Vacation with a difference part 1


     I awoke with a pounding headache, god, I needed an aspirin. I went to get up, and was stopped. I felt a curious resistance of my arms and legs, looking at them, I saw why. My arms were stretched up above my shoulders, velcro cuffs were fitted around my wrists, and an attached chain was securely fastened to a brass rail headboard. Looking down, I saw my legs were similarly cuffed, my knees were propped up by two large, round pillows, spread wide apart, and fastened to the bedposts. I saw that I was naked, stretched out and restrained in some strange bed. My headache started to ease, and the fog of sleep lifted, and I remembered.

     I had been having a shitty month at work, I was tired of all the demands, annoyances, the stifling hot weather, and I needed a break. Fortunately, my boss was understanding enough to give me a leave of absence, she assured me that when I got back, my job would be waiting for me. I went home, packed a suitcase, and the next day, I was on the road. I drove for three days straight, up into the northern mountains, and the peaceful, quiet forest, the blessedly cooler days, and the lack of pressure was like a healing balm on my body and mind. I stopped at a small village, that looked like a very picturesque spot to stop, stay a while, and let the pressures of the hectic modern world slip away. I checked into a wonderful country inn, and told the owners that I was going to be staying awhile.

     I had awoken the next day, the village seemed almost like a representation of paradise, so calm, so tranquil. It was 6 AM, dawn was 20 minutes away, and it seemed like the perfect time to go jogging. I had been on the track and field team at my high school, which had kept my body nice and tight, I had always had a more slender build, and I liked to keep it athletically fit.

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   I pulled on a sports bra, tank top, panties and a tight pair of running shorts. I did not like loose, baggy shorts, I always wore running shorts that hugged my body. Stepping outside, I laced up my Reeboks, the early morning coolness was perfect. I did a set of stretches, warming up my muscles. Then, I set off at a leisurely pace, heading back the way I had come. Just outside the village boundary, was a logging road that led up into the back woods, and I chose that both for the forest, and the elevation. The forest, and the rich scent of pine trees surrounded me, and I could feel the sweat starting to pop out from the extra exertion as I ascended.

     The last little big of fog lifted from my mind, and I recalled it all. As I rounded the trail, I was jumped on by a group, 5 or 6 I would guess, hands all over my body, roughly groping at my tits. I felt hands shoved down my shorts, into my panties, hands groping at my ass and sex, fingers trying to shove their way into my holes.

     "Take it easy, and you won't get hurt" a voice rasped in my ear.

     Having an arm within range, I shot my mouth forward, fastened my teeth around it, and bit down hard.

     "Fuck, damn, you cunt! Put her out!"

     I had felt a very hard strike to the back of my head, blinding sparks of pain seemed to fill the world, and that was as far as my memory went, until now.

     The door opened, and in walked one of my captors. He grinned, seeing that I was awake, and closed the door.

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   His eyes crawled all over my body, I could feel my body blushing, I felt so naked, without even so much as being able to cover myself with my hands.

     "Welcome back, sleeping beauty. Sorry we had to clip you one, but biting is not allowed. Now, I expect you got a pretty good headache, and if you'll be a good girl, we'll give you something for the headache. "

     He raised his arm, and I could see a bottle of extra strength Aspirin. I nodded eagerly, and he came around to the side of the bed.

He uncapped a bottle of water.

     "Now, I'm going to put my hand behind your head, lift it up, pop in the Aspirin, and let you drink them down. No funny stuff, understood?" he growled, a very serious look on his face.

     I did exactly as he told me, and felt a cool refreshing drink of water carrying the pills down. I let out a small sound of enjoyment, and thanked him.

     "You are most welcome baby. We want your head to not be hurting, for what we have in store for you", he added, with a grin.

     Before I could ask, he was out the door, closing it behind me. Hmm, what they have in store for me, I can just imagine what that means, I tried to not think about it, but the word rape kept jumping into my head.

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   They way I was trussed up, legs spread apart and propped up, my sex fully exposed, what else could it be?

     Thirty minutes later, he walked in, leading a group of teen boys. They looked to be 18-18 years old, and they all stared at my naked body. He led them over to the side of the bed, and told them what to do.

     "Stroke her body, feel those great tits, slide your hand between her legs, play with her, get your cocks all nice and stiff. "

     I didn't have much choice in the matter, and the boys were more than eager, and I felt 9 pairs of hands feeling me up, their caresses were nice, not hard, or rough like some fumbling teens might be tempted to do. I saw 9 rock hard cocks rise up, and he told them what to do next.

     "Okay, climb on the bed, circle her head, and stroke off, blow your pent up loads all over that pretty face!"

     I soon had nine hard young cocks surrounding my head, and hands reached down, and 9 young men started stroking, eager to splatter my face.

     "Yeah, that's the way guys, stroke out a big load, and plaster that sweet face! Use her face for cum shot target practice, splatter every drop all over her!"

     They guys were gruting and moaning, and I could see hard throbbing cocks ready to blow. I closed my eyes, and one cock started to spit his load across my face, a second cock erupted, I could feel his thick streams spraying over my face, adding to the load, then they all started cumming, torrents of thick, hot spunk erupting from all around me, thick hot sprays splattering down from all around, covering my face with thick white ropes of their teen cum, my face was covered with a sheet of cum, plastered with the biggest, gooiest load ever.

     After every drop had been deposited, the boys got up, grinning, thanking him for the opportunity to plaster my face. They left, and 5 more guys entered, this time, they were more my age, mid 20's or so, and I could see the undisguised lust as they started at my face, covered with thick cum. Clothes flew off, including the first guy, and 6 very hard, eager cocks were pointing skyward, ready to fuck me.

     "Okay baby, here's what happens. We are going to fuck you at both ends, you'll suck us, giving you lots of tasty cum to swallow, and fuck you at the same time. You'll love it, you aren't the first one, and you won't be the last that will be here for our use.

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   Now, in case you want to try any cute tricks, like biting our cocks, take a look at this. "

     He showed me a large gun, very powerful looking. I knew hardly anything about guns, but he quickly gave me a lesson.

     "This is a . 357 Magnum. This can kill a deer, and if fired at point blank range into your head, well, lets just say it would be really, really messy. So, are you going to be a good girl, and do as you are told?"

     I quickly paled, thinking about my head exploding, and quickly nodded, eager to let him know I was not going to make trouble.

     I quickly felt hands reaching for my pussy, fingers running along the entrance, and one of the guys, with a thick, 8 inch cock, took his place at my entrance, ready to fuck me.

     "Now, just remember what I told you," he warned me. "And don't forget to swallow every drop of sperm that we pump into your mouth. "

     Another guy, who looked to be about 6 inches, presented his cock to my mouth. I knew what was expected of me, and I opened wide, and let him slide his cock into my mouth. As I felt my mouth swallowing his prick, the 8 inches poised at my pussy pushed, once he was in, he shoved hard, and I grunted with discomfort, my pussy was dry and tight, and his cock forced into me, raping my cunt. He slammed it in all the way, and I let out another muffled grunt of pain.

     My mouth fucker pushed in, and I was able to take in his entire length, without too much difficulty.

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   He paused, to let my mouth adjust, then placing a hand behind my head, he held my head steady while her started to fuck my face.

     The guy fucking my cunt gave me a rape ride, while my mouth fucker raped my mouth. I endured it as best I could, being fucked at both ends. Fortunately, being typical guys, it only took a couple of minutes, until the large cock fucking my pussy started to pulse, and he grunted out, as his slimy jizz spewed, filling my violated cunt, then my mouth fucker growled out, and his cock erupted, a large spew of his seed filling my mouth, and I quickly swallowed his load, eager to show them I was co-operating.

     It went on, I was double teamed by all 6 men, getting fucked and filled at both ends. The ones that had fucked my cunt first then took a turn getting their cocks sucked, and I got to taste my pussy juices smeared all over their hard stiff shafts as they eagerly fucked my mouth. The ones who had gotten sucked off first then took their turn between my thighs, shoving their renewed hard-ons in, and ramming my cunt. I was refilled from both ends, having loads of white, sticky cum blown up my violated cunt, and fired into my mouth. There was no enjoyment on my part, they just used my cunt and mouth for their own pleasure. After the initial cock that started the rape, it was varying degrees of discomfort, depending on how big a cock was being rammed up me, as soon as one cock had blown off inside of my cunt, another cock would take its place, listening to the lust grunts, his cock rubbing and thrusting against the sore spots, having to bear it again, until that cock exploded its load into me, then the next one, and so on.

      My mouth fared a little better, but still, no enjoyment on having my mouth used almost like a secondary cunt, having my mouth fucked at the same time, hot, slimy cum filling my mouth, and having to swallow it all.

     Finally my 6 man gang bang ended. I was a mess, the boys cum had been left splattered all over my face, my mouth was full of the aftertaste of their cum, my pussy was stretched and sore, I could feel the cum trickling out, I was covered with the sweat of them as they had fucked me.

     The one that had first spoke to me got a basin of warm water and a washcloth, and he carefully sponged me down, wiping off the sweat, then washing all the thick, dried cum off my face.

     "There, perfect.

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   Now, you're ready for the next part. "




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