Twisted Teen Tales 01


Twisted Teen 1                    Spanked and Raped by Daddy
 When I was fourteen, mom took a powder, leaving me and dad to fend for ourselves. He didn't take it so good. Unfortunately he took it out on me. Once a week, whether I needed it or not, I went over his knee for a good spanking. At first he let me keep my clothing on, but as the weeks went by the amount of clothing I wore decreased dramatically. Soon I was getting blistered while wearing only my panties and bra. I was beginning to fill out, and he noticed immediately. That just made him spank me harder. He started taking out his frustration over losing mom on me. Now my spankings were more revenge for mom leaving, as if I had anything to do with it.
 I was still in middle school and he didn't have to worry about anybody seeing the condition of my sore butt. He always gave me the spanking on friday evening, and as time passed they got harder and longer. Then one night it got so bad that I tried to get away from him. That was a big mistake. He caught me and the next thing I knew, my hands were tied behind my back and my panties were yanked off. Let me tell you, that walloping was the absolute worst I took up until then.

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   I also noticed that he had a nice fat boner while he was doing me.
 From then on I was in deep trouble. Now I was taking my spankings in the nude with my hands bound tightly behind my back and pulled up to be anchored to the collar he fastened around my neck. Now according to him, I was the cause of all his troubles and he was going to make damn sure that I never turned into the trampy teaser he claimed mom had become. Every other swat, and I took too many to count, he'd call me a name like," you fucking tease, you miserable cunt, you trampy whore, you piece of shit, etc, etc. . . "
 Over the weekends I'd not be allowed to wear any clothing at all and he watched me like a hawk, to the point that he'd follow me into the bathroom to observe me doing my business. He started feeling me up, using as an excuse that I was trying to get him interested in my body, which by now was really blossoming. My tits were mauled night and day, my sore ass pinched mercilessly and he started goosing me, which soon turned into finger fucking me while I had to stand there with my hands behind my neck and my legs spread, so he could inspect me to make sure I was still a virgin.
 Then one weekend it happened without warning, although I can't say I was that surprised. Dad walked into the livingroom and stared at me. I was wearing the uniform of the day, just my bare face and a body to match. I was so used to showing everything that I just ignored dad and hoped he'd go away. After a long pause he told me it was time I started earning my keep around here.

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   I had no idea what he had in mind, then I noticed the stiffy trying to poke a hole in his trousers. I was about to be initiated into the mysteries of grown-up sex, the kind of stuff  we talked about constantly at school when we were on break or supposed to be studying.
 I had mixed feelings about this idea of earning my keep; part of me was scared, fearing I'd get pregnant or catch one of those venereal diseases they talked about in health class. The other part was eager to get this over with and discover for myself what sex was all about. The fact that my dad was going to break me in made it kind of weird, but at least I knew he wouldn't go blabbing about doing me to everyone at school. I looked at his crooked finger and the leer on his face and knew I was about to get devirginized, as we used to describe the first time.
 It was strange to be walking into what used to be their bedroom. For me this was the first time I'd been in here since mom had split. They had slept in a four poster bed, and I wondered how many times they had done the nasty in that king sized playpen for adults. I picked up that expression from one of my girlfriends at school who had heard it by accident from her parents. Right now it didn't look like any playpen to me. I was about to get my tight teen twat busted all to hell by my own father, how weird was that?
 I took a good look at the bed and realized that dad's decision to break my cherry today was no spur of the moment thing. There were ropes running from each of the bedposts, and a pillow sitting dead center on the bed. I realized that there was no sense in struggling, dad was way too big and the last thing I wanted to do was get him pissed off just as he was about to do me for the first time. He pointed and I hopped on the bed and assumed the position, my arms and legs spread wide.

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   He grinned down and started  to tie first one and then the other wrist, using the ropes that were looped around the posts. He asked me if the ropes were too tight, and I shook my head. He told me that was good, but it wouldn't have mattered one way or the other to him.
 Before he started to tie my ankles, he positioned the pillow under my bruised ass, the weekly spanking fresh in my mind from last night. I gave thanks that at least my swollen ass cheeks would be cushioned when he started fucking me. It was not for this reason that my butt was on that pillow; instead my creamy, dreamy cunt was sitting up like a clay pigeon for his roto-rooter. He took his time doing my ankles, making sure  my thighs were spread wide and the angle of attack for my crotch was correct. Once he was satisfied, he pinched my cunt lips and got a yelp of surprise from me. "That will never do. Glad I came prepared. " It was as if I wasn't even there; he was just carrying on a conversation with himself, not a good sign for this virgin sacrifice.
 He rummaged around  for a few seconds then came up holding a pair of bikini panties and acting like a kid who just found a prize in his crackerjack box. I was informed that these very panties had been worn by mom just a day or so before she split. According to daddy, he found them in the hamper and he'd saved them for a special occasion. At least deflowering his own daughter was in his mind a special occasion, that's something.

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   Before I could argue, he jammed them into my mouth and nearly choked me. There wasn't much I could do since I was trussed up like a turkey ready for the oven. He gave me a dumb grin, the kind that guys at school would give when they caught a glimpse of your panties or maybe the hint of a bare tit. I never let mine flop in the breeze, I wanted these babies to grow big and firm, and for that they needed a good bra.
 I was now totally at his mercy, not a good feeling. I watched as he carefully undressed, folding his pants neatly and hanging them over the chair sitting by the bed. Finally the big moment came and he flopped out his cock, and it was impressive. I'd seen more than my share of pricks, most of them photographs. Dad wasn't full hard yet, and I gulped and wondered just how big that bad boy was going to get before he was ready to nail me to the mattress. I watched transfixed as he pulled at the head and ran his hand up and down the shaft, making that snake of his grow bigger. It took some time before he was satisfied with the way his cock stood out from his groin. He gave me a grin that was pure evil and told me that this was going to hurt me a whole lot more than it hurt him. That was the reason for the gag, now it all made sense. I didn't like the idea of screaming my head off into mom's panties, which I wondered if he had ever washed.
 He crawled onto the bed and straddled my body, supporting his weight on his arms that looked like tree trunks close up.

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   He wiggled his hips and made the head of that monster cock rub over my pussy lips. I shivered, more from fear than excitement, although there were elements of both now acting on me. I will never forget what happened next. He shifted his hips, took a deep breath and proceeded to ram half of his thick joint into my tiny pussy. It hurt! It hurt a lot! It felt as if somebody had punched me in the stomach. I found out that I couldn't get any air either. The next thrust also caught me by surprise and it felt as if my pussy had just swallowed a softball.
 Now that the preliminaries were over, he got serious and began to fuck me so hard my eyes couldn't focus. I still was having major problems getting air, but the pain from the battering ram he was using to destroy my cunt overwhelmed everything else. I could hear the sound of his groin pounding against my crotch as that tool warped my insides. I didn't believe it at first when he shifted into another gear and gave it to me harder and faster at the same time. There was no way he was going deeper unless he punched a hole in my uterus. I thought I was going to die right on the spot, but no such luck.
 When he began to curse and swear at me, using every name in the book as well as some I'd never heard before, I thought for sure that he was going to kill me. It was now a question of when and how much pain I'd have to absorb before he ruptured something inside my twat and I bled to death.

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   That just goes to show you what the lack of experience can do when you're getting fucked for the first time by someone who knows what he's doing and could care less for your well-being. Daddy knew that the chances of killing me with his hard dick were one in a million, maybe ten  million. That was the kind of risk he was willing to take; how macho of him.
 In and out, faster and faster he went, and all I could do was take it. Then he suddenly stopped with that big dick buried to the hilt in my poor sore pussy. I could hear him panting and a few drops of sweat dripped onto my chest. Then he slowly backed out until just the head was stretching the mouth of my aching pussy. With a loud grunt he drove that cock into me like it was a spike. It felt as if some one was pounding a big nail into my guts. He was punching that monster as deep into my cunt as it would go. Every thrust  was hard and made me want to throw up. He had at least stopped cursing and threatening me, but the pain did not let up in the slightest.
 Then his big hands clamped down on my budding breasts and I had to deal with a new source of pain. Now he was twisting and yanking my poor boobs and at the same time stretching my tight twat by moving his prick from side to side as he fucked me like some kind of a machine. Slowly the level of pain began to drop as my cunt started to adjust to the big intruder barreling through my fuck tunnel like a freight train.

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   Once it sank in that I wasn't going to be fucked to death, at least not this time, I relaxed and actually felt a litte tickle deep down in the depths of my cunt.
 I started to fuck back as daddy continued to drill for oil inside my twat. For some insane reason that made him angry again and he picked up the pace, pounding me so hard that I thought my eyes were going to fall out of my head. I could hear the sound of wet flesh slapping together as he beat my fuck tube with growing fury. Then the cursing and threats started up again. He was furious that I had the nerve to actually begin  getting into what he was giving me. This was supposed to be some kind of punishment he was dealing out to me, and I was instead acting like some cock-crazed tramp. Now there was no way he was going to lighten up on the muscle he was applying to my poor cunny. I was going to take it until I passed out. The only problem was that the more I took, the more I began to enjoy the pounding I was getting. Now I began to wonder if I wasn't exactly what he claimed I was, namely a cheap whore wannabe, a trampy slut who was addicted to cock.
 Suddenly his dick stopped moving in and out and his body stiffened. He let out a strangled groan,  yanked his prick from my swollen cunt and gave me a hosing that deposited his cum from the hollow under my chin down to my red, raw cunt mouth. He  leaned back on his heels and tried to recover from all the effort he had put into my first, but believe you me, not my last fuck. I'll admit I was sore in a lot of places, especially my twat and those poor little titties that had just been baptized with his holy water.

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   After a time he leaned forward and massaged my tits, rubbing the cum into the skin. According to what he said the cum would make them grow bigger and faster. I sincerely hoped he wasn't just fooling with me.
 He got off me and wandered out of the bedroom, leaving me still tied spread-eagle to the bed with a glistening trail of cum showing that he had given me all he had. I wondered if he'd return for seconds. Part of me cringed at the thought of that monster dick starting to again ram away inside my sore cunt, another part was kind of thrilled at the prospect of having daddy do me once more. I waited and waited. First I heard the sound of the shower in the bathroom, then there was silence for what seemed like an hour. Was he asleep, resting up for another go at me?  I decided to try and get some sleep. All that fucking had tired me out plenty, even though he had done most of the work and damage.
 I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew he was leaning over me and shaking my head back and forth. My eyes popped open and I knew by the goofy look on his face that round two was about to begin. This was a little different in that he pulled the wet wad of panties from my mouth and substituted his half-hard cock for me to suck. This was another first, but I guess I did it well enough to get the desired results. Back went the gag along with some fresh adhesive tape to keep it where it belonged.

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   Then he lined that meat torpedo up and buried it to the hilt in my raw, sore cunt, nearly making me swallow my tongue from the force he applied.
 This time he sort of took his time, pounding me to a pulp , then leaning back and letting my pussy mouth hold the head of his dick as he recovered his strength for another run at my aching fuck tunnel. He hammered me to the point that I was nearly unconscious from the heavy duty punishment my former virgin cunt was taking. On and on it went, I thought that hard prick would never get soft. Once he pulled out and I thought he was going to shoot his load all over me. Instead he tried to tit fuck me, but my boobs weren't  big enough to make it work. I guess he was a little irritated because when he reseated that big gun of his in my fuckhole it took my breath away and I thought I'd been kicked by a mule. Some time afterward I started to get that tingle again. His fucking was getting almost comfortable when abruptly that cannon went off and sprayed me with cum for the second time that day. That was all she wrote and shortly thereafter I tottered to the bathroom and took a long hot shower and carefully checked my twat for any permanent damage.
 By the time I returned to school, my limp was hardly noticeable. By midweek I was getting sort of itchy for the next installment that I just knew daddy was planning for the weekend. He did not disappoint me. I was a bit surprised when he announced on friday night that I was due for a good spanking for being such a tramp and a tease. It turned out to be punishment in advance for what was going to happen between the two of us the next evening.

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   Based on the length of time and enthusiasm he displayed for tanning my cute ass, I was in for a good fucking tomorrow. From then on I could always gauge in advance what was in store for me in what used to be my parents bedroom.
 Then one weekend a few months later, when I was less than a month from my fifteenth birthday, daddy gave me a spanking that was off scale for violence. I literally could not sit down between then and when he tied me down to the big bed and got me ready for another lesson in how to properly satisfy the horny male. There I was naked as a jaybird, tied down and ready, willing and very able to spend the next  few hours getting my fuckbox stretched and drubbed by his mighty engine, as he was now referring to his cock. He had stepped out for a moment, and while he was gone the doorbell rang, which was odd for this time of the evening. A few minutes later I got the shock of my life when daddy and this strange man I'd never seen before in my life entered the bedroom.
 All I could do was gawk at this guy as daddy explained that Jack was friend from work who was interested in some teenage pussy since he and his wife were on the outs. I guess daddy had bragged about how good I was in the sack and so here Jack was, ready to go. I was in no position to argue with him and so that evening I took them both and they took me in return, playing double your fun toward the end. The funny thing about the whole scene was that tingle of mine went off scale and I managed my first orgasm with my dad as he nailed me to the bed while I sucked Jack's semi-hard dick so he could take over once daddy was done warping my fuckbox. So I guess in the long run he was right about me all along. As far as I was concerned, being capable of getting off was well worth the wear and  tear on my developing body.



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