Two Teens and a drink



his story is somthing i dreamed once it isnt real in anyway shape or form i just realy enjoyed the dream so i thought id explain it to the rest of the web how great a dream it was.  Im writing it from the view of the boy in this story.

Hi my names Josh an this is the story of how me and my best friend Holly were forced to take each others virginity
firstly ill tell you abit about me im ur average 18 year old Lad, outgoing loud and basicly a bit of a goof ball expiecaly around any girl except holly  .  Now im not slim but sort of well toned, u know not flabby in anyway but not exactly bulging with muscle and not the brightest tool in the shed either and definatly more talk than action
now Holly shes a bright eyed girl who for some reason wanted to be my friend when we were younger and after the first few lunch times with each other we were inseprable from the hip where ever she went i went an visa versa she quickly became my best friend and when my parents moved away to go live in spain her parents were kind enough to let me stay with them at their home
now let me describe holly to u shes beautyful (not that i ever noticed till this whole ordeal happend)shes the same age as me and like me is loud and very energetic. She has fairly short hair but instead of looking like a les it makes her look more like a girl than when she had long hair shes got nice firm breasts with nipples that turn on and off whenever they want which makes going swiming with her a very funny experiance for me an the other lads and an embarrasing one for her (she loves the attention realy) n e way like i was saying , she wears very tight shirts which make her breasts look soo firm like small mellons which does nothing to help her nipple erection problem an she never wears underwear of any kind ever no matter what ive never seen her wear em once and when its nice outside she likes to wear tight jean shorts or a nice an small skirt which on reflection i think its safe to say were almost always ment for me and no one elses pleasure though i never noticed it
Now to the story:
it was a warm day in the summer and me and holly had been helping out her uncle harry move his stuff into his new house an holly being holly decided that shed wear a very short skirt which rose up to reveal her ass everytime she picked up a box which was every ten seconds or so and even i started to pay attention to it even though she was like a sister to me an im pretty sure that her uncle did cause he had to go to the bathroom after the first five minutes to take a slash and was gone for atleast half an hour me on the other hand wwas forced to constantly fix my belt buckle till harry got back and i could do the same and sure enough as soon as harry was out i was in and beating my 6inch member as if id never beaten off before and the images of her perfect ass still freash in my mind i came quick and strong covering the wall next to the sink with strings of my cum 3 or 4 big ones as well .i quickly clean myself and the wall off before heading downstairs to help with the rest of the stuff but to my surprise when i got down to the bottom of the stairs i saw that everything was unpacked from the truck and both of themwere sitting down at the kitchen table having a cup of tea upon my entry to the kitchen i saw her looking at my crotch while licking her lips which made me realise that id forgotten to zip up properly and i blushed a bright shade of red as i sat down to the table.
Harry decided to give us a tenner each to go have some fun at the local pub which was alright seeing as they didnt know who we were and we both looked old enough to get served without ID so we orderd a pint each and after 2 or so more hours we were told that it was last orders for anyone not staying in the inn upstairs  but me and holly wernt ready to leave just yet so we inquired as to the price of a night and it was only 30 pounds for the night so we diecide to have some more drinks then just pass out upstairs when we were done .  Little did we know how true that would be.
After another hour we were both feeling the affects of the alcohol kick in an decided to ask for one last shot before we got some kip and the man behind the bar told us that hed make us two somthing nice on the house which fair enough, free drink was fine by me so we drank up the shot and headed to our room and upon setting myself down i fell asleep and so did holly
we awoke somtime early the next moring with the sunlight shining on us both but we couldnt move and niether of us were wearing anything which made me blush yet again because of the moring wood which i always seem to have after a while we heard a voice from the other side of the room and it was the bartender and what he had in his hand scared me .  He had a gun and his dick was out aswell
"I slipped you two somthing last night . hope you dont mind" he told me and holly
"what do u want from us u sicko?" holly demanded
"holly i think hes going to rape or kill us "i said barly audiable over holly crys and she finaly went quiet
"please dont do this to us were just kids we arnt even 18 to drink in a pub please dont rape us or kill us"she pleaded and confessed
the man just stared at her as if sizing her body up and then began playing with his flaccid cock which quickly grew into what looked like a 4 inch penis and i had to strugle not to laugh at the man who was easily twice if not three times my age but had a smaller cock than min the man got up and came towards me and when he got to my side he placed the gun to my head and told me to open up and not bite for punishment by a gd beating at the least
i was terified by this id never even had sex with a women let alone give head to anyone and this man was going to force me to for fear of my life at stake
he placed his cock at my lips and told me to open up but i refused to so he place the gun at hollys head and i had no choice but to open my mouth id rather lose all self respect than risk hollys life he placed his cock into my mouth slowly and told me to suck on it for him but i again refused an he again placed the gun to hollys head and so i did as he asked and began to bob my head back and forth onto his cock and i was so close to puking when he pulled out an came over mine and hollys naked bodys which just about topped it off for me and i was begining to puke when he cut my arm bonds and let me puke into a bucket by the side of the bed  then gave me a little pill that looked like a breath freshener TicTac which i refused to take till he began to raise his arm up to point at hollys head and i grudgingly took the pill and left it in my mouth then after a quick fondle of my now flacid cock an hollys breasts he went and cut my bonds on my legs but kept his gun on hollys head which teriffied her into a scream
"scream all you want hunni it doesnt matter we arnt in the inn n e more were in the middle of nowhere there are no other houses for about 5 miles in any direction! So scream your lungs out all you want "he laughed to himself
"what do u want now u freak uve had ur fun" i said pointing to the cum that was now dried to my skin
"i did a little cheak on your girlfriend over there and shes still a virgin now as much as id love to do the honors id enjoy no id love the idea of you breaking her in without her being able to enjoy her first time and that thought will get me off for quite a while after u two have gone " he half heartedly laughed then spat at holly who cringed as his descusting bile splatterd over her left tit
"i cant do that i rather die that do her that dishoner of raping her im not a sicko"
"i know u arnt. but i also know that u will do anything to protect her so heres you insentive" he shot a bullet into the bed about a foot to the right of her head the another one closer to her head than before
by now holly was screaming so loud that if anyone was walking within a 3 mile radius they would hear
"ok ok ill do it jus please promise to let holly go afterwards "i said quickly before his next bullet was sent straight into her skull he put his gun back down and walk to the corner of the room and got a bottle of babyoil from the table then trough it down to the bed before sayin
"get your cock hard and cover it in the oil im doubting that shes gonna be wet " he commanded
"holly im so sorry please forgive me"i said just as i climbed up on top of her and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy i was now rock hard because even though i was being force to do it to her a part of me just wanted to do it just as if i wasnt being forced to so i whisperd to her that she may aswell try enjoy it that way the pervert would be robbed of his prize which he wanted
she just nodded to me and began taking deep breaths as i started pushingmy cock into her
she was tight soooooooo fucking tight it hurt  and i couldnt get it in
"whats the matter boy lost yer dick or somthing" he said impatiantly to me
"well if u must know shes too tight i cant fit in her dick head"i slung back
"watch yer tounge boy or i may just chop it off and shove it up yer own arse " he said in such a tone that there was no doubt that he wasnt joking
so i got the bottle of oil and pored a huge amount onto her pussy and on my cock and i even managed to squirt some into her which she seemed to enjoy because of the moan she gave off
so i repositiond and this time i just threw it forward as quickly as i could instead of going slowly and all of a sudden my cock became surounded by the greatest feeling id ever felt and it was almost surreal to have such a new feeling sundenly there but it was interupted by an earth shattering scream followd by a bit of crying from holly as i realised what id just done to her and rememberd what the man had said and realise that id just taken her virginity and she was taking mine
and all of a sudden i grew stregth and began to pound her slow but hard pulling out to the tip then forcing all the way down into her warm tight silky womb and i was in heaven and from the sounds that holly was makeing i could tell that she was loving it just as much if not more than me so i carried on pounding in and out of her harder and fast and i kept on going and i could sense that i was getting close to cumming
"boy dont cum in her yet since ur enjoying this too much ur gonna pull out before u cum and then ur gonna do as i say boy if ya know whats gd for ya"
upon hearing this i pulled out and the man brough the bottle of lube back an place his gun on my bare back which sent a shiver up my spine and as he did this he cut her leg binds and told me to do as he says other wise hed kill us both and he moved my cok with his hand to hollys asshole and told me to push with a reinforcment of his resolve by cocking the gun and pressing it even deepen into my skin which was beging to hurt so i push hard but it just wouldnt go in to her her ass was even tighter than her pussy so i did what i did before an placed a load of lube on my dick an her ass an also lubed up one of my fingers and began to up it up her ass which felt so gd to me and when i got it to the knuckle i began to turn it then pulled out and put two fingers in and began turning then and the only noise you could hear were hollys pleas begging me not to do this to her but i couldnt it was her life an id never do anything to put it at risk so i had to contine
after a minute she went quiet so i puled my fingers out an replaced my cock at her ass hole and began to push hard an it went in  with a sharpe cry from holly as she got used to my intruding member and i began fuckinmg her slow and gently and before i could do anything the man had placed his cock at my asses entrance and shoved his cock into me in one quick move which stung like hell
"keep fucking her boy" he comanded
an i kept fuckintg her ass as he batterd mine and i was begining to enjoy the feel of hollys ass and she of my intrutions so we began getting close to orgasm when the mans cock began to grow in my ass and then hit my prostate which sent me cumming deep into holly as the man cam in my ass  he pulled free and offerd his cock to me and pointed the gun at holly and i took his cock without question and then began to throw up almost emediatly and he hit me across the back of the head and i passed out cold when i awoke i was back in the inn with holly and she was tied down next to me an wasnt awake so i turnd an hugged her naked body for a long time till she began to stirr and she turnd her head to me and asked me if it was over an i said yes and she asked me to finish what had been started the previous day and fuck her fully in the pussy which i was taken aback at first but the realised that she realy wanted me to so i got on top and tryd to get in and this time i actualy got in without any help and we made sweet sweet love for hours on end and then when we were finished afterwards we noticed a tape sitting on the table and placed it into the VCR and pressed play  and it was everything that had happend the previous day and it was the part when he was just shoving his cock into my ass an then i rememberd how it all happend then i turnd to holly kissed her lips and said
"if it wasnt for that man i might never have had the strength to love u the way i do now "and with that she slapped me hard and began telling me about how obvious shed bin towards me about everything and that it was my fault all of this happend then she looked at me and said ur not a bad fuck so i guess ill live and the look on her face was one of pure evil and then she picked up a note that was atached to the tape and it read
'Dear josh and holly thanks for the fucks an dont worry ill keep intouch '
and since then me an holly have been raped like this atleast once a month but we dont mind and i think im even getting used to the feel of his cock in my ass so goes to show you never know what can come from a simple shot!



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