Turning The Tables Part 2


Jen led me to the bathroom, dropped the seat on the toilet, and then motioned for me to sit down. She got a damp cloth and dabbed at my puffy lip, removing the dried blood, always keeping one eye on the naked intruders lying on the floor of the bedroom. She took some salve from the medicine cabinet and gently rubbed it on my shoulders where the straps from my teddy left burn marks. My body was still hitching from my sobs and Jen hugged me gently, kissing my neck while rubbing the bump on the back of my head. I put my arms around her and hugged her back, feeling safe and warm in her embrace. When I felt that I was fully composed I rose from the toilet seat and headed for the shower stall, feeling extremely dirty. It was Jen that noticed the drop of blood on the toilet seat and she asked me to bend over so she could inspect for damage. She assured me that it was just a tear of the skin at the entrance to my butt hole that was bleeding and not something internal. “Take your shower while I tend to the two animals and then let’s eat. I’m starved!” Jen said jovially, hoping to lighten my mood. I stepped into the shower and turned the water on as hot as I could stand and let it run over me, making me feel better. I soaped up a wash cloth and scrubbed my asshole in spite of the sensitivity. My shoulders and neck still ached from Bo pulling on my head so I set the showerhead to massage and let the jets do their work before stepping out and drying off. I was blow drying my hair when Jen walked back into the bathroom and gave me a soft kiss on the back of my neck. She had stripped down and was wearing only a sheer see-through robe. Just looking at her muscular, well toned body made my pussy wet.

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   “I set the food on the table, Sara. All my favorites. Thanks. ” she said smiling. “Our guests are secured and shouldn’t give us any trouble while we eat. ” Before Jen turned to leave the bathroom I felt something cold hit my asshole and I jumped involuntarily. Jen gave my torn asshole a shot of Neo. “Thanks for the warning butthead,” I giggled, and we both laughed. Jen handed me an equally sheer robe and we left the bathroom to eat dinner. As we passed through the bedroom I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Jen outdid her evil self. She duct taped their ankles and rolled them on their backs facing the door. She then propped a couple of pillows under their heads so they could watch us eat. In spite of their predicament, they both had erections. “The duct tape over their mouths is a nice touch Jen.

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  ” I said approvingly. “They started talking, I didn’t want to hear it. ” Jen giggled. I saw upon entering the kitchen that Jen had fixed us both plates and she nuked each for about thirty seconds to warm them up. As we ate, I related the story to her from the time I saw them on the path to the time she entered the scene, sparing no detail. Seeing that I was getting upset all over again, Jen changed the subject and began talking about her day. We finished dinner and sat at the table drinking the last of the white wine I had purchased for the meal. During the meal Jen got up several times to get things and subtly put on a show for our two guests, profiling her gorgeous body for them. Their erections bobbed up and down. It must have been painful. “What do you have in mind?” I finally inquired of Jen. “Well Sara honey,” Jen began, the evil grin reappearing on her beautiful face, “they said they wanted to rest up and go again, so I’m going to oblige them. Only this time we’re going to turn the tables. Are you in?”“You bet I am,” I responded gleefully. “Let’s go.

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  ”We got up from the table and made our way to the bedroom. Jen removed her sheer robe while she walked leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. My juices started flowing just looking at her. I followed her lead and removed my robe also. We entered the bedroom and stood in front of our guests, legs slightly spread, letting them drink in our gorgeous, well defined bodies. I could see fear and uncertainty on their faces but there was the unmistakable look of lust in their eyes. I will never understand men. Do they really think with their other heads. There they are, lying on the floor, handcuffed, their ankles and mouth duct taped, and yet they still have a look of lust in their eyes and erections. What did they think we were about to do? Fuck them? I don’t know where Jen was going to take this but I’m pretty sure that screwing them was not on her agenda. I watched Jen turn and grab her 9mm off the top of the bureau where she left it. She sauntered seductively over to Bo and sat down on his stomach, straddling him. She pulled back the hammer and placed the barrel to his forehead. His eyes got as big as saucers. Jen got within inches of his face and said, “Just one word Bo and it’ll be your last.

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   Do you understand me. ” Bo nodded his head up and down frantically to indicate that he did indeed understand. “Good” Jen said sharply as she tore the duct tape from his mouth. Bo let out a short cry of pain which he quickly stifled, hoping it didn’t count as a word. “So, do you like pussy Bo?” Jen asked tauntingly. Bo nodded his head, a hopeful look replacing the fear. Jen reached down between her legs and inserted two fingers up her snatch. When she pulled them out I could see her juices glistening on her fingers. “Do you like the smell of pussy Bo?” she asked as she held her fingers under his nose. Bo again nodded in the affirmative. “How about the taste of pussy, Bo?” she asked again as she shoved her fingers into his mouth. Again Bo nodded while being forced to suck Jen’s fingers. “Well I’m sorry Bo,” Jen said, her voice dripping with sarcasm, “but this pussy is reserved for my lover. No Bo, no pussy for you tonight. Unless, of course, Sara wants to… She trailed off looking in my direction.

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   “Not a chance!” I responded disgustedly, my arms crossed beneath my breast. “Well Bo,” Jen said, “it looks like you ain’t gettin’ no pussy tonight. But you do like blow jobs don’t you Bo?” Bo cautiously nodded. “Good!” Jen said, grabbing Bo by his hair and yanking him up. Bo, ankles taped, struggled to his feet. Jen let go of his hair and grabbed him roughly by his nut sack. She led him toward the foot of our bed, forcing him to hop or lose his family jewels. When they reached the foot of the bed she gave him a kick to the back of the knees forcing him back to the floor. She then forced him backwards on his knees until his back was against the brass foot rails and his legs were under the foot of the bed. She got a leather strap from the bureau drawer and ran it around his neck securing him to the rail. Jen then turned her attention to John. She straddled him as she previously did Bo and put her face inches from his. “OK John boy, the same goes for you. Not a word, understand?” John nodded in the affirmative and Jen viciously ripped the tape from his mouth. John didn’t utter a sound.

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   “ I know your preference is anal Johnny boy but tell me, do you like blow jobs?” She asked, smiling into his face. John cautiously nodded his head. “Good!” Jen grinned into his face, “because your buddy Bo wants to find out what it’s like to be on the receiving end of one. ” With that said, Jen rose grabbing John’s hair and forcing him to his feet. Bo’s eyes lit up in surprise as he finally caught on to what Jen had in mind. Jen grabbed John’s nut sack as she had Bo’s and led him, hopping, to the foot of the bed. By this time John’s erection was going limp but Jen remedied that with a few strokes of his shaft with her hand. Soon John’s cock was fully erect, it’s head an angry purple color. “My, my Johnny, what a big cock you have,” Jen said in feigned amazement, “I do hope Bo doesn’t choke on it. ” Turning to Bo, Jen commanded him to open his mouth. Bo closed his eyes and opened wide. Jen gave John’s ass a shove forcing the entire length of his cock into Bo’s mouth. Bo gagged at first and John pulled back a little so his buddy didn’t choke. Bo still hadn’t closed his lips around John’s cock so Jen offered some unsolicited advice. “Bo darling,” she said as if giving instructions to a child, “if you don’t use your lips Johnny won’t be able to cum and I’m afraid you may have his cock in your mouth all night.

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  ” Bo reluctantly wrapped his lips around John’s cock. There he stood motionless with his cock in Bo’s mouth. Jen went to the closet and returned with a leather belt. Addressing John she said, “Johnny, Bo’s a little unable to move his head very much so you’re going to have to do all the work, or do you need me to help you?” And she strapped him brutally across his ass cheeks. John jerked away from the belt causing him to slam the length of his cock down Bo’s throat again causing him to gag. “OK lady, we’re sorry. You had your fun now just call the cops and we’ll…” WHACK!!! John’s words were cut off by the belt slamming into his mouth busting his lips. “I said not a word,” Jen screamed in his face. “Do you want to push it?” John began thrusting his hips. There were tears in both of their eyes. Smiling, I sat on the bed and watched Bo get his comeuppance. John stared into my eyes with a burning hatred as he face-fucked Bo. After a few minutes John’s body tensed and his thrusts become shorter and faster. “I don’t want to see any of that nasty cum Bo,” Jen warned, “make sure you swallow all of it. Bo, eyes closed tight and tears streaming down his face, complied.

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   As John’s knees seemed to go week Bo began gulping furiously so as not to let one drop of his buddy’s hot, steamy load escape his lips. As John withdrew his now flaccid tool from Bo’s pie hole, Jen applauded. Bo finally opened his eyes looking both ashamed and disgusted. “How’s it feel to be forced to suck a dick Bo?” Jen questioned. “I’m sorry Sara. It wasn‘t my idea. ” Bo blubbered, his head hanging in shame, tears streaming to the carpet. Jen let him get away with the spoken apology. Jen then turned her attention to John. “Now John, if I’m not mistaken, your preference is anal, isn’t it?” John, knowing what was coming, said nothing. Jen grabbed his nut sack and led him, hopping, to the center of the room. A kick similar to the one she administered to Bo earlier brought John to his knees, hard. Jen gave him a rough shove between the shoulder blades and John landed face first on the carpet, his ass in the air. Jen went to the closet and came back with a large hunting knife which she used to cut the duct tape on John’s ankles. “Spread ’em Johnny,” Jen commanded.

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   John refused. She got down on her hands and knees next to John’s head. He glared at her with pure hatred in his eyes. “Kill me!” John spat at her. I saw fury erupt in Jen’s eyes. She grabbed the ear that she had shot off earlier and screamed into his face. “You sodomized, beat and humiliated my girlfriend Johnny. For that you will pay. I may kill you in the end buddy, but before I do, you’re getting fucked in the ass. ” Jen continued quieter, “Now I can duct tape a broomstick between your ankles to force your legs apart or I can just strap your ass until you comply. Which will it be?” John said nothing. Jen rose to her feet and got the leather belt. She reached back and brought the strap down hard on his ass. A red welt appeared immediately. John only flinched.

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   Jen administered two more swats with similar results. On the fourth swing she brought the strap in low, hitting the tops of his legs and catching his dangling nuts. A small groan escaped John’s throat and his legs slowly spread. Without saying another word, Jen went to Bo and undid the strap around his neck. Grabbing his ear she made him walk on his knees until he was situated behind John, between his legs. She had to work a little harder to stroke Bo into an erection. When she was finally able to provoke a sufficient woody she grabbed some lube and greased up his cock. She stroked it a few more times and then pulled Bo closer to John’s ass by his pecker. She positioned the head of his dick against John’s hairy asshole and commanded Bo to push. Bo obediently complied and the head of his cock disappeared into John’s asshole. A small grunt escaped John's throat and beads of perspiration appeared on his forehead. I stared into his eyes, smiling. Jen allowed a few seconds and then pushed Bo’s hips forward sending his chubby erection up John’s ass to the hilt. John screamed out in pain. “That’s how it feels Johnny.


  ” I spat out. Jen backed off and told Bo to commence fucking. Again Bo obediently complied, thrusting his hips in a steady rhythm. As Bo fuck his buddy in the ass to occasional grunts from John, Jen motioned me over to the bureau. I got up off the bed to see what she had in mind. She opened a drawer and produced a strap-on that was all of ten inches long and incredibly thick, which was one of many that we used on each other. “Would you like your pound of flesh?” She inquired with a smile. “You bet I would. ” I answered, smiling while strapping it on. We sat on the bed together watching Bo screw John, the ten inch monstrosity sticking out between my legs. Jen put her arm around my shoulder and gave me a deep sultry kiss. “Thanks for the great dinner. ” Jen said when our mouths parted. “I hope you had something more in mind for afterwards she said with a wicked smile. ” “What about them?” I asked motioning with my head.

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   “They can watch. ” Jen said grinning. “It’ll be the worst torture of the evening for them. ” “You’re wicked!” I said. As we giggled we heard a grunt from Bo and noticed that the pace of his thrusts had quickened. We laughed at the look on his face as he unloaded his seed deep into his buddy’s ass. Like earlier when he gave John the blow job, Bo kept his eyes closed through the whole ordeal. As Bo withdrew his flaccid penis from John’s ass he opened his eyes and saw me standing next to him wearing the strap on. His jaw dropped open and Jen put her finger over her lips warning him to remain silent. She motioned him to back out from between John’s legs and I took his place. John attempted to close his legs and quickly realized that somebody was still back there. “Well, did you get your pound of flesh?” John asked sarcastically, using the exact same phrase that Jen used just moments earlier. “Well Johnny,” Jen spoke, stalling as I lubed the strap on. “I’m satisfied but I don’t think Sara is. ” “What the fuck is it going to take to please her?” He asked, sounding amazingly brazen for someone who was handcuffed and face down on the floor.

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   “I’ll show you Johnny. ” Jen said as she dragged our full length antique dressing mirror in front of his face. “As a look of understanding reached his eyes, I plunged the strap on into his ass to the hilt. “He screamed a painful howl and tried desperately to dislodge it from his ass by straightening his legs and falling flat to the floor. I rode down with him, keeping the strap-on buried. I lay on top of him fucking him, asking him repeatedly, “Do you like it in the ass Johnny? Huh? Speak up you bastard, do you like it in the ass?”After about five minutes of savagely assaulting Johnny’s asshole I could feel his body hitching beneath me. He was crying like a baby. I gave his asshole a couple more hard violent thrusts and then pulled out. I noticed blood on the shaft of the strap-on and hoped that I tore his insides up. After I rose I gave him a kick in the balls, just for good measure. An audible gasp punctuated his sobbing. I looked around for Jen and noticed that she had brought two straight backed chairs in from the kitchen and had set them beside the bed. She already had Bo’s legs duct taped to the legs of the chair and was putting another piece around his chest to keep him upright. We both helped John up off the floor and walked him to his seat. After Jen had him secured to the chair I asked her, “What about their mouths?” Jen looked at them and asked, “What about it boys, can you keep your mouths shut?” Both of them hung their heads and nodded.

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   They were broken. I grabbed Jen in a warm embrace and kissed her passionately. “How about us?” I asked. “Can we have some fun now?” Jen hugged me tight, smashing our boobs together and returned my kiss. We climbed into bed and Jen got on top of me and worked her tongue over my body from head to toe. I had the most explosive orgasm I ever experienced. Jen’s tongue was like magic tonight. I tried to reciprocate but Jen said she wanted to make this night about me. She strapped on a long thick vibrating dildo and fucked me missionary and then doggie. As she was fucking me from behind I heard her tell the boys, “Best pussy you’ll never have,” and then laugh uproariously. I had another extraordinary orgasm and then demanded to eat her pussy. She lay back and let me have my way. She was on a hair trigger by now and I had barely touched her clit when I felt her tense up and her thighs trembling against my face. Jen’s a squirter and her pussy was flowing. I licked up her sweet juices and gave her pussy a good tongue lashing before flicking her clit with my tongue bringer her off again.

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   After the second orgasm she motioned for me to lay next to her. I crawled up and nestled in the crook of her arm. Thoroughly satisfied. We noticed that the two boys, even after all they’d been through, were both erect. Jen undid the duct tape and made them give each other blow jobs as we cheered them on. Neither one refused to comply. We taped them back into their chairs using almost two rolls to make sure they couldn’t get away while we slept. We then went to sleep in each others arms. When I awoke the next morning I noticed that Jen was already out of bed. I looked at our two captives both sleeping in their chairs. Each had a hard-on. I thought I might be mean and go flick their dicks with my finger like some people do to your ears but decided against it. I detested both of them and didn’t even want to touch them. I heard Jen’s dump truck running out front and got out of bed to check on her. The cool morning air felt exhilarating on my naked body.

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   Jen was dressed in a flannel shirt and had her bib overalls on. Her hair was tucked away under a John Deere cap. “You’re not working today, are you?” I queried. “It’s Saturday. ”“Nope. ” she responded. “Just getting ready to take the boys for a ride. ” “Why are you dressed like that?” I asked. She smiled at me and shrugged. “Just habit I guess when I’m driving the truck. ”“Where are you taking them? I mean aren’t you afraid they’ll come back?” Jen looked at me solemnly and said, “They won’t be coming back. ” I understood and said no more. I really couldn’t care less what became of them. Jen walked passed me into the house. After about ten minutes she returned to the porch leading them both, 9mm at the ready.

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   She duct taped their ankles together again and they were hopping with their hands still cuffed behind them. She leaned them against the back of the truck and asked me for help getting them in. We loaded them onto the truck like so much cord wood. She drop the back and inserted the pin. “I’ll be back in about an hour. How about having breakfast ready. I’m starved. ” “Sure,” I replied, “what would you like?”“Surprise me. ” She said with a smile and got into the truck and drove up the path to the barn. I sat on the porch deciding what to make for breakfast and pondering John and Bo’s faith. I heard the distant sound of hydraulics and imagined her raising the bed of the truck and just letting them fall out. Ouch, that would hurt. I thought I heard a scream. Maybe just my imagination. But the next sound was unmistakable.

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   Jen’s wood chipper. I know!!! Eggs Benedict. .



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