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Let me just say that I've read stories on this page for a good year. And thought I might contribute something in return. The story will be filled with typos and misspelt words for I'm not English or American . . .
Just a few quick words about myself: I'm 21, at the time I was 19, male and 6'1'' and about 180 pounds - the average guy. I didn't have a gf at the time and I still don't because of the happenings when I was 19. I was studying at a school in another town. . . In order to go home every weekend, I needed money. The busfares are not cheap there. So yet another weekend and I had no money to go home - I was forced to stay on campus.
Checking some sites in the Internet to jerk off to - I forgot to mention that I'm an avid jerker (maybe 5-6 times a week) -  I stumbled across a game site. It's HQ was located in the same town I was in. It said: "Poker tournaments with friendly betting and friendly gamers.

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   Nice atmosphere. " And an address. So I thought that with my luck in poker I could make enough each week to go home twice. I called the company and they said the first gathering was to be the same day (friday) really close to the campus at 8 pm. I promised to be there.
As I reached the buiding at 18 to 8 I examined it a little - seemed a really nice esteemed building. I stepped in and was greeted by some 18-18 people sitting around two tables. Hey, this is what the ad said - nice and friendly. I was offered a beer which I happily took and sat down at a table. The stakes were low and I soon realized all of them were amateurs. As the night dragged on, I got their playing style and I figured I'd clean this place out. At around 18 pm we were getting pretty drunk and the stakes went higher. I was still in a pretty good state although I had a faint feeling the beer was not what I thought it was. So we played and whatever was put in my beer, was having an effect. I started to get hot - both meanings.

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   I rolled up my sleeves and wanted a new cold beer. They happily gave me one. I started losing badly. I was in the last place according to chip count. And finally I was out . . . no more cash. "Shit" I thought - what now? That's when things really started to heat up. All others quickly finished their games - I think there were 18 people altogether.
I was sitting back feeling the effect of whatever was in that beer and trying to figure out what to do next. I had no money. I'd finished my beer and asked for a new one and indeed something round was put into my hand. I looked at it puzzled as I realized I couldn't move it. The round object was an 8'' dick attached to a rather a handsome guy.

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   I was bewildered but didn't let go. He asked me if I wanted a drink and I just nodded dumbly. He stepped closer and I watched him move towards my face. With a sudden impulse I licked the head of it. It surprised me more than him. I started sucking and licking his thick and long cock. I gagged on it and slurped up my own saliva off it. I jerked him at the same time. Suddenly I felt someone tugging at my shirt - involuntarily I raised my hands and let whoever it was to take it off me. The same happened to my jeans. They were removed together with my boxers . . . I hadn't realized, but I was fully aroused (which means my 5'' dick was standing straight up). I continued to suck this wonderful cock when I was pushed on my back on a table and this gave me my first glance of the surrounding people.

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   They were all naked and aroused. They slowly jerked themselves. Before I could gather my thoughts two dicks were introduced to my hands. One guy mover round to my head and put his cock in my mouth. The same guy I had sucked had found a tube of KY and was applying it to my asshole. I jerked away with both hands. I tried to suck the other huge cock. (I had never sucked cock before and I had never found men attractive). And suddenly that 8'' cock started to make its way up my ass. I had never put anything there so it didn't want to fit. But more pressure and the head was in. I would've yelped or screamed, but my mouth was full and I was told not to talk with your mouth full.
The fucking continued for about 18 minutes before the guy with a cock in my ass started to pick up speed. And right then they all stopped and left and a new foursome was introduced. I was confused but didn't have much time to wonder about that because another two cocks were in me - slightly smaller but still too big for me.

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   And this kept on happening - without any explanation, suddenly all four left and another four took their places. Finally when the fucking had lasted for about two hours I was sore all over, my ass was bleeding and my mouth was bruised and tired. I had read enought stories to know that usually a large group just cums inside the one they use. . . That wasn't the case though. No one had cum yet. And finally the biggest surprise came - another foursome left and I was almost left alone - people backed away and I thought - well, that was weird - better get out of here and at the same time I saw why they had backed - I wanted to back away but couldn't . . . I was meserized. A huge black man was standing in the door frame - huge muscles and a bald head - he did seem like a mountain of strength. But what mesmerized me was the dick - hanging freely and yet being the same size as my forearm. I said to myself - "No way is that going in me". .

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  . And still I couldn't move . . . He came to me and without a word shoved it in my mouth - well the head of it at least. It didn't fit and I couldn't suck on it - he just fucked my mouth and got aroused. When he was satisfied with my mouth, he moved to my ass. I glanced down and saw that it must've been at least 11'' but it might have been bigger. Slowly he placed the tip against my hole. It felt like a brick was shoved in me. At last he got half of his dick head in. I wriggled and winced but still my vocal chords were out of order. He made a sudden effort and had his head in me - now I found my voice - I yelled. At the top of my lungs.
He started really slowly to fuck me - going in just a few inches and staying there, pulling out a little and then pushing in a little more .


   . . I started to enjoy this. Then he picked up the pace and started really fucking me. At that time the other people came near me again. This time they were all ready to cum and I was told to swallow it all - I tried. They came in my mouth, on my face and on my chest. Some went twice. My own cock exploded with all the feelings. When they all had come I was drowning in cum - I couldn't breathe very well. And then came the black man. Finished with my bum, he pulled out, leaving me with a really sore and wide asshole . . . He put the tip of the head of his cock in my mouth and started to cum.

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   I thought I'd die. It was so tasty and it felt like he had gallons of that stuff - I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed - my stomach was full alreadt with 18 shots of cum from 18 men. He finally stopped and I tried to swallow some more and straight after that I went to sleep. I woke up in my dorm room and thought - phew! what a dream . . . I tried to move and my ass was hurting like hell - oh no, I thought. I went as fast as possible to the mirror in my room and I could see the dried cum in my face and hair. And there was still some cum dripping down my leg. . .
Let me know if I should write more. Thanks for reading.



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