Vicky gets taken


Vicky had Matt drop her off a couple blocks from home so that her parents wouldn't know she was out with him. She was 18 and he was 20 so her parents didn't approve of him. She kissed him good bye and began to walk towards her house. As she walked a minivan drove by slowly. It went around the block and came up behind her again. She was only a block from home when they grabbed her. She tried to scream but one of them put his hand around her mouth. There were five of them. They put her on the floor of the van stepping on her to keep her down.
   They dragged her out and into an apartment. She wasn't sure what part of town she was in. It was only about ten minutes from her house. Once inside they wasted no time undressing her. She was crying and pleading. They said nothing at first. Once she was naked they began grabbing at her tits.

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   Pushing her from one to the next. Each grabbing her tits or pussy. They were all laughing. One grabbed her tits very hard and said "Listen if you do what we tell you maybe you won't get hurt too bad". He was a big man, about 6'4. She nodded still crying. He dragged her by her tits to a couch. He sat down and made her kneel in front of him.     He unzipped his pants and brought out his dick. It was the largest she had ever seen (although she had only seen 3 including her little brothers) at about 8 inches. "Suck it he said". She began crying even harder. She had never done that before. Never intended on it. He began pulling her head towards his cock.

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   She tried to resist and he slapped her. She gave up hoping to just get it over with. She took his dick in her mouth. She tried to do it like in the porn movies her and her sister had watched. The big man didn't like it so he grabbed the back of her head and started pumping. While he was fucking her face she felt someone's fingers at her pussy.     The man behind her began pressing his cock to her pussy. She tried to scream but there was a cock in her throat. All that came out were moans. "She must like it" the one behind her said. He pressed harder and his dick entered her. He wasted no time fucking her hard. Making her choke even more on the cock in her mouth. The big man loved the feel of her throat and grabbed her head forcing her all the way down his shaft. He began spurting cum straight down her throat.

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   She passed out.     When she woke she was on her back and a guy was on top of her. She didn't know if it was the same guy that was behind her or not. He was fucking her very hard. Her B cup tits bounced up and down. He bit her shoulder and came into her. He got up and another replaced him. She lay motionless as he fucked her. When he was done they gave her clothes back. She got dressed as they laughed and joked about what they just did. When she was dressed they took her back to the van putting her on the floor. They pushed her out it at almost the exact same spot they had taken her from.     When she got into her house her dad was up. He began yelling at her for being late before she could even tell him what happened. She began crying again and went into her room.

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   She stayed awake the rest of the night crying. .



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