of time as she gradually became more and more uncomfortable.   Once her belly began to obviously swell, she started crying, complaining of cramps and fullness and being Bruce didn’t punish her for it, but rather ignored her, at least pleased that she wasn’t being disobedient.   However, he ignored her cries, rubbing one ass cheek gently in a consoling manner as he spoke softly, “You’re such a little whore.   What would your parents He knew this would be of significant humiliation, since April had always been extremely close to her family, considered a daddy’s girl, and that her parents had died years She didn’t speak, but cried more as he continued to speak, still emptying the enema.   “What would your dad think of his little baby girl getting fucked, huh?  And what about this dirty enema?  What would your dad think  if he saw his little girl begging for a thorough “Daddy would find out his little baby girl was a dirty slut,” she responded, to which he “Yes, he would.

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      ”  Once the enema bag was empty, Bruce removed the nozzle, noticing how quickly April clenched her ass to prevent spilling any of the liquid.   He was proud of her.   “That’s it, baby.   You just stay like this, and I’ll be back in a half hour to assess your performance. ”
    When Bruce returned, April was weeping from the severe pain and humiliation, but she had behaved “Alright, baby,” he said, quickly removing the dildo from her pussy.   “I know this has been terrible for you, so you may go shit it out and He moved around to her front side, taking her head in his hands and gently kissing her, invading her mouth with his tongue.   He knew that after such a treatment, any sort of affection would be revolting to her.   He didn’t quit probing her mouth until she kissed him back for several minutes, significantly prolonging the length of time the water was in her bowels.
                Before he helped her up, Bruce slapped each of April’s ass cheeks, making her squeal.
                When she was finally able to go to the bathroom, she was practically running, and she swiftly locked the door and remained in there for hours.


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