Turning Teen Runaways Into Harem Slaves Part 2: Sable, Pixie and Scarlett - The Ponygirls


Turning Teen Runaways Into Harem Slaves Part 2: Sable, Pixie and Scarlett - The Ponygirls

Thanks for all the great feedback! And I'll keep writing new chapters as long as there is interest, so please keep leaving comments if you want me to continue.

I'm putting this in the Forced category since it is certainly that, but all of this chapter is about the transformation of three of his captives into ponygirls. If that isn't to your taste then you probably want to skip this one. If you aren’t familiar with ponygirl stories, heads up that they are not for the faint of heart.

I awoke a couple of hours later. It was mid-afternoon and I felt fully replenished from my morning of raping the first of my 18 new virgin slaves. I got up and dressed, then walked down the hall and checked in on Isabelle. She had been bathed and dressed in a light cotton teddy and was strapped down to the bed in her room, murmuring and tossing her head restlessly as she slept, no doubt reliving in her nightmares the taking of her virginity by the old man she now had to call master. I had had cameras installed in all the areas of my compound where I planned to use my slaves; later tonight I would enjoy watching the video of her rape from all angles. Perhaps she was already pregnant with my child.

I went downstairs and had lunch. I told my housekeeper to have dinner ready at 7 and to have Isabella ready to dine with me. Then I walked out to the stables. My head groom came out to greet me. Thomas was an old friend of mine, whom I'd met at some exclusive gatherings for aficionados of ponygirl racing. He was one of the best trainers of ponygirls, having broken more than 50 himself.

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   He was worth every penny I'd paid to bring him here, to start my new stable.

He told me all three girls I'd brought him in the morning had been groomed for their new lives, and were ready for their first training session. My cock started getting hard in anticipation as we walked over to a fenced area a little ways from the stables. One of the stable boys was tending a small fire pit, with several iron rods resting against the hot coals. Most of the other stable boys and grooms had gathered by the fence, watching the proceedings with intense anticipation, whispering and laughing among themselves. I didn't mind--it was important for them to know who was master here.

In a moment, the grooms trotted out my three new ponies. The girls I'd brought in the morning staggered forward in their new trappings. Their feet had been strapped into black leather boots that were shaped like hooves, and that forced their heels very high. They were naked except for the leather harnesses that painfully forced open their pussy lips, and pushed their large tits out and up. They wore wide, stiff leather collars that held their heads so that they could only look straight forward, with their chins high. A leather leash attached to the collar was held by each groom, as each pony was led before me. All three had large black ball gags strapped into their mouths. Their long hair had been shaved on each side to look like a pony's mane. As I watched, the first girl (whose human name had been Tawny) was pulled forward and strapped upright but spreadeagle between two tall posts.

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   Her wrists and ankles were cuffed so tightly to the posts that she could not move, and her whole body was exposed.

I stepped back, as Thomas brought up three formal looking certificates. "Here are the ownership papers for your new fillies, Sir," he told me. "We only need to fill in their names and apply your signature and seal. "

I nodded and returned my attention to the terrified pony in front of me. Tawny had been a tall and athletic girl when I took her, quite pretty and just the right amount of curves. But groomed as a pony, she looked magnificent. Her harness forced her large firm tits up high, and they swung and jiggled very sexily as she struggled in the cuffs that held her.

Her thick lush hair was dark brown, glinting flashes of red in the harsh sunlight, and trimmed into a beautiful mane that hung halfway down her sweating back. I loved the way her long sexy legs, strong but not masculine, looked strapped into her black leather thigh high hooves. I could see her thigh and ass muscles clench and relax as she strained to break free. I thought about how it would feel in a few weeks, when I had those thighs moving under me asI rode her with a saddle for the first time.

She had a clear lovely face, and her green eyes flashed with both fear and rage as she struggled in her bonds and looked wildly around for a way to escape. She was the perfect choice for a pony--full of spirit, needing to be broken by a firm master. Once she accepted her new role, she had the body and passion to win many races for me.

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   All three of the captives I’d selected to be ponies had her physique, and I hoped they had her temperament too.

I walked up to her. "You are about to complete your transformation from a human girl to a ponygirl. My ponygirl. You won't be a slave, because only humans can be slaves. You'll be a part of my livestock. " The whites of the girl's eyes shone with terror, as she grunted and whined through her gag. "If you are a good pony and train well, you will have a very good life here. If not, I will probably sell you to another stable owner, who will use you in ways you don't even want to imagine. ”

"I'm going to explain the important details of your new life to you today, but it is the last time anyone will bother explaining anything to you. After this you'll learn the way all animals learn, through training and physical correction until you perform as expected. ”

"From now on, your name is Sable Smithscunt. And you will bear my brand to identify you when we travel to races and shows. But first, I have decided to decorate you. "

I motioned to Thomas, who handed me a pair of long metal tongs with small holes at the end.

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   At the same time a groom attached a small hook to her nostrils and pulled it back over the top of her head, opening her nostrils wide. I quickly moved up to her and grabbed the tender flesh between her nostrils with the tongs, as Thomas handed me a thick steel needle, the tip of which he had heated up in the fire pit. I quickly stabbed the thick needle through the tong's opening, as Sable shrieked in agony through her gag. The hot metal tip cauterized the wound and there was very little blood, as I pulled the needle back out. Thomas handed me a gold hoop earring, very large, which I threaded into Sable's pierced nose as she sobbed and whimpered. I stepped back to admire my handiwork. The ring hung down to her chin, leaving ample room for my cock or anything else I wanted to be forced into her mouth. "Very neatly done Sir!" Thomas said.

I followed the same procedure next on her dark pink tender nipples. She had huge lovely tits, at least 36DD. As I pierced the base of each nipple and threaded the piercings with small gold bells, she almost fainted in agony. I slapped her face hard as I had Isabelle's that morning, but all I said was "Hush pony. " You don't waste long explanations on dumb animals.

Next I moved down to her lovely snatch, framed by the leather straps cutting into her tender lips, forcing them slightly open and exposing her clit. Every hair on her body (except her head) had been removed.

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   In my slaves I actually preferred their pussies just trimmed and unshaven, but it was an important part of a pony's appearance to have a smooth hairless cunt. It certainly made it easier for me to complete my last piercing of Sable. I moved my finger along her pussy lips and teased out her clit, then rubbed it gently. As soon as it grew swollen and full, I grabbed it with the tongs and stabbed the hot needle in once more. This time Sable did faint dead away as I completed her jewelry with a small gold ring.

I stepped back to admire Sable's new piercings as she sagged in her cuffs. I removed her ball gag and Thomas replaced it with a hard rubber bit in her mouth, along with a bridle which he strapped behind her head and attached to her collar. Then we both stepped back and Thomas picked up an electric cattle prod, which he jabbed into her side. She leapt awake with another jagged scream, her nipple bells jingling softly.

"Now there are just two things left to do, Sable," I said. "The first is to brand you with my name. "

The stable boy came forward with one of the hot irons. On the end was the symbol for my new stable, the Smith Southern Ranch. Not only Sable, but the other two ponies began to scream as I moved behind her. After a moment's consideration, I stepped forward and placed the red hot iron firmly on Sable's left buttock.

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   My cock strained against my jeans as I felt her scream, unable to twist away in her bonds, the smell of her burning flesh in the air. The farmhands and stable boys and grooms all cheered raucously as I held the iron on her tender skin for several long seconds. Then I pulled back, and felt a surge of pride looking at my brand on my first ponygirl. Sable again sagged in her bonds, passed out from the pain and terror. Another groom expertly placed a transparent film over the brand to protect it from infection, then Thomas again applied the prod. As she lurched awake again, I came around in front of her and held my hand gently to her cheek.

"Good, Sable, but we aren’t done yet. ” There was another ritual of ownership I had to perform on her today. A brand is not enough to confirm ownership of a virgin pony.

Since Sable had been my first catch, I had been able to put her on birth control weeks ago, as soon as I had her in the truck compartment. Therefore I could fuck her luscious virgin cunt today without any risk of her conceiving. Sable would be fucked many times a day over the next few years, by me as well as the trainers and grooms, but now that she was a pony she would never be bred. That would be unnatural.

I nodded to Thomas, who called out to two of the grooms. They released Sable from her bonds, and as she staggered forward, they pulled her to a special bench.

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   She was strapped into a standing position, her legs spread but perfectly straight, her body bent at the waist with her wrists cuffed to the bench. Once locked into it, her position was very like a live pony, not the way a human woman would be positioned for fucking.

I stepped behind her and pulled out my cock. I took a handful of grease from a bucket nearby and smeared it all over my cock, then began working it into her dry cunt. I did not speak to Sable as I did so--she was no longer human, there was no need for further conversation. She whimpered as I pushed hard into her tight little cunt, and without further ado I rammed deep into her and tore her hymen open. It was one of the greatest sensations I’d ever had, to feel another tight virgin cunt being forced open by my long thick cock, and I gave myself over to enjoyment of it. Sable's cunt would not be this tight for long, so I wanted to enjoy it while I could.

It didn't take me long to cum, and once I did, I stepped back from her shaking ass and thighs, her hymen blood dripping into the dirt below, and invited Thomas to take my place. "Why don't you finish her up, get her ready to take her tail?" Thomas grinned and said "Glad to Sir!" as he unzipped his jeans and stepped up to Sable’s pussy with his hard dick in his hand.

The other two ponies' cunts were spared that day, since they had another week of birth control before I could safely fuck them. But I could still make all three ponies ready to wear their beautiful tails.

I walked up to Sable's head as Thomas held her hips and began thrusting his cock into her swollen bloodied cunt. I stroked her mane and said, “Yes, Sable, good pony. It’s time for your tail!”

The stable boys gave each other puzzled looks, but the grooms laughed knowingly, as Thomas pulled his cock out, now well-lubed with my cum and Sable's blood, and began forcing open her virgin asshole.

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I directed the men to string the second pony up for decorating, while listening to Sable scream through her bit as Thomas finally punctured her tiny hole, burying his cock deep into her ass.

I walked up to examine my second pony once she was strapped in place to be pierced and branded. This pony's human name had been Cindy, and she was much like Sable in build, but she had beautiful blond hair and blue eyes. In between her shrieks of pain as I pierced her nose, tits and clit, I told her that her new name would be Pixie Smithscunt.
    As I branded Pixie's lovely right buttock, I admired how her mane moved like a silken wave as she screamed and tossed her head back and forth in agony. My people had done a fantastic job on grooming my new fillies.

    As Pixie was dragged staggering over to another bench, I looked over to the grooms and asked, "Which of you lads took care of my ponies' manes today?" The grooms all hushed and grew wary, but one of them took of his hat and stepped forward. "It was me Sir, I'm Jack. If there's anything you don't like--"

    I stopped him with a clap on the back. "Jack my boy, you did a fine job, they look perfect. And I like to reward good work. How would you like to have the honor of getting Pixie ready for her tail?" Jack blushed but a huge grin broke out on his face.

    The other grooms and stable boys cheered him on as he dropped his pants. Watching the proceedings for the last hour, he already had a raging hard on, and he only took enough time to lube his cock from the grease bucket before he had stepped up and mounted Pixie. While the other men strapped my last pony up for her decorations, I looked on like a proud father as Jack eagerly forced his cock into Pixie's tiny asshole while she whimpered and cried under him.

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       Once he was in, she sobbed and screamed as he pounded into her ass, her tiny asshole stretched to the bleeding point around the boy’s thick shaft as it jerked in and out of her.

    But Pixie was lucky that Jack was so young--he didn't last long, unlike Thomas who had been milking Sable's ass for a good 20 minutes. Both men came hard and long in my ponies' asses just as I finished piercing and then branding my third pony, a buxom lass with flame red hair who used to be called Karen, but whose new name was Scarlett Smithscunt. As Scarlett was carried over to another bench, I ordered that my ponies’ new tails be brought out.

    Another young man came forward and opened a large wooden box for my inspection. Inside were three tails--large black anal plugs with gorgeous hair flowing out of the opposite end. I reached out and stroked one tail, and confirmed it was real horse hair, course and thick. The maker, a Mr. Tucker,had managed to match my ponies' hair color almost perfectly. I picked one up and saw that the plugs were hollow. “That allows the pony to, um, relieve herself, without having to remove her tail,” he explained. “It should still be removed and cleaned on a regular basis though. ” I shook his hand and offered him, in addition to his large fee, the privilege of buggering Scarlett to prepare her ass for her tail. He thanked me and shook my hand, then strode over to Scarlett's trembling backside.

    I walked back over to Sable.

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       She was still strapped to the bench, with cum and blood oozing from both her cunt and ass, and smeared on her shaking thighs and across her bright red brand. I reached over and stroked her mane again, feeling her flinch and then submit to being petted. "It's alright Pony, your master is almost finished with you for the day. " I kept stroking her with one hand, as I picked up her tail with the other. Since it had to stay in place it was best to get it in quick and deep before the pony could react, which could cause a painful wound as she struggled to push it out.

    In the same moment, I grabbed Sable by the mane and yanked her head back as I rammed the anal plug deep into her bowels. I pulled back on it slightly and felt it suck into place perfectly, resting up against the inside of her sphincter. This time, she didn't even scream although it had probably felt like a knife going in. I think she had finally gone numb. I patted her head and told her she was all done for the day, and stood up as the grooms unstrapped her from the bench and helped her up.

    As Scarlett wailed and screamed over the thumping sound of Mr. Tucker’s hips slapping against her bleeding ass, one of the grooms started to help Sable into the stable. Before I could stop him myself, Thomas held up his hand and told him, "She is a strong animal--she needs to trot in herself. We don't pamper our ponies here. " Thomas took Sable's bridle over her head and led her in, clicking gently as she staggered after him, and flicking her expertly with his crop to keep her moving.



    By the time I had performed the same tail ritual with Pixie and sent her back to her stall, Mr. Tucker had finished with Scarlett. The sun was setting as I rammed in her tail, and led her in to the stable myself. As I watched her struggling to walk in her new hooves, I felt a surge of tender pride for my little fillies. I knew Thomas would train them well to forget their old lives and submit and grow strong in this new life I had made for them.

    Once all three had been cleaned, hosed down and dried, I had special leather chastity belts locked onto Pixie and Scarlett, for which Thomas handed me the key. Until I was able to fuck them, my ownership was not entirely secure. So for one more week until their birth control kicked in they were offlimits, and several men from my security detail would guard the stable during that time. Besides, I was taking no chances of losing out on fucking two more virgin cunts. Then all three were led back to their stalls and their collars chained to the wall. All three passed out almost as soon as the stall locks clicked behind them.

    As I walked back to the house, I decided I would have Pixie and Scarlett trained to run tandem pulling a pony cart, and Sable to be a saddle mare. I would discuss it with Thomas after he'd put them through their trotting paces for a week. Then I put my beautiful ponies out of my mind, as it was dinner time. I had deliberately decided not to bugger Pixie and Scarlett, knowing that I preferred to focus on Isabella until she was definitely pregnant.

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       My cock grew hard again in anticipation of another night of pumping her tight wounded cunt and young fertile womb full of her master's seed.

    To be continued




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